Joey Janela Reveals Injury, Will Miss Upcoming GCW Dates

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Joey Janela Reveals Injury, Will Miss Upcoming GCW Dates

joey janela

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

It appears as if Joey Janela will be on the shelf for awhile.

The AEW star took to Twitter to reveal an undisclosed injury that’ll force him to miss his upcoming GCW dates.

“Unfortunately I have some bad news. I was schedule to wrestle Ninja Mac, this Sunday at Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) in Atlantic City, I’m going to have to withdraw from that match. I’m dealing with an injury, I’m not cleared by the doctor and we don’t know the severity of it yet and I think the same is going to happen with my match in Wyoming for GCW. It’s sucks, this sh*t happens, I’ve dealt with it WAY too much over the past couple years. But I’ve got some good news, I will definitely be in Atlantic City doing commentary this Sunday and I think on Saturday I’ll also be doing some commentary for the tournament of survival and I think the same is gonna go for Wyoming. Another bit of good news is I’m almost 85% sure that I will be in Texas and I will be cleared to compete against some young stallions. I think that Ninja Mac match will happen in July, we’re gonna figure out a rescheduling for that and sh*t happens, it’s wrestling and we’re gonna just keep on rolling. Let the summer begin, baby…bad boy summer!”

Regarding my June matches for @GCWrestling_

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) May 31, 2021