Joey Mercury on WrestleMania 38, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Steve Austin & MORE (Corpulent Demonstrate)

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Used WWE Imprint Crew Champion, ECW Normal, wrestling coach and WWE producer Joey Mercury brings his tall wealth of wrestling knowledge to WSI for his very first podcast/YouTube present appearance. In this first of a definite two-fragment, two-day special, Joey Mercury talks WrestleMania 38 Saturday, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Steve Austin, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte, Avenue Dogg’s claims that “wins and losses don’t topic”, WWE commentators wanting to shut up, Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE, Logan Paul’s impressive WWE debut, why the first match on a pay-per-leer card is so considerable, why he does now not ticket Shinsuke Nakamora, Dave Meltzer mis-reporting AJ Vogue’s facial harm and so unheard of extra!

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These wrestling match are ample! Hi there everybody james here and uh i'm with my glowing ultimate friend joey mercury a cramped of a definite a cramped of a departure sorry wave then i'll switch the camera you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to present us a wave all lawful hiya um so we belief we'd enact something a cramped different because joey's going to be coming on potentially possibly as a semi-recurring guest we'll seek how this .

One goes and seek how the following one goes and to be correct we'll potentially enact plenty extra i believe in due route and we're going to litter around with the components in overall i quiz questions about their occupation from starting to full but this time we belief because wrestlemania 38 used to be creating why now not review it in depth with a feeble wwe .

Producer who's labored with vince mcmahon closely for admire three four years used to be it yeah yeah uh so who higher to quiz he's produced some of essentially the most approved segments some of essentially the most approved matches in wrestlemania history so who higher to envision wrestlemania 38 each and each nights than joey mercury himself we can initiate slack .

After which taper off uh as i include finished all the scheme thru my podcasting gash youtubing occupation i've soundless started i initiate disagreeable i taper off and we originate of correct and it peters out on the cessation yeah admire successfully admire our podcast .

Is gonna be admire it won't be full of life but now not lower than it'll be admire be prolonged originate of admire wrestlemania 38 a cramped bit james and that will carry us to our first contest approach on what a pro that used to be for a transition prolonged i believe so and uh .

Leisurely what so stir on then uh we we watched it uh now not collectively uh but we did gaze it overall thoughts of wrestlemania 38 after which we'll uh originate of transfer on thru uh it used to be plenty to route of for me um various cases uh as far as admire uh i will simplest keep up a correspondence .

From being a producer being a abilities or i rep something thrown at me admire here is the section ample successfully um i must rep out admire where we're going lawful so i’d just like the destination i must full .

And um because i don't correct admire leave the home and power around and hope i wind up somewhere i include a destination now there's other ways to rep there too you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to exhaust a scenic route you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to .

Mosey where there's tolls you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to transfer where there's toll road any route you must rep to is what works most good and so that you just rep the cessation after which you secret agent out admire ample successfully what time enact we can include to be there after which you must try to search out out admire what's the bogus of the match .

In most cases what are we attempting to achieve here what's the takeaway where are these two abilities or neighborhood of abilities uh as they stir in to what we're doing and where are they popping out of it where are they going .

And if truth be told what are we going to present the folk as far as informational route of and we desire to acquire it excellent and full of life and titillating and um and if truth be told easy to treasure so having stated that there's plenty to route of admire there's correct various knowledge .

And so admire i roughly admire gaze the takeaways and um i don't know what they are i furthermore gaze different issues admire um usually here's something vince i've learned unheard of from vince mcmahon and uh one of vince's sayings there's a predominant .

Day of the job and various cases ben's to explain something and also you correct hear and stir ample that has deeper which technique i must figure it out since you wouldn't continuously rep the clarification lawful then and there you'd must learn it's now not something he would educate you uh essentially and so .

One in all these first day on the job that's roughly admire a double which technique admire if um if i present as a lot as work my first day on the job um i'm potentially gonna be dressed to galvanize lawful i'm potentially gonna um listen i'm potentially gonna meet folk i'm potentially gonna be on my .

Easiest behavior lawful and that's now not meant that i'm gonna misbehave otherwise it's correct i will include to be spirited i will include to be on time i will include to be all that now there's a double which technique to that is because if i'm tuning in as a predominant time viewer it's my first day .

On the job here what am i staring at and this comes into play because there's um there's no vtr uh sooner than this opening contest and um .

The vtr man videotape recorded a video package deal that goes sooner than the match the uh roughly the develop up and there may perhaps be none for this opening contest various cases that helps the viewer at dwelling particularly their first time to seek admire ample what's the story of the match .

No longer simplest enact you wish one more substitute of the match the story with out the earnings of a btr the first thing i'm seeing is rick boobs and if now not i've by no technique seen rick brooks sooner than i don't know what i'm having a peek at is that this guy one of the wrestlers in the plot i've .

Viewed the billboard from the match the identification card so i do know roughly who's in the match this guy's playing guitar after which shatter result shinsuke nakamura and for the lifestyles of me since i started seeing shinsuke nakamura around wwe i don't ticket what he is admire i don't know what i'm having a peek at i .

Know he's purchased charisma because i peek at him and that i must procure having a peek at him roughly figure it out after a while after a couple of years and not utilizing a further knowledge i don't must peek at it anymore because i don't i don't know what he is is he admire epileptic usually admire .

At some level of um all the scheme thru the matches admire he sells extra all the scheme thru this entrance than identical does all the scheme thru his match so admire i saw him admire this entrance and he takes a colossal bump where he's admire folded up on his legs and he's on his support admire at a high level of the tune uh .

Which is advantageous for him by the model because it doesn't seem admire um that tune is passe to him what i indicate there's this extra special reaction to the tune every time he hears it that's advantageous lawful yeah he doesn't rep tired of it it's advantageous so anyway he falls flat but then he'll exhaust a bump in a match and put it on the market .

And it's now not even as impressive as the bumps he used to be taking all the scheme thru his entrance don't rep it what enact you acquire of shinsuke nakamura um i if truth be told i've seen one struggle kingdom years ago because i belief it had some large develop to it so i belief successfully i’d as successfully gaze it and he used to be on it and everybody used to be announcing that he .

Used to be the massive name of the present and that i disagreed i belief aj styles used to be the massive name of the present so this used to be admire 2014 or 2015 every time it used to be 2016 who knows the acknowledge is i'm now not reasonably definite i don't know what his gimmick is different than he does as you whine originate of flop around .

And has uh kicks plenty and as far as rick bugs goes i've by no technique seen rick boogs sooner than and that i was pondering man mountain rock meets dan seven wow yeah possibly .

That used to be that used to be usually all i belief after which rick boogs tries to raise each and each usos and falls aside fully he finally ends up i've written it down here he will get a uh torn quad and a torn patella tendon uh for that one uh originate of admire double simone fall thingy after which his knee .

Goes after which unpleasant news yeah one thing i spotted about this match they um they went to the bottom that's correct a facet expose and yeah i saw uh i counsel his knee gave out after which they roughly needed to .

Uh rep to the cessation how they’d to rep to it and that i belief it used to be um the suitable cessation i don't know if it would include differentiated anyway if boobs didn't rep harm different than the quantity of bumps they had been taking and minutes they put in .

Um and that i don't know why this match started the present either no i don't know either because it used to be the disagreeable guys winning and that i correct don't ticket it used to be the disagreeable guys winning i on the total belief for a colossal present you must ship initiate it .

Off on a high or what match would you include needed to to kick issues off um seeing the alternatives i believe i ticket a cramped bit uh however there's a technique to develop a present the identical components you develop a match in different phrases you must enact your most good .

Ship final so that you just haven't made that final you enact your ultimate cessation your ultimate uh moments of the match final and your 2nd most good stuff can include to approach first that's why the first match is the 2nd most considerable because it roughly sets the slump for tonight now i do know here is wrestlemania so it’ll be a definite .

Circumstance but i continuously shied away from admire when i was a road agent uh with wwe uh placing or any place i was running reveals admire um the placement on the card of obvious matches and develop so this would perhaps perhaps well be a topic topic .

Of um whine you're in a city for a dwell occasion and also you include seven matches in overall i’d stir along with at interval after four .

And so your most considerable match may perhaps possibly perhaps well be your predominant occasion your 2nd most considerable match may perhaps possibly perhaps well be match valuable your third most considerable match may perhaps possibly perhaps well be match number four because it's the one going in the destroy and the first half may perhaps possibly perhaps well also merely the fourth most considerable match .

Will be match popping out of destroy because it's the first match in the 2nd half of your present lawful so now the first match i was if truth be told inclined to uh include any person admire uh on the time uh our truth ronnie killins or any person .

Love that who the crowd knows they usually cherish they usually can work along with them they're at ease to seek lawful and ronnie's at ease to be seen and he can exit there and that i'd ship him out first for the rationale that crowd doesn't want preconditioning they don't must he'll exit there and rep them all riled up so as that they'll .

Cheer our truth popping out they're going to fragment our truth after they hear the what's up and he's going to voice the total components in the ring and enact his thing now not lower than when i was there i don't know what he's doing now uh now he'll approach out after which you correct include correct .

Deliver the slump on your entire evening uh include a match procure all of it in the ring don't enact any end to falls and include a cramped one face cessation and not utilizing a comeback here's the motive whenever you happen to enact that .

Then they haven't seen someone on the bottom yet folk uh they haven't seen a comeback yet so that you just set that for the comfort of the evening because they don't must because there hasn't been any warmth yet .

So if there's correct a transfer out of the nook college boy after a cramped hope advise one two three and lawful out of the warmth and also you rep the cramped one face out of there and the heels up and he's wrathful you rep a cramped one face cessation first initiate the .

Night hot um then in later matches you use that schoolboy as a end to fault because they've seen it already so now they'll scheme end it as a cessation lawful and uh so that you just set all that for later magic .

Having a label match first goes towards roughly admire what um that philosophy because nearly inform and the first label match i’d include the evening in overall wouldn't include approach support either you include the cramped one faces going over straight out of the warmth there doesn't can include to be a .

Comeback the total time with the cramped one face goes over lawful so admire i believe these forms of matches include the um the stress that they may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps well also put on themselves of here is our wrestlemania moment replace here is our wrestlemania match so we're gonna kick out of everybody's .

Attain we're gonna include end to counterfeit gabor uh we're gonna enact issues that potentially correct the valuable occasion and different matches that participants pay to seek can include to enact in set aside of residing of attempting to enact something different and rep over and rep noticed and rep remembered we're going to enact stunts and we're going to enact issues physicality that .

Americans can't present to in set aside of residing of making them laugh acquire them relate acquire them offended making them at ease having to emotionally connect with them so they bear in mind after they stir dwelling lawful and so um that's uh that's why i’d now not put a label match .

On first but i ticket it's wrestlemania roughly throw the good judgment book out the window usually successfully uh let me quiz you this then why is it with wwe namely the uh and also you've stated this the 2nd most considerable match is put in the starting match to region the .

Tone but boxing ufc uh possibly new japan i don't know they continuously book matches in expose of significance from least to most they usually’ve it very linear that components enact you agr possibly now not with boxing or ufc no topic but but enact you trust laying out a present that components as a replace .

Laying out which components uh correct having linear from least to most considerable match and proper retaining it easy that components no i don't because um you include the replace to procure watch over with inventive .

The scheme it goes lawful and so uh yeah you bought the first couple preliminary matches and there's no person in the stands there's no person in the seats because they're soundless submitting in because .

They know they're going to rep to the semi predominant in the valuable and that's what they paid money to seek and by the time that obvious o'clock runs around the home will be paunchy the home lights stir down ample now here's the field set aside of residing of business attracts we came to seek lawful why if we now include a probability to rep these .

Americans in the building at a obvious time and rep their wallets delivery we desire to drag them in the building and allow them to know that exhibiting the present from the time that the doors delivery to the time that the curfew or the doors end or glowing evening everybody occurs that's a probability to make cash and .

That's the replace to rep your product over to make extra cash so as that's that's why i’d uh and furthermore um wwe has to enact that i believe they don't must enact anything but i believe they'd be practical to enact that because it's um .

What's the phrase uh it's faux lawful it's leisure so yeah boxing ufc if colossal money is full of life there's potentially a cramped bit of labor here there in other locations but uh level being .

The identical motive why ufc abilities can’t stand there and uh decrease promos and push one guy admire he's roman reigns and procure him champion for 581 days or how long it's been because that guy has a button and also you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to rep hit on the button and exit someone can after which .

You exhaust time promoting so what they must enact is promote the sport lawful so wwe being leisure there's no motive to to uh swim upstream or put obstacles on themselves or anything admire that yeah i will i'll transfer on as adversarial to i will if truth be told carry up rick boogs again harm whenever you happen to're a producer whenever you happen to .

Appreciate the headset on in the support subsequent to whoever it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also merely were um any utter cases you retain in mind the referee throwing up the the magic x signal to uh refi to usually whine something's if truth be told long gone depraved listed below are there any cases whenever you happen to're a producer in the support and also you saw some horrific harm the referee throws up the x .

That stick out on your thoughts um san antonio in 2015 uh there used to be a preliminary match a shaded match uh sooner than for raw and samoa joe and tj will the tyson kid and uh it's the bump that ended tj's .

Occupation yeah so it is miles joe's finished 1,000,000 cases as finisher that muscle buster stack suplex after which um yeah it used to be uh that that used to be scary that that used to be a cramped scary .

Love correct uncomfortable to gaze because admire you by no technique must seek that yeah uh i haven't seen that on reason because i i've purchased essentially the most outdated college belly for this admire accurate injuries and stuff did the suplex peek admire every different suplex or did .

One thing slither or or why did it stir so depraved no it used to be pretty routine if anything it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also want been a cramped high and tight however it wasn't i indicate there's any person with joe and tj wilson it's now not gonna be messed up you ticket it wasn't uh i believe i don't know if it used to be admire correct a put on .

And lunge thing on tj or if it used to be correct a freak accident one millimeter one components or one more however it used to be correct uh yeah it didn't peek out of the recurring on the beginning yeah uh that's potentially uh why it seemed even scarier than the identical outdated uh i will transfer on .

Then at ease corbin versus drew mcintyre now you did whine you had an conception on this match yeah um i must know uh for admire your thoughts on this don't hear your thoughts i must know who at ease corbin's taylor is so i don't unintentionally stir there because i i was .

Thinking whale and mercy admire however it's admire in is is that this admire what instagramers put on they're correct admire the if truth be told hateful ones i'm now not definite i'm if truth be told ignorant to admire social media or admire anything that's occurring so admire i don't know why uh i spotted that um .

Drew mcintyre carries a sword to the ring sure that's named after his stupid mom i believe he named his sword after his stupid mom sure as you enact as you enact lawful and so .

Uh does he include the need to make disclose of this sword all the scheme thru his contest successfully it seemed admire um he did after the thingy uh after the competition and he selected as he's going to the ring he's purchased this sword sure i don't think he tends to make disclose of it different than uh for it to peek lustrous and .

Attention-grabbing that's that's ample so admire various what i'm going to enact is admire attempting to be at making disclose of good judgment to logical eventualities and we'll correct seek how far we rep so as that's why i indicate admire i'll quiz you .

Questions because i don't know i don't know why they enact the issues they enact um include you seen anything extra madcap than moss that's a attention-grabbing quiz lawful i believe i've seen extra wrathful cap folk than wrathful cat moss who gave the influence reasonably pedestrian for any person with that name even supposing he seemed sizable .

Oh yeah he looks to be sizable yeah he does he looks to be sizable um and he can bid and uh yeah he's an very ultimate athlete so i don't know relating to the wrathful cat i don't know .

Nevertheless anyway um yeah i belief that uh baron corbin he's purchased that transfer that ended days they usually informed us that no-one's ever kicked out of that lawful yeah ample so any person kicked out of it they misplaced and that psychology roughly admire um the pondering in the support of that doesn't .

Derive sense to me it's admire if i'm baron corbin i'm now not losing wrestlemania to mcintyre and um in the center with his cessation lawful and mcintyre is admire up here lawful because he's been champion lawful and corbin hasn't been there but he's admire .

Corbin is admire high in the center or bottom of the tip lawful yeah about that i believe that's glowing to explain after which what drew's admire center on the tip i don't think he's wrote so roman reigns and brock lesnar are high of the tip and he's one mini half tier beneath them it looks ample lawful on so admire he's extra admire aj styles level something admire that .

Somewhere around there yeah ample so uh admire if there's no disgrace in admire striking drew over uh with this cessation particularly because it's faux and that's what your boss is telling you to enact .

Nevertheless admire um out of admire self preservation a cramped bit you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to transfer for that cessation of days after which include drew procure getting out of it after which the announcers can carry up the level what if he would include hit the cessation of .

Days no person ever kicked out of that but we didn't rep to seek because he by no technique had a large gamble to hit it lawful after which you procure your cessation obliging after which he can approach out of this match and soundless no person's ever kicked out on the cessation of days after which you include that you just may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to factor in stipulations later if the cessation is .

Over has been an very ultimate job retaining it till now um where you seek matches where it's been admire uh towards randy orton but the rko is banned lawful or john cena but uh he's you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to't disclose the f fu what i .

Mean uh issues admire that or the attitude adjustment lawful so admire uh uh i believe he correct threw away his cessation usually after which i belief it'd be admire i do know the stunt .

With admire the sword and admire slashing the ring and the ropes and what'd you suspect of that um i was wondering how they did it because i was pondering the sword with out a doubt can't be that spirited unless they correct gave him a accurate sword this time .

To hack thru i wouldn't yeah i believe that used to be the kind of a artful setup how they did it i was attempting to i didn't must re-gaze the match to search out out if they jump from facet to facet off the ropes in case of the gimmick the ropes but uh who knows possibly possibly it's a .

Tremendous sword who knows ample so let me quiz you this what if it used to be an incredible sword um now what enact you acquire of it i don't know possibly moss can include to include purchased it after which threatened thru with it i don't know .

Are you wishing oh that you just can include to affect procure watch over of the sword yeah i believe if if we're gonna stir good judgment practical yeah uh does you've purchased a 2nd man on the beginning air and different guy's purchased a weapon that's unattended possibly madcap moss can include to exhaust procure watch over of the sword so he doesn't stir loopy and gash folk's heads off .

Yeah ample um all lawful i’d think uh i indicate i believe admire drew would face some admire disciplinary recourse or something admire .

That from administration for admire man the 2nd match destroying the ring at wrestlemania it's admire we purchased different matches there's folk here they they drove they flew they're correct out here slicing the ring up because madcap moss is stressful you so usually it's attempted assassinate .

It's attempted assassinate on madcap moss that that's you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to initiate there number two it's admire it wasn't it wasn't admire self-defense admire the fellow used to be correct being wrathful cap what i indicate and admire ample it used to be wrestlemania so he's potentially admire a cramped too wrathful cap and drew had ample however it doesn't give him the lawful admire .

Drew's a lousy shot admire you include correct recently informed man you guys correct reached a cramped bit extra and made contact he's injurious he's no depth belief wrathful cap moss jumped off the ring and drew soundless hit the ropes and drew wasn't even admire oh [ __ ] sorry admire i ruined wrestlemania for everybody .

It used to be correct admire yeah and drew does plenty admire he's a hell of a abilities because folk admire him and he's over and he's booked there and he makes money but admire he correct has a sword they usually correct goes and yells and that i don't know what that is that's the form of thing that'll procure you lawful on the center of the tip i .

Direct is that the roughly thing that vince mcmahon will present you to enact to the aggravating camera every single time to rep over no topic that is uh potentially now not um there's there's obvious instructions this would perhaps perhaps give to different guys .

Counting on what vince wants uh looking on what defense ate earlier looking on his mood or no topic it's correct admire it’ll flip-flop uh but he may perhaps possibly perhaps well also whine sure i desire you to enact x y and z if truth be told you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to by no technique stir depraved whenever you happen to correct enact this correct enact this you correct enact this lawful but admire you'll seek plenty .

Uh any person goes over in a match and uh the referee will stir over to him and whine something to them as they hand them a title after which the abilities admire final evening uh or evening one on the cessation of evening one i'm sorry steve austin used to be about to exit the ring after which rods the fragment of the referee .

Used to be standing in the aisle they usually hadn't long gone off there yet they usually must stir up there with steve in the ring difficult beer so steve stops turns support around so vince is terribly um very colossal on seeing the faces of guys and in the moments and if truth be told milking that .

Because whenever you happen to seek these video programs and these vtr's there's various that it's admire a movie trailer for these matches and so that you just'll include the guys after their match and also you'll include roman reigns standing over brock lesnar and msg with the title .

Asserting acknowledge me after which standing there for 15 seconds in set aside of residing of correct standing up acknowledging me and walking away because they want all that photos and that's how they present their reviews so yeah whenever you happen to're asking about drew doing that .

Certain because i believe potentially the action figure can include to approach with a sword then and drew can include to include t-shirts with him going admire that with a sword because that's what they're seeing after which says tall on admire branding and advertising and that's .

You beat him over that with it you spoon feed him so it's the absolute top to treasure for the bottom overall denominator so everybody will get it and so if he's correct doing that your entire time i rep it i continuously i continuously factor in that essentially the most good wrestling characters you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to bid in three phrases .

Love ultima warrior you furthermore mght can correct or hulk hogan or steve austin or the rock you furthermore mght can describe them and nail their persona down to some of phrases and it’ll be a cramped one dimensional components of describing them however it but when they're that what if their persona is that definite that you just may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to bid it in three phrases .

And rep over their persona then it's a success that's full of life i i believe um i believe possibly if your vernacular is so positioned that will be a truly easy thing to enact i believe there’ll be a more uncomplicated filter for me is .

In this expose peek promo work whenever you happen to include one you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to potentially rep you a job whenever you happen to purchased two you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to rep your push whenever you happen to purchased three you're drawing money or you're willing to .

So uh and in that expose so and and if one is admire components dominant to the others it’ll trump it past good judgment as an illustration peek sizable colleague .

Gigantic colleague no promo no work peek peek at them you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to't cessation having a peek at them when you seek them lawful and it's the identical thing if um most of uh uh there's a uh there's a thing about .

You perceive you stir as a lot as any person and also you give them beyond regular time and also you give them extra persistence potentially if they're more uncomplicated on the eyes or extra glowing admire you stir forward and listen to what they must explain whereas if there's any individual that's absolutely hideous one may perhaps possibly perhaps well also merely now not stir over there and quiz them .

To initiate with lawful even supposing they may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps well even include essentially the most incandescent [ __ ] you've ever heard you won't rep out so as that's why the peek is mandatory because it's on tv after which promo what number of guys include had bell-to-bell careers that are a god damn man the peek and the level .

They’ll bid lawful and also you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to keep up a correspondence longer than you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to work correct physicality-practical and to your body so these two are actually considerable whenever you happen to purchased all three your roman reigns you're drawing money you should to peek you bought the promo and also you bought the work .

So as that's a more uncomplicated filter for me and roughly admire being ready to bid because i've been ready to bid if truth be told disagreeable gimmicks in three phrases much less it doesn't essentially equate to success i don't think it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also equate to successfully-defined role .

You perceive what i indicate yeah yeah so admire bid about whenever you happen to discuss admire uh you had been talking about earlier uh admire who used to be max payne you stated about it no man mountain rock the uh guitar oh yeah max payne of route yeah .

Merely so um uh it's about admire peek work and promo are you talking about admire in the three phrases it's correct admire yeah he's a heavy metal guitar player that's his gimmick tends to struggle usually too fan hammer admire successfully-defined gimmicks .

Nevertheless i indicate success possibly now not successfully possibly now not possibly now not success-practical but um how would you describe shinsuke nakamura in three phrases i wouldn't yeah because it's now not that successfully defined what he's all .

About different than this yeah include you now not realized admire i'm now not if truth be told that succinct i must keep up a correspondence plenty to accurate my conception so admire i don't uh i don't know what i'm making nakamura i don't but i do know he's purchased potentially potentially no promo .

He's purchased peek to a stage even supposing i don't know usually it's admire um wwe i don't know after they adopted this possibly after i left but admire whenever you happen to transfer to the gym admire there's a stunning admire you rep fined after which suspended i believe whenever you happen to rep caught admire um .

Working to your peek at all or admire being credible i don't know but possibly nakamura purchased admire posed in that or so he purchased screwed so admire his success and his promo had been admire you ticket it's ample after which his work is admire i i don't i .

Don't if truth be told rep that either but i don't must because there's admire 70 000 folk admire singing along and admire shaking and doing issues admire that and pat mcafee loves it so admire every these folk can't be depraved so admire correct because it's now not my cup of tea doesn't indicate it's now not .

Just appropriate yeah absolutely i'm going to transfer on from shinsuke i'm going to transfer on for match going to transfer to the following one uh the mysterious versus the miz and logan paul i could perhaps possibly perhaps well also procure any replace of other ways of asking you a quiz associated to this match but i'll quiz it this form logan paul used to be if truth be told glowing .

Now he there used to be a couple of left out kicks or no topic but he had sizable poise for his first ever match he wasn't fazed by the crowd i do know he's fought in front of crowds and he's a megastar but that's originate of a praise and never a praise in the sense that any person .

Who's by no technique wrestled sooner than can peek that glowing with a couple of weeks coaching and it's so does it now not acquire it peek to the target market at dwelling that any one may perhaps possibly perhaps well also enact this um whenever you happen to're asking then potentially admire if that quiz comes as a lot as you um .

And you should to quiz admire does this indicate someone can enact it or is that this guy any individual that's um from what i ticket on social media has had some expert fights is an athlete um it's a cramped bit much less of a stretch i believe than different celebrities who rep in .

The ring admire johnny used to be what's that admire johnny knoxville he proved that now not someone may perhaps possibly perhaps well also enact this we'll rep to that one and all evening so admire i don't know there's furthermore admire hundreds of .

Um abilities that uh abilities that uh pays money to transfer um learn to play gown up and drop down at a wrestling college and yeah so yeah someone can enact this someone uh .

They’ll't enact it on the extent that logan paul did it did implausible and admire that's one thing i'll whine by the model it's no facet expose this match went to the bottom um admire for all these matches what's your definition of an very ultimate match .

Uh depends what you're attempting to achieve with the match ample so i indicate are you attempting to entertain the crowd are you attempting to feature one particular person bigger than one more uh i i don't ticket it depends on the bogus of the match .

Merely yeah lawful ample so what you're attempting to achieve on the specified reaction a a smaller filter correct at face note for me is because i don't admire plenty around it's now not my cup of tea it's now not what i ride however .

Doesn't topic i don't must i peek on the crowd and on one two three or tap out or the final bell rings if the folk are standing up and offended or if the folk are standing up and at ease lawful that's an very ultimate match i don't care what took set aside of residing sooner than that .

So all these matches at wrestlemania by and big if truth be told glowing [ __ ] matches 70 000 folk standing up going loopy glowing matches so this used to be a terribly glowing match i include admire no belief why this guy used to be so glowing so speedily .

And all these different questions um rey mysterio's as glowing as someone there's ever been and dominic um once he will get older and matures a cramped he's he's he's a abilities and ms he um he's been winning and harm-free for 20 years and at a extraordinarily high level uh .

So yeah had the total substances to be glowing and that i i don't unders i belief the cessation used to be successfully finished that used to be a terribly glowing cessation and came out it used to be if truth be told artful uh but then the aftermath i didn’t ticket no so .

The miz attacks logan paul i if truth be told wrote this down uh namely is that he does the uh the college crushing finale logan paul will get up after about five seconds and begins sitting up and being offended with the miz and essentially the most good different thing i was pondering .

Used to be used to be miz used to be in the entrance and blowing kisses to logan paul because possibly there’ll be a match between them at leisurely recently while rey mysterio who’s the 2k 22 computer recreation duvet large name slinks off in the background originate of a overwhelmed man and as an afterthought in the in the match .

So uh roughly having a peek at that what's your takeaway the takeaway is at this at this level i belief it used to be essentially the most good match on the card i belief logan paul did if truth be told glowing um .

different than that it made no sense by any capacity i trust you however it used to be folk loved it it's implausible about no belief what what they're working toward admire as far as miz and logan paul sure if .

It's a one and finished then it makes no sense whenever you happen to're gonna whenever you happen to're gonna acquire this a series of matches then yeah makes sense but the thing is who's the glowing guy in this explain because no one likes miz unless they're combating unless he's attacking logan paul because .

It can perhaps perhaps well also also be stated for anything that um if it's going to guide to doing extra substitute then it's an very ultimate belief and so yeah if ms and logan paul apply up on this and leave some extra substitute sizable i'm talking about i don't know if that's essentially the most good components to enact no topic they're attempting to enact because i don't know where .

They're going and various cases um they may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps well also now not know where they’re going either because various it has to enact with how the crowd is taking to it how it's getting over how it's now not going over if there's injuries if there's concerns between the abilities if any replace of .

Disorders that can include an ticket on the storyline or no topic but the bigger the card you stir and various cases with wrestlemania um it's pretty figured in it's pretty considerable to rep to that because there's colossal money full of life .

Logan paul and the miz towards mysterio there's various money in that match so i will uh transfer on to the successfully sooner than we transfer on to the following match stephanie mcmahon uh comes out i believe one of the commentators whine it wouldn't be a wrestlemania with out stephanie mcmahon which i belief used to be a cramped of an extra special line because i didn't if truth be told originate of include in thoughts .

Her the embodiment of wrestlemania lawful i believe um why she used to be there considerable lawful uh she used to be introducing gable steveson who used to be furthermore reintroduced the evening after at evening too as successfully but what used to be the why .

Used to be it considerable she used to be there successfully uh i quiz you this girls folk and gentlemen uh please welcome my guest today two-time ncaa heavyweight champion uh 2000 gold medalist i factor in or 22 gold medalist .

I'm now not about my olympics gable stewson thanks kyle braxton i'm gable steveson lawful or girls folk and gentlemen please welcome the executive branding officer of the wwe stephanie mcmahon lawful after which you rep the tune holy [ __ ] it's steph ample i don't care .

I don't care what the context is if steph comes out with her tune and he or she's purchased a microphone she's potentially purchased something i must hear admire i'm potentially gonna listen so it's considerable because if she's there it's considerable .

It's considerable ample to include stephen grab a microphone and whine girls folk and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you the most up-to-date wwe well-known particular person two-time national champion gold medalist the final phrase collegiate wrestler of all time .

Gable steveson and wwe well-known particular person gabe steveson gavel spewson don't must explain [ __ ] lawful so it's the rub you're now not gonna rep kyle braxton to introduce gable steve cena wrestlemania what i indicate yeah so that you just furthermore mght can merely now not equate stephanie admire various stuff here but .

It's because they’ve colossal plans for mr steveson and um he used to be if truth be told any person that i uh i stayed away from attempting to impress knowledge about anything requiring it and so i belief possibly uh steveson may perhaps possibly perhaps well be any person that i’d ship in for the seth rollins .

Role later on in the evening uh with out introducing him first and all that and proper enact a terribly like a flash admire shock a couple issues however it's obvious the uh younger man desires various time and access to learn and my 2nd replace and here is .

Potentially a dialogue for the cody and seth match but be a brawn breaker uh i belief they'd rep him out of nxt and proper rep him over lawful away with a couple moves and a former recliner and seth faucets out it'd be a colossal pop and a colossal moment and rep the baby over and whatnot but would that carry us to our .

Next match uh sooner than it does i belief this would perhaps perhaps be a advantageous time to wringle um even as you had been a wwe producer between are we talking 2013 to 2016 17 around that point yeah 16. yeah uh stephanie mcmahon what had been her roles how unheard of interplay would you include with it on a weekly foundation .

Especially on the the colossal productions raw smackdown and so forth wow um it'd be more uncomplicated to explain admire stephanie didn't work in catering and he or she um she she wasn't a seamstress delivery air of that uh she may perhaps possibly perhaps well also want her hand in all the pieces .

Yeah she didn't enact security but man she's correct busy as would be and um i indicate all the pieces in production technique i extinct to sit down down down lawful in the support of her uh she had a chair lawful in front of me and uh so she being on inventive all day uh she's been on the bus with her .

And hunter and um she's being inventive all day she used to be a abilities admire when i was on air abilities in the authority working with her uh sooner than i grew to alter into honorary abilities with the authority uh being her producer uh for whine admire her program had been pretty bella .

In uh 2014 which culminated in matches summerslam admire i had all that uh so working with her admire as a producer and as a co-abilities uh she's correct the executive branding officer she's let's acquire a wish used to be talking to some neighborhood outreach appearing on .

Any replace of media retail outlets whether it's the recently present whether it's rolling stone magazine or whether it's the native main college or no topic admire she's correct yeah she's ample that set aside of residing yeah i continuously rep the sensation that yeah as you whine she's ample and various possibly unfair criticism is leveled .

Against her and triple h announcing successfully it's correct nepotism that's why the model they are but no as far as i will present they absolutely set aside every penny they set aside because they work 150 hours per week retaining that set aside of residing running i love .

I if truth be told admire it anytime any person says various folk whine it's nepotism so then i shock admire ample who’re various folk and um what oh [ __ ] it man they're lawful various folk are lawful man it's correct nepotism essentially the most good essentially the most good motive here why .

Stephanie man introduce gable stephenson because her final name is admire man of route she will be able to get about wrestlemania why would they disclose stephanie mcmahon these folk are lawful it's nepotism that modified my pondering i didn't know various folk had been announcing that i didn't know various folk had been announcing that i belief simplest admire possibly a .

Few folk or several i didn't know various folk stated nepotism and that i didn't ticket it used to be criticism either successfully sure let me rephrase the quiz then is that obviously it's nepotism that she used to be employed of route but what i'm announcing is is that she absolutely earns .

Her procure i counsel as a how would how i'd most good describe it because obviously she used to be employed because she's vince's daughter successfully i uh i include on glowing authority that vance uh may perhaps possibly perhaps well also want different kim folk one more family admire on this earth than admire um .

His formative years and his companion so it's now not admire i indicate vince has different family people so if it used to be nepotism i believe they would correct rep a job at wwe as successfully and um i believe i with out a doubt think that if stephanie confirmed no aptitude or no .

Pastime in this at all then she potentially wouldn't be taking beneath consideration it it didn't acquire her incredibly at ease and if she wasn't admire um one of essentially the most good abilities i've ever labored with and that i've labored with them all and one of the smartest most artful folk i do know admire .

She's uh yeah so that you just should to treasure it's glowing that i'm sitting down because i had no notion that it used to be simplest nepotism thank you james yeah at any time uh becky lynch and bianca bellaire uh i've purchased a controversial conception on this but uh i didn't admire it .

Hey the followers loved it i didn't admire it at all yeah folk loved the cessation yeah folk loved it but i correct i watched the match and that i was correct admire oh let it cessation man yeah man um i believe uh i believe they had been if truth be told if truth be told hot on the foundation of the match folk had been .

They had been willing for it and about two minutes in i believe admire 2 30 possibly now not clock tonight it's admire correct crowd used to be stupid correct stupid um one thing relating to the old match is facet expose and about this match too uh this match went to the bottom correct gonna level that out um .

And i include my notes that um these abilities let a wrestling match rep in the variety of an very ultimate story however it wasn't that glowing of a wrestling match so i saw admire various um various colossal bumps and various uh from facet to facet now not .

Necessarily promoting uh to what admire my cup of tea but then it doesn't topic for the rationale that participants cherish the cessation they came unglued for that um i don't know they uh the referee furthermore used to be now not renowned on all .

Accounts i do know they did admire various end to falls and various um they stir to duvet and proper sizable manure stupendous nearly and it's one two after which now not recently after which there's correct this peek of ah admire correct disbelief .

Now in sport i believe admire uh in overall if the referee makes a name you may perhaps possibly perhaps well peek to the referee since you'd must hear what the referee needed to explain know what his name used to be or used to be now not or her name used to be or used to be now not .

Um there's none of that the referee used to be fully now not renowned on all counts admire i talked about this match went to the bottom you did yeah ample so usually i don't know what here is but admire there'll be .

Skills on the bottom after which there'll be a maneuver uh oftentimes stupendous in nature where each and each abilities will bump after which be uh yeah narcoleptic on the bottom usually after a dive usually after a .

Stupendous maneuver after they enact that uh i don't don’t include any motive in the support of this inexplicably the ref will initiate counting over from one and so i correct don't ticket what any of that is it takes me out various admire this stuff i carry up are because um .

I'm if truth be told into the suspension of disbelief i believe that's what it's all about i don't think you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to acquire the folk think that it's accurate i believe that's an gargantuan quiz i believe you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to acquire them neglect that it's now not and so long as you enact that you just're telling a story you're in a movie you're .

Watching you're taking part in it you're now not hooked in to oh that used to be a stunt man or why they enact that or uh oh that seemed admire they cooperated or successfully that one minister anything that can perhaps perhaps well exhaust you out of being in there and one components i will present about me getting .

Taken out of it is miles when i must quiz a quiz and so the suspension of disbelief turns into the reinstatement of disbelief so my disbelief is reinstated i shock why the referee started counting over lawful .

Wait why is she why is that transfer considerable to it now however it wasn't sooner than and proper various issues that had been occurring that roughly took me out yeah the thing that um i if truth be told don't admire is when folks that clearly can't enact brazilian jiu jitsu try to insert brazilian jiu jitsu into matches .

And there used to be an arm bar that i counsel you furthermore mght can you include parked a bus in the gap which wouldn't correct brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling whenever you happen to're gonna enact it please include finished it in accurate lifestyles and studied it and know what it's supposed to peek admire and nowhere there shouldn't .

Be gaps and where the fingers must always be and programs to enact a triangle well used to be this the one with the triangle i believe this would perhaps perhaps well also want been the one the triangle so why is that considerable thanks to my suspension of disbelief it takes me out of the match glowing so it goes from having a peek admire opponents .

To cooperation sure now not even cooperation it correct takes me to the thing where it originate of makes me think you don't if truth be told know programs to war and yet you're combating for an worldwide championship but yet you don't know programs to enact an arm bar when the actual particular person that is field to the .

Arm bar furthermore be in quiz and as a result of this truth cooperating sure after they're clearly now not in trouble yet having a peek admire they are in trouble yeah so on the total uh when a preserve is accomplished and done me and there's no gaps and .

You've cinched it up and all the pieces's barred and tight and advantageous and locked in that must always be a faucet within within seconds so whenever you happen to seek these holes that are actually accomplished and folk are struggling for 20 seconds and 30 seconds and all the pieces it takes me lawful out of it .

Um getting there although is where the war would be you seek so admire if they're struggling from facet to facet they usually can't reasonably rep it after which they initiate elbow over this facet weakening a definite body fragment to delivery up and rep a gap to rep to it that war can final all day but then .

Once it's locked in it's roughly admire six seconds or six months tap rep out of it or surgical draw since you're [ __ ] at that level lawful it's furthermore admire in a uh .

In a war uh stir forward and tap on that because if you're [ __ ] you're [ __ ] and also you don't can include to be out six months so deal along with your ego later whenever you happen to're getting choked or put to sleep you wouldn't tap .

Because it's now not you whenever you happen to transfer to sleep any person will cessation the war but to tap to cessation going to sleep when there's soundless a large gamble for some and it doesn't acquire loads of of sense um however uh various it does so as that uh suspension and disbelief .

You're driving that line because folk must rep misplaced and folk don't must alarm about critiquing something they may be able to include to be i believe don't you as a wrestling fan ride it unheard of extra as unheard of as you furthermore mght can ride it with the educated see and critiquing something don't you ride where something correct .

Blows you away you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to't wait to the following thing i ride it most when i've don't if truth be told feel the must cessation to write notes if i'm if i'm taking part in it ample where i neglect to write notes then that's an very ultimate match if .

What i indicate but this used to be correct here’s a extraordinarily utter occasion for this wrestlemania because i don't write notes for wrestling matches at any different time but i did i did rep all the scheme thru the valuable occasion of evening two if truth be told with the austin one as successfully i ended writing notes because i was taking part in what i was seeing on the tv .

That's glowing yeah it is miles originate of a queer very utter litmus test but uh that's the one i originate of stumbled on myself uh with uh we'll transfer on then seth rollins versus mystery opponent and sooner than you comment i do know you've purchased some feedback on this one um we had a promo package deal beforehand one thing wrestlemania did very successfully i factor in is introducing through .

Relatively long of uh vignettes or vtr's or however you describe them beforehand to explain why they're combating and that i felt fully as a lot as this level with why they had been combating or why seth used to be at wrestlemania and we didn't know who the opponent used to be and he turns as a lot as vince mcmahon's .

Deliver of business he's wearing his mum's curtains i believe for a swimsuit after which seth comes down after which he's wearing his mum's rug he seemed admire sully from monsters inc with that admire large green thing it used to be yeah i've described him as um .

The frank zappa of sports vitality yeah he he he's absolutely incandescent but he's accessible yeah oh he used to be wearing a blouse as successfully for a high which used to be furthermore reasonably full of life reasonably lacy as you enact correct as you may perhaps possibly perhaps well name your sword after your mom what’s seth rollins persona what's .

What is it because i didn't ticket what you indicate what’s what’s the usual of the man's persona he's correct he's aggravating working no i i'd extra whine for his gimmick what how would you describe his gimmick in three phrases because i do know folk kept relating to him seth freaking rollins but i didn't i don't .

Know what he's all about that [ __ ] loopy three phrases i'm now not glowing at that james that used to be pretty it used to be pretty glowing so is he correct a loopy man they name him a visionary i listen to the announcers they name him a visionary .

So um yeah i indicate he had he had a peek admire a high college uh choir or something admire that singing a minute he's correct he's loopy man he's admire that's essentially the most good components i could perhaps possibly perhaps well also describe used to be .

Love he's admire frank zappa to the wwe he's correct accessible he doesn't put on the identical thing twice he's correct surreal i'm now not if truth be told definite because i took a while away admire a couple years so i haven't been up on issues which is furthermore .

If i staring at this and sets in the ring and we seek the video package deal lawful after which we seek the tron and the graphics and we seek american nightmare what's american nightmare it's a play off the american dream .

That's all i do know lawful so what i'm announcing is resolve on to first-time viewers and there’ll be some folks that are staring at wrestlemania who don't flip into uh .

The turner sports networks or the occasion broadcast lawful so they’ll now not be up on what the american nightmare is and it’ll be folks that uh aren't aware of the american dream dusty rhodes we're staring at and ample if he is american dream son .

And we put collectively that he's the american nightmare so what admire present us extra about they don't uh so i don't know i was i was if truth be told alive to to seek what they had been going to enact in this match successfully .

I feel because wwe's habits of by no technique referencing different corporations are very most steadily ever referencing every different's one more firm is that they won't level out japan he won't level out ring of honor now that tony kahn's purchased it they won't level out aw for obvious reasons so all they stated used to be he's been away for .

Six years and whenever you happen to're a fan beforehand you'll include simplest known him as stardust for several years as successfully so the final time cody rhodes is on wwe tv as himself or a version of himself it used to be what eight years ago or nine years ago or something potentially about eight years ago yeah i'd whine so um .

Yeah there's a colossal ovation because at wrestlemania obviously there's gonna be extra um loyal followers and also you're gonna include your extra um bigger than casual followers extra formal followers i will include to claim i won't whine refined or successfully-kept but i'll whine .

Extra formal and uh so they'll know who cody is um don't know why he's vince's procure lawful off the bat i don't know why possibly some of that can perhaps perhaps well also were defined and held the story a cramped bit here is cody rhodes .

Uh why did vince mcmahon exhaust cody rose to compete towards seth rollins or wrestlemania don't know enact you no it wasn't defined uh i will quiz this although is as far as a wrestler is anxious now not a promoter or a booker or anything but as a wrestler .

Is cody rhodes currently the smartest wrestler accessible because he left he's left areas several cases on the actual lawful time to maximise his doubtless in other locations um you're asking me ample if i ticket this precisely is cody rhodes the .

Smartest wrestler accessible because he's left areas on the actual lawful cases sure possibly i believe possibly roman reigns is the smartest because he decided to exhaust to cessation he decided to transfer to the very high advise after which correct cessation admire your entire time cody used to be leaving areas .

Roman correct stayed because he purchased to the set aside of residing first so possibly roman's the smartest or is brock because he works final days and earns extra cash brock lesnar is successfully-kept roman reigns is successfully-kept cody rhodes leaves various areas so i don't know if .

If it's successfully-kept because uh i'm so damn over and that i'm drawing so unheard of money that these folk refuse to acquire me at ease and give me what i'm price so i'm gonna leave and stir in different areas and furthermore now not scheme money .

After which furthermore leave that set aside of residing to transfer in different areas and convince them that i'm gonna scheme that money after which i'm gonna now not scheme money i'm gonna leave sooner than i will rep figured out and that i'll stir in different areas uh yeah potentially successfully-kept yeah cody's successfully-kept yeah he makes various money and he's .

Purchased folk uh pondering he's price it and paying him for it so that you just bought to be successfully-kept i'm now not announcing that he's now not price it of route he's price it they're paying him so he's price it so when uh whenever you happen to had been doing producing .

And uh he used to be doing the stardust thing used to be there someone who would scheme to you let's whine would cody ever scheme to you and proper whine man i if truth be told hate this stardust persona i'd resolve on to rep support to cody or did he ever bid over with you about this roughly thing where he correct .

Needs to be himself um cody with stardust cody uh as with anything cody threw himself 100 into the stardust there had been one present i was a .

Producer on in a single more nation on tour uh as an agent and uh cody had a signing um in a single more city after which thanks to web order traffic it's correct no topic creep explain used to be he wasn't on the bus to rep to the present .

And so we're ready on him from a 2nd employed automobile they usually ended up having to transfer down the autobahn in germany to rep to the city at which time essentially the most good time cody had any time to enact this needed to examine all this stardust makeup .

Whereas he used to be driving on the autobahn because he selected to enact something that used to be uh and that i neglect what it used to be however it used to be something that admire cody used to be doing for the firm admire an appearance or some media or something admire that after which striking all the pieces on and making it in time and stir admire and cody by no technique complained relating to the initiate of this .

Sport he tried to acquire it work he tried all the pieces he may perhaps possibly perhaps well also he um he utilized himself he did yeah and he didn't whinge he took to it admire dream took to the polka dots yeah uh as far as the match goes any any further thoughts on uh seth rollins cody .

Rhodes used to be it your well-liked match of the evening um i don't know if it used to be my well-liked it uh i don't know that i don't know who else may perhaps possibly perhaps well even include purchased that match on the cody and that's now not knocking cody that's announcing .

Uh having a 25 minute match in front of 75 000 folk um where the folk are fully invested admire correct i'm talking to the usual of seth rollins as a performer there's there's no person higher there’ll be folk as glowing but there's no person higher feldebell .

Uh getting any person or something over correct with pure efficiency and that region the bar extraordinarily high for cody's return i'll whine that and the cessation with the two crossroads and .

Then into the flip-flop and cruise into the third crossroads sizable crowd loved it uh i don't know that 25 minutes is the thing to enact it sets the bar so high valuable whenever you happen to acquire this match .

Seth rollins isn't going over you don't advise a mystery opponent after which include a mystery opponent present up as a shock after which lose you don't enact that correct as if there's a substitution or as a result of conditions past our controls x y and z is unable to be here tonight card field to interchange in this .

Deliver we now include so and so so-and-so goes over since you mainly must enact a replacement or a substitution that either equals or succeeds what the crowd used to be promised and the model you enact that is by having the substitution be a incompatibility maker .

There's no components seth rollins may perhaps possibly perhaps well even include willing for cody rhodes he had no belief who his opponent used to be so all these different matches had been talking about yeah we scouted every different we know every different we're attempting to carry essentially the most good out on every different all the pieces admire that seth rollins has no recreation notion cody .

Rhodes knows from i don't know how long that he's wrestling seth rollins so all the scheme thru the match it would appear to be that seth would include much less counters to cody's offense then cody would include seth says cody would include an acknowledge to all of seth and seth may perhaps possibly perhaps well be extraordinarily pissed off .

Because cody has him scouted and cody's so successfully-kept and cody's 2nd technology the region and different seth would must resort to cheating or shortcuts i don't know again that i'd acquire the match this long because seth didn't know his opponent used to be that he used to be correct fully surprised when after cody on the bell .

And cody came out of it hit two crossroads a flip-flop and cruise and a third one and the crowd correct [ __ ] themselves i believe you furthermore mght can want finished higher for cody after which from there you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to continuously stir support to heaven and develop as a lot as a 25-minute match in different areas but uh procure this uh up because i do know seth .

Rollins may perhaps possibly perhaps well even include a 25-minute match on raw or smackdown or wherever any evening at any given moment any length of time survey i believe this used to be a colossal production and with the pyro and the entrance and the match and the time and the opponent and the result uh they're looking ahead to colossal issues out of cody .

Nicely for the quantity they're reportedly paying him i ticket it's now not lower than seven figures confidently i correct must procure up on something you stated sooner than uh seth there's no one higher than him there may perhaps be folk as glowing but there's no one higher than seth rollins now to my very unheard of untrained see i originate of think .

Every successfully every match is 50 50 and everybody's as glowing as everybody else whenever you happen to include a large match i indicate i'm potentially now not explaining this lawful but um why even correct staring at this one match how can you present that seth .

Is a bigger performer than cody what did seth enact higher than cody and why is it so obvious to you as a who has a educated see you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to seek that seth is the extra premier performer um i don't include the match in front of me lawful now or examples off the tip of my head but i will quiz you this .

Um what did you suspect of that match quality i don't know i bear in mind pondering it used to be reasonably long i bear in mind pondering it used to be i bear in mind pondering that the target market loved it um and as a result of this truth it used to be positively a colossal success they had been my two colossal takeaways .

Okay and did you seek the uh the usual of the action in the ring sure i include very high-quality and that i furthermore belief comparatively various wrestlemania kickouts or i i wrote them all down um whenever you happen to're alive to i'll correct read them out to you uh seth out kicked out .

Crossroads cody kicks out reverse suplex from the tip into shattered dreams pedigree uh wrestlemania kick out three pedigree teases into high row slump crusher by cody wrestlemania kick out for pedigree on cody wow it's sizable thank you no it's sizable that you just took .

Notes yeah there's by no technique a motive a prostitute finishes um but however that's what the that's what the product is now so what i'm asking you relating to the usual of .

Math and what you belief i asked you this include you seen seth rollins include matches with identical quality on a identical stage sure ample include you seen cody rhodes enact identical .

At that level no ample include you seen seth rollins include different opponents and enact whine sure include you seen cody rhones at this level i believe where you're going with this um ample so successfully i was correct gonna quiz from from this .

One match and not utilizing a different examples can you present who the higher performer is i could perhaps possibly perhaps well also guess uh and these are issues admire timing uh and proper ride if truth be told and um i'd whine correct consciousness .

That you just're on tv and it is miles a production and whenever you happen to hit a would you whine a high rope reverse suplex shattered dreams lawful kick out of that you just duvet with urgency after which it looks to be admire one two and a end to drop or plausible end to fault is .

One thing that if the ref's hand came down and counted three you'd be admire oh that used to be a cessation that used to be an very ultimate cessation so pedigree after the crossroads after this cessation no topic when you hit your predominant transfer what folk are aware of .

Seeing you fetch with and there's a kick out or a non-cessation then they'll bite on anything because anything is glowing recreation at that level after they've been past that level lawful so uh what i'm getting at as far as who's higher than who and to my see correct be .

Love who's extra who enact i must bid over with much less about what's considerable so after a colossal transfer admire a pedigree as an illustration one two there's the kick out each and each guys are down lawful there as a agent or producer in this case i’d present the referee and present the truck i’d acquire definite admire we're going to transfer to a replay i present the .

Referee guys we're in replay so the referee tells the abilities guys we're in replay they're gonna lay out here comes the replay we're gonna present the pedigree and the one two after which kick out and we're gonna approach out of replay and that i'm gonna present the ref ample we're out three two support dwell referee's gonna present the .

Skills we're dwell abilities's gonna initiate transferring now because they don't desire the folk to gaze portray and movie of a replay after which something that's dwell action so we'll stir support to the dwell action now when any person has glowing timing and glowing instincts in that regard which is .

Just appropriate ride because we've learned and it's something that's if truth be told aggravating to point out you should to learn it from ride with that with out a doubt feel of the timing of admire where are the cameras where are they gonna enact a two shot of us where are they gonna enact a single shot of us where they're gonna stir large um .

So in a match admire that once uh cody's making his entrance seth is ready and also you preserve something an expression because and there's umpteen cameras there but the guys on the bottom there's three of them .

Merely they're gonna be coming to you and from you so that you just must present them ample to play with and so admire i'm talking about being extra experienced is issues admire that issues admire where you don't whisk and um you don't [ __ ] up the tv .

Because you're correct doing what you suspect that you just can include to enact or admire what you suspect is glowing or getting flustered and so admire that these are issues that i’d gaze and issues admire um the hesitation that some guys include or correct how definite they are themselves as they're going into something .

As an illustration um i will factor in a single thing where uh it used to be nearly admire a um a energy bomb that had been cody for some motive either timing or no topic sandbagging region and seth is the kind of solid [ __ ] that he picked up stupid ass cody .

And barricade bombing usually and um issues admire that to where admire ample successfully enact we initiate there used to be one more thing in the ring where they went for a double bridge but cody used to be inclined to um too blown up or correct now not .

Ready they usually roughly fumble [ __ ] on the bottom for a 2nd um correct correct the timing of issues usually as they incorporate with tv and the presentation in the production would let me know how experienced they are or how green they are .

And how glowing they are every and various it is miles correct um are you doing issues since you suspect they're glowing or are you doing issues for the rationale that target market will ride it so there's a cramped of that too yeah i will uh we'll transfer on to the following .

Excuse me the final cramped while furthermore ample sooner than you transfer on yeah seth rollins vs cody rose is a uh foot no the uh the match went to the bottom what number of what number of matches uh went to the bottom out of 5 to this level successfully i'd must stir support and test my notes but as we talked about i'm definite .

Merely will she and to acknowledge to your quiz every ever match every match very glowing uh five out of 5 to this level pleasing um hall of reputation inductees flip up scott steiner uh seemed admire colonel sanders in the swimsuit i stumbled on i don't know why i correct by no technique if truth be told he's purchased the identical beard and if truth be told originate of put that collectively uh undertaker will get .

The colossal uh colossal entrance um we'll transfer on charlotte versus ronda rousey in my leer an unpopular conception this used to be positively the higher of the two females's title matches even even supposing it used to be scrappy the moves peek far extra convincing and it doesn't must peek sizable restful .

To acquire it peek higher usually scrappiness is higher um yeah i'd resolve on to um correct exhaust a moment and proper possibly reiterate that you just suspect scott steiner looks to be admire colonel sanders i believe we can include to correct acquire that known .

And now not correct for this episode i believe going forward if we correct whine here is james you suspect scott siren looks to be admire colonel sandwich is i believe that's controversial exhaust it’ll be but i indicate whenever you happen to're gonna die whenever you happen to're gonna dye your beard white .

After which put on a swimsuit then comparisons are inevitably gonna be made from afar yeah from afar furthermore i wasn't wearing my glasses uh when i was staring at this so i indicate it used to be very unheard of a squinted uh leer of issues so this uh this match this video package deal .

Uh and the entrances man here is colossal time it feels admire considerable um and charlotte aptitude and rhonda each and each it's considerable to them it's correct uh it feels .

It feels bigger than the total rest they exhaust their time they're telling a story so again it's admire what's the story an very ultimate story has the folk on their feet your entire time and biting on all the pieces correct emotionally associated .

A wrestling match correct spots or sprint or no topic it's it doesn't rep over and um i believe with this match i believe possibly a cramped audacious uh as far as the order material i believe uh the cessation and all the pieces came .

Off glowing uh here’s a case where correct admire the match old all the pieces they did in the match old what you're asking about as far as seth and his maturity and timing and proper what we talked about this match used to be the opposite you seek all these maneuvers and all these replicate .

Falls and all these movements they usually stir to replay and sooner than they're even to them topic of what the replay is relating to the abilities is transferring in the ring they usually must rep out of the replay they must cessation in the replay after which .

You'll sprint over what's occurring now whenever you happen to enact that then you should to replay what's occurring now but then you're going to fail to see what's subsequent then you should to replay that after which correct cessation up chasing their very include tail with various it it's very aggravating to gaze and that i'm a colossal proponent in colossal match eventualities admire this for the title that .

It’s doubtless you’ll replay you may perhaps possibly perhaps well replay the colossal moments lawful and include that develop but now not in every title match and never every title match is the final phrase wrestlemania predominant occasion of all time lawful and never everybody desires it and various cases admire on raw .

Uh or in pay-per-leer i'd be on the headset and also you'd hear kevin kevin dunn announcing something would happen that gargantuan bump successfully something's necessary in the match warmth advise uh something that resulted in a comeback some .

Change in momentum for one persona or one more kevin wouldn't be on the headset stir ample you hear him whine ample that's your first replay which technique once the one two three occurs and we rep the abilities's quit and up by the referee referee whine ample we're going to replays then you may perhaps possibly perhaps well .

Bundle two or three replays collectively and whine successfully here's how we purchased to in the foundation it used to be all x y and z but then abc made to approach support support and here's what resulted in the xyz cessation and no topic after which you approach out of replay and present the city ground replaced them by then .

The talon's either upstage or he's on the 2nd rope with the title or no topic the thing is lawful but that's the production facet of it and there's the total replays and uh if i interrupt you uh temporarily uh there's a phrase into my thoughts is the tune in between the notes .

Are you announcing that there used to be something it wasn't breathing set aside is what it sounds admire glowing and that i believe particularly in only my ride in my cup of tea is a explain admire wrestlemania the crowd warmth is correct astonishing and it's unlike anything else .

All Twelve months long and each wrestlemania is different than the one old and subsequent so that you just had a extraordinarily special environment um the announcers are so considerable to what you enact uh .

And getting issues over and radiant why vince mcmahon feeds the announcer's lines is because he feeds the announcers lines because it's what he wants the folk viewing and difficult his product to know about his product that they're difficult or now not lower than what he wants them to think .

Of it so uh the announcers something admire with um lesser uh promotions or uh what include you um that's some one .

Critique i must the announcers is hiya it's now not [ __ ] radio admire we can seek the [ __ ] lawful and so i don't want admire a descriptor of every single sprint or what it's known as or how repeatedly i hit this three years ago on any person i'm now not wrestling now in japan the match that .

Has nothing to enact with anything we're talking about now and proper all this [ __ ] order material of struggle nerd and struggle geek correct talking for the sake of talking there's a thing known as laying out and also you present the announcers to lay out it'll rep you where you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to listen to .

The glass destroy and hear 75 000 folk simultaneously [ __ ] their pants lawful after which you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to ride that and also you don't must stir oh that's steve austin's tune here comes steve austin you suspect and although we don't know this up front admire we can .

Deduce it after we seek steve and browse that it says austin 316 on the show cover admire um for me the announcers bid over with you [ __ ] unheard of because there's furthermore the and the and the all the pieces you must listen to from the contact and the fellow's talking [ __ ] .

To every different i'm sorry i will include to include provided that and admire what uh the announcers are talking over the total time they're now not doing abilities favor and that's now not a knock towards the announcers it's correct yeah that unheard of i’d resolve on to carry up that .

The one time that the announcers didn’t bid in evening one is when cody rhodes made his entrance it used to be full silence from the commentators for admire a minute and a half where possibly uh to now not keep up a correspondence for you this would perhaps perhaps be an very ultimate time to expose the .

Audience oh my god is cody rhodes son of a plumber and so forth precisely so what that leads me to factor in or possibly think is that um they honestly don't know what to explain it's correct admire if folk know who cody is then they .

Know and if they don't they'll rep to know by no topic they seek him enact with seth reagan role and if he goes 24 minutes with seth freaking rollins and it's that aggressive and is that [ __ ] glowing are the folk going that loopy on the .

Attain then we'll seek on monday we'll give them a microphone on monday but i trust you admire yeah entrances let it play out various the allure what you include whenever you happen to transfer to a present is that ride you don't include announcers telling you what to think and .

Providing you with all this support story and all the pieces else you're you're vibing with dwell target market seek knowledge from lawful that's why i love various issues where you seek oh by the model this spherical and charlotte match did stir to the bottom if i haven't talked about that .

Nevertheless you include matches that will stir over the barricade and out into the crowd or possibly admire backstage or up in the concourse or different areas and roughly off campus and that's now not that's now not glowing for the dwell crowd you do now not include any belief what any person goes thru to rep to a wrestling present .

And rep their formative years there and procure up time past guidelines at work war thru web order traffic or rep lodging may perhaps possibly perhaps well also merely anything so they're there after which you exhaust a match that they paid to seek and also you exhaust it out of a hoop that they're sitting pointed toward and exhaust it backstage or exhaust it .

Someplace else in the building and now that participants must see up in a tv show cover that's components further away than the one which's in their lounge after they're sitting having a peek at it lawful so admire um i don't know what your [ __ ] quiz used to be james .

Nicely i'll carry up something fully different when i was i went to ufc in london admire 2007 and we weren't that far away from the ring but i or the cage but i soundless watched the show cover your entire components thru include my glasses on and all the pieces and that's cage combating's different because i indicate i don't i don't know what my level is .

Basically but i believe someone who's now not in the first five rows and finally ends up having a peek on the show cover the total components thru anyway or now not lower than anything past the first ground ground or first tier most folk correct cessation up staring on the show cover anyway so did that serve you to transfer to the following ufc no i by no technique went to 1 more one .

No ample so it's a bigger time to sit down down down at dwelling staring on the tv where you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to seek something that's this slight since you may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to knock a man out from that far away but in expert wrestling or sports leisure scheme support so everybody can seek it after which this guy's gonna promote in set aside of residing of correct going out and .

Crumbling so um yeah admire you may perhaps possibly perhaps well must enact that and it would serve you to approach support if uh you had an very ultimate present so it drives folk away whenever you happen to don't you don't exhaust the dwell target market into an yarn .

And i believe that's what used to be lacking from cody's entrance and various different folk's entrances and possibly used to be in manufacture for cody's interest for the rationale that participants at dwelling may perhaps possibly perhaps well also correct listen to the crowd going nuts for this guy so possibly i don't must know his history all that unheard of this crowd's going loopy possibly i'm correct .

Going to gaze and rep out why are they going so loopy for him and by the cessation of the match it made various sense admire the folk loved that [ __ ] it used to be an narrative match uh memorable we uh successfully correct temporarily sooner than we stir on to the valuable occasion charlotte ronda rousey uh something i include heard online successfully i'll .

Train online i believe dave meltzer wrote it is miles that because i enact i don't gaze weekly you don't gaze weekly he stated for what it's price that participants had been very unheard of attracted to this wrestlemania match after they first launched it after which all the scheme thru the weeks folk purchased much less alive to i don't know if it's thanks to their .

Interviews or thanks to their personalities but enact you suspect it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also were different than the match itself that on the total is a motive why the target market correct wasn't with it or now not invested as they may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps well also were um no .

Uh i don't think uh whenever you happen to claim for what it's price it in that explain may perhaps possibly perhaps well be dave meltzer announcing that various folk include misplaced interest in this program no it used to be correct him announcing he'd misplaced interest oh david misplaced interest in it yeah oh uh no i don't think that dave losing .

Pastime in the match had anything to enact with the target market being a cramped fatigued at that level um i i was fortunate ample to uh rep the news from dave meltzer that um aj styles and the following evening used to be decrease uh as a result of a pyrotechnic accident on his entrance .

When aj seemed um aj used to be marked up and used to be bleeding that wasn't the motive it used to be now not the motive it turns out it turns out that aj correct walked lawful into the region which is which is ample is it they're now not .

Liable to that region it's a colossal region he may perhaps possibly perhaps well also merely now not include finished rehearsals for his entrance no topic he didn't indicate to it's now not admire it [ __ ] didn't piss him off so preserve on yeah ample stephanie mcmahon .

Is simplest there thanks to nepotism and dave meltzer had misplaced interest in charlotte and rhonda's program thus inflicting an exhaustive crowd and aj styles if truth be told purchased decrease delivery by pyro and never the region because dave wrote it i'm now not going with the evidence that i've seen .

I feel the crowd used to be exhausted yeah nothing that used to be potentially at that level and after they've seen um end to fault after end to fault after end to drop after end to drop after they've seen every single match i don't know if i talked about this stir to the bottom for terribly cramped .

Love no topic took set aside of residing on the bottom used to be now not the cessation in these forms of matches so if all of a unexpected in match number five or six here you're telling me that oh what occurs on the bottom will be of and if we hit a colossal maneuver that participants are aware of this would perhaps perhaps well also also be the cessation we’re now not prostituting our finishes .

Right here so folk are staring at for oh it's now not going to full on the sunset flip it's now not going to full on a support toddle it's now not going to knock cradle it's now not going to full on a roll we desire to seek the figure 8 we desire to seek the spear we desire to seek around his arm bar we desire to seek all this stuff .

Earlier than we can if truth be told scheme end that something may perhaps possibly perhaps well be the cessation to this match so they're ready and it's uh it's what i spoke to earlier about building the present in the totality of the present if shinsuke nakamura is kicking out of .

An uso superkick and a frog splash or a superfly splash uh in the very first match then 40 end to falls later i'm now not if truth be told shopping it with rhonda and spirited now not lower than it doesn't support no it doesn't support we can uh transfer on to the valuable .

Match then uh the ko present kevin owens kevin steen brings out steve austin he denigrates texas of route first builds up a cramped uh pleasure for steve austin's arrival sooner than i quiz you about this include you ever produced an one more steve austin section for one of these one-offs that you just'd flip up for here and there .

No no i haven't they uh weren’t essentially frequent when i was producing admire steve um steve used to be now not a paunchy-time abilities at all and even when i was uh had my first um roughly promotion with wwe as a abilities .

Help in 2005 um steve used to be already off the roster so any interplay i had with steve as a abilities may perhaps possibly perhaps well be him being a guest referee on an in a single more nation tour and uh the heels running accessible and we all exhaust stunners on the cessation of the .

Night or something admire that um i i didn't create steve and any anything he'd finished he's been away bigger than he's been around yeah positively uh steve austin comes out 57 years passe uh i indicate the the preamble the talking uh hit the advise with the followers positively it's what they .

Had been staring at for all evening how surprised had been you that now not simplest did it stir into a match in set aside of residing of admire a originate of brawl section however it ended up being reasonably an extended match as successfully admire 13 14 minutes it's very glowing to me and pleasantly surprised it used to be very pleasantly glowing as .

Nicely because i love everybody loves steve austin lawful whenever you happen to asked how surprised successfully i indicate i wasn't looking ahead to um or now not looking ahead to something i was correct roughly admire seeing where they had been gonna stir along with the video package deal sooner than him um it didn't level to to me at all why kevin owens used to be so .

Damn upset with texas lawful it gave the influence admire the oddest thing correct to rep a ko present on st boston's guest and um it gave the influence admire very very um of admire usa self reliant wrestling from any place from admire 25 to 15 to 10 possibly .

Years ago five days ago potentially somewhere but admire where you include the hills exit they usually'll whisk down the high college soccer coach and that i'll bid about how pungent the city is and how unimaginative the folk are and how gruesome they are and as quickly as i will i'm leaving this stinking .

City after which how approach the soccer coach is successfully you ain't leaving this city with out your ass getting kicked after which the total soccer gamers are there and the total [ __ ] they’d a pep rally that week and the total towns folk are there because they must seek the soccer coach who the wrestlers include taught to throw one body slam and .

You perceive one punch and now he's going to crew up with jerry the king lawler towards these two heels and proper it's so easy and is so what i indicate that's why it's cheap warmth because no person has to rep coloration no person has to exhaust a bump the basket or anything admire that it's cheap warmth .

It's uh and admire why this world [ __ ] phenomenon known as wrestlemania are we deciding on on the city of dallas texas it looks so slight and so slight-minded to enact that so i counsel i was pleasantly surprised too but i knew .

Lastly that they had been gonna whine kevin used to be correct baiting him to rep there once he purchased there he used to be gonna explain him lawful because admire the video package deal didn't level to all of it practical topic texas they obviously spared an expense for the region of the ko present i believe it used to be two diesels two set aside of residing of business chairs .

Uh and um successfully i will whine they didn’t spare one dime on kevin's uh new fabric cabinet romania and his new equipment it's an distinctive uh he doesn't want it after this that guy's [ __ ] made although he .

Wasn't sooner than as if he wasn't but kevin owens what a large name man and include steve austin enact something admire that he's now not going to enact something he doesn't must enact that used to be hand-picked by steve austin this attitude used to be hand-picked this program used to be hand-picked there's match the .

Execution the payoff used to be hand-picked all velocity and it used to be incandescent and resolve on to know that he correct purchased him down there into that ring to explain him radiant that steve may perhaps possibly perhaps well also now not flip down a explain in front of his fatherland folk after he stated scheme to texas scheme to wrestlemania he says i include my first match in dallas .

I’d want my final one and proper i’d like a ref and all the pieces the folk correct buzzing buzzing buzzing this implausible man i i belief it used to be implausible to procure on something else you stated sooner than kevin owens what a large name i indicate whine the untrained see to .

Any individual who doesn't know he knows what he's doing and is terribly glowing at what he's doing he's admire now not distinctive height he's now not an distinctive develop but why is he the kind of large name how does he how does he originate of overcome that and record himself as the kind of colossal deal .

He connects connects with folk um there's cramped issues that uh any abilities can exhaust pleasure in radiant admire um if i don't factor in what i'm announcing to be lawful even whenever you happen to ticket it's now not lawful .

I don't want you to factor in what i factor in and that i don't want you to factor in what i'm announcing what i’d like you to factor in is that i factor in what i'm announcing you ticket that because if kevin owens whenever you happen to belief for one 2nd he didn't factor in what he used to be announcing he believed .

There'd be no level you don't must trust him but in huge fragment he tells the truth which an very ultimate heal will enact and it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also also be 95 p.c of the time he's telling the truth he's purchased the lawful belief about issues but a heal is continuously justified to his .

Actions an very ultimate one he can acquire justification for his actions it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also also be essentially essentially based off of truth it's correct it may perhaps perhaps possibly perhaps perhaps well also also be perverted there's one cramped iota lawful after which it will get uh devious after which correct the total unsavory persona traits of a particular person .

That you just may perhaps possibly perhaps be ready to name with jealousy frustration infuriate dishonesty um admire unkindness admire correct issues admire this that kevin owens will present because he can include these emotions and that's what connects you with him folk don't know what a pop-up energy bomb .

Feels admire but they know when any person's [ __ ] pissed off they usually know he's an [ __ ] they know when he's making him laugh he knows whenever you happen to acquire him relate or infuriate or at ease someone can present to that kevin owens does a extra special job at that and one more thing a cramped thing anytime .

Is credibility retaining my disbelief unreinstated and suspended we now include kevin collins in a advise where kevin owens is doing no topic kevin owens is doing i don't stir he doesn't reasonably peek admire he must always be .

Doing that doesn't even approach on yarn anything kevin owens does i by no technique quiz i by no technique must stir um they'll stir head to transfer with vince mcmahon in a promo years ago but him yeah lawful hit that frog splash and cuss the storm on funding man i didn't quiz the .

Thing about that i extinct to create my xc when i extinct to work towards him in ring of honor and his promotion in canada he's been glowing for a extraordinarily very long time and he does now not include that traditional peek from a from a fan but neither did roddy piper .

And there's obvious qualities if it's now not peek it's going to be promo and work and no one has ample of that to complement any deficiency he may perhaps possibly perhaps well also want in any different regard so we're announcing the johnny valentine rule of i will't acquire you factor in wrestling is accurate but i will acquire you .

Direct that i'm accurate i'd whine i'd whine kevin subscribes to that kevin doesn't rub his rub uh the folk's faces and the truth that it's phony and that’s faux with a with the match itself uh is what steve austin may perhaps possibly perhaps well also enact he .

Obviously used to be now not going to be the steve austin of the 1998 roughly thing but uh he used to be soundless the followers had been loving it it went to the bottom but then they furthermore went into the target market after which they went as you stated the concourse up the ramp made a terribly colossal present if truth be told excellent .

All people if truth be told loved it i indicate thoughts on the match first after which i'll quiz you a closing quiz but thoughts on the match uh i belief it used to be pleasing and the motive being is for the rationale that participants had been invested your entire time they did the actual thing the abilities wanted them to enact after they .

Wished them to enact it uh job finished um whenever you happen to claim it wasn't the steve austin in 1998 or that we know no topic no topic the Twelve months used to be would you wish them to be successfully yeah definite because then if he used to be .

Gonna signal that [ __ ] we gotta put him if it's steve austin 98. wait this guy who correct equipped out 75 000 folk for a bid present defending the city of dallas and promoting out tickets to a world target market for it .

Wait a minute what he may perhaps possibly perhaps well also merely now not were a steve austin 1998 but he didn't [ __ ] can include to be that used to be astonishing no it used to be sizable i wouldn't be surprised if they purchased him to transfer enact saudi arabia what protect saudi arabia protect saudi arabia's glowing goddamn name .

Against kevin owens i believe it went dallas and saudi arabia with the expose they're glowing wherever the folk of riyadh are sick of yeah man yeah yeah i i i counsel successfully sooner than i was going to level out a cramped cheeky thing with the .

With the uh uh steve austin defending texas and that i was gonna whine and here he is nevada's include steve austin yeah successfully steve's successfully-kept he knows when to transfer away areas he does uh and california as successfully i believe he's a resident of soundless i don't know uh the .

Valuable quiz is and your i factor in region me lawful on this or possibly you'll trust me i don't know is steve austin winning clear a reinforcement that the stars of yesteryear at almost about the age of 60 are soundless higher than recently's stars in the prime of their lifestyles um .

Okay wow i could perhaps possibly perhaps well also add man i’d like i’d like extra knowledge what’s higher uh the the higher wrestler the higher man um the bigger scheme the extra standard particular person successfully i believe it's an very ultimate resolution to put .

Steve austin over in that sound in that explain i if truth be told enact and that i don't think uh it would support kevin owens one bit if kevin owens beat steve austin in that match and that i don't think it hurts kevin owens one bit to lose to steve austin in that match uh at all and .

You whine does it present they're higher um whenever you happen to're talking about they they usually are the uh 60 Twelve months passe stars of yesteryear um as various as they would be um no now not if truth be told oh and whenever you happen to claim they you at this time exclude any person admire steve .

Austin because steve austin is now not a they steve austin is a he steve austin is a him steve austin is a steve austin so there's no comparison as steve austin or the rock or john cena or someone admire that roman reigns there's no person admire that i whine someone .

Love that so yeah there you rely them on the hand you must enact substitute with them factor in if kevin owens would include went over what would what would which include finished to someone secretly i’d include loved it but possibly that's if truth be told labored i yeah i’d include belief man he's correct .

Vanquished steve austin that's your new colossal initiate i'm potentially in the minority but i was i was i knew steve austin would fetch but i belief it'd be astonishing if kevin owens would fetch so this brings us to a definite topic wins and losses enact that topic .

Now i’d whine absolutely sure because roman reigns hasn't misplaced in two and a half years and he's furthermore their ultimate large name or now not pinned or submitted ample i’d agree any time i heard wins and losses don't topic my first quiz may perhaps possibly perhaps well be .

All lawful so let's include roman enact a job tonight let's include seen a slither on a banana peel and put this kid over with the spinach i belief you had been gonna road dogs me and present me that i was paunchy of [ __ ] then road dogs very famously came out stated on twitter to a a fan .

Asking quiz and he stated that wins and losses enact now not topic it's admire successfully it's meant to be a sport so with out a doubt wins and losses is all the pieces used to be road dogs an brisk member of the inventive crew on the time he used to be yeah there you stir yeah he potentially correct approach out of a building .

And admire somewhere in connecticut where folk had been telling them that wins and losses don't topic all day yeah yeah who who uh as adversarial to possibly vince mcmahon who used to be the uh ultimate pusher of the hypothesis that wins and losses don't topic the final phrase pusher wins and losses don't topic yeah who whoever .

Whoever whoever used to be attempting to expose no topic abilities that he wasn't going over that is basically the most good acknowledge i believe i could perhaps possibly perhaps well even include possibly heard yeah it's lawful that's why yeah yeah so any someone who wanted to transfer over and used to be talking to any individual that belief it wasn't in their most good interest .

To enact a favor hiya when's the losses don't topic there's continuously subsequent week enact what i'm going to wrap up the podcast there we've uh we've finished an very ultimate length of time and we now include delved into the psyche of joey mercury uh a a as a popular producer sure .

Uh litter your components thru the outro identical as you did the intro ample uh uh there you stir thank you very unheard of we'll be support for episode two i don't know when it'll be out but this would perhaps perhaps well also also be out but for now thank you very unheard of from me james uh joey mercury enact you wanna signal us off .

Uh yeah i correct resolve on to explain that wins and losses enact now not topic for you lately thank you very unheard of you
These prowrestler are reasonably advantageous!!

Joey Mercury on WrestleMania 38, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Steve Austin & MORE (Corpulent Demonstrate)

Joey Mercury on WrestleMania 38, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Steve Austin & MORE (Full Show)