John Cena Calls Roman Reigns ‘A Scared Little Kid,’ Gives Corbin An Attitude Adjustment

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John Cena Calls Roman Reigns ‘A Scared Little Kid,’ Gives Corbin An Attitude Adjustment

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Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena once again opened up tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, coming out to continue his taunts and bereavement of Roman Reigns, even after being denied a match with him last week.

.@JohnCena gives @BaronCorbinWWE an Attitude Adjustment! #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) July 31, 2021

Cena began by saying that he took issue with the way that Reigns criticized him last week, noting that other legends like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wouldn’t come out as anyone else in the ring. On the flip side, Cena said, Reigns has constantly had to reinvent himself every so often, and it’s because the fans don’t like him or believe in him, because he doesn’t believe in himself.

Cena then said that Reigns is nothing more than a “lazy stooge named Joe,” doing nothing more than being a bloodsucking product of the machine who is afraid to fail. Reigns knows that Cena would have embarrassed him at SummerSlam, he said, that he had no choice but to deny him. It was then, though, that a surprise superstar came down to the ring.

After weeks and weeks of being beaten down, Baron Corbin made his way down to the ring, and agreed with Cena that he looked horrible. Corbin ran down the long list of bad things that have happened to him before begging Cena for help. Cena tried to get the crowd to decided what would happen, but ended up giving Corbin a few dollars from his pockets in an attempt to appease Corbin.

"… @WWERomanReigns is just a scared little kid."#SmackDown @JohnCena @HeymanHustle

— WWE (@WWE) July 31, 2021

Instead, Corbin launched into an attack on Cena, saying that he was nothing more than a selfish, self-absorbed tightwad with an ego the size of California. He then told Cena he was nothing more than a Hollywood sellout, and while Cena seemed to not be too mad, he did say that this would be a teachable moment for Corbin, and that Cena would help him out with the one thing he desperately needs, and attitude adjustments. Cena then hit his signature move on Corbin, ending the segment with a splash.

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