Joey Ryan Files Another Lawsuit Against Twitter User, Seeking $15 Million+ In Damages

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Joey Ryan Files Another Lawsuit Against Twitter User, Seeking $15 Million+ In Damages

joey ryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Joey Ryan is once again filing another lawsuit, this time it is against an individual in Pennsylvania, citing several claims, including emotional distress, false light, and intentional interference with prospective economic advance.

The latest 63-page lawsuit, which was first reported by Heel By Nature, cites a number of statements that this person made against Joey on social media at the beginning of the speaking out movement, which Joey Ryan believes falsely linked him to the social media movement. Specifically, the filing includes a tweet from July, which claims that Joey raped somebody that the defendant knew.

“The statement is meant to have greater impact because it is a statement of another person vouching for the credibility of the rape accusation. It is a false statement that Plaintiff committed the crime of rape upon any person in any way shape or form,” the lawsuit claims.

The filing includes a total of 26 statements made by the Pennsylvania man. Joey Ryan aka Joseph Meehan, states this has caused him to be shamed, ridiculed, and hated. In addition, he is ordering that the defendant stop publishing declamatory statements, retract previous statements, and direct any websites to also delete defamatory statements. Joey is seeking over 15 million dollars in damages and such as with the other lawsuits he filed, Joey is demanding a trial by jury.

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To date, Ryan has been accused by 18 different women of sexual assault. Ryan also filed lawsuits on September 24 against three of the women who accused him of sexual assault, claiming their allegations are false and it has cost him almost $20,000 in monthly income. In July, Ryan posted a video statement where he addressed his IMPACT Wrestling status and said there was a clause in the contract that says he can’t be fired for any actions that took place prior to signing that deal. He claims that since all of the accusations allegedly took place before he signed the deal, he was considering legal action.

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