Joey Janella Sings Musical ‘Tribute’ To Jim Cornette Following Chilli’s Shenanigans

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Joey Janella Sings Musical ‘Tribute’ To Jim Cornette Following Chilli’s Shenanigans

For those not caught up with yesterday’s big news surrounding Joey Janella, Jim Cornette, and fast-casual dining establishment Chilli’s, a quick catch-up. Joey spoke on Instagram Live about an interaction he had with Cornette while “drinking margaritas and eating southwestern egg rolls.” Cornette denies that the event ever took place, going as far as to call the wrestler “Jelly Nutella.” A string of tweets broke out after that, including an official response from the Chilli’s account.

Now, after a full day in which we thought the tense negotiations between the two parties were at a standstill, Joey has posted to confirm that Jim Cornette has blocked him on Twitter for the third time. He took to the digital airwaves to sing a musical tribute to the man all about how he missed their time together eating half-decent appetizers:

This goes out to my great friend @TheJimCornette who blocked me on twitter today for a 3rd time in my lifetime… I hope this gets to you 💔
You’ll always have a space rent free in my heart….. @Chilis @blink182

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) May 15, 2020

Cornette has yet to respond to Joey’s serenade, but it’s seemingly only a matter of time before the two parties interact again. Perhaps this time at a Smokey Bones or a Portillos. WrestleZone will be on the case for any future developments in what at least one now-hungry reporter is calling ChillisGate 2020.

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