Joey Janela On His Goal For Bringing Back The Jersey J-Cup Tournament

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Joey Janela is reanimating the Jersey J-Cup competition this weekend. The winner of the competition will be crowned the brand-new JCW Champion. Janela himself will deal with Starboy Charlie in the preliminary.

Wrestling’s “Bad Boy” spoke to Jeremy Lambert for Fightful’s The Spotlight about his objectives for the competition and why he brought it back. It’s his hope that this will become seen on the level of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. You can check out highlights of Janela’s remarks listed below, by means of Fightful:

On the Jersey J-Cup: “It’s returning to its roots. It’s a huge competition, a huge offer, it’s a difficult competition. It’s the most frueling competition in wrestling in a long time. Normally, matches are expanded amongst 2 or 3 days. This is one day, 4 rounds. I’m batter. My back is smashed, my neck is smashed. Who understands. I might be out in the preliminary, I might make it to the finals. It’s the upper tier of Indie wrestling because competition. I believe it’s going to be a hit and it’s going to be something that individuals speak about like they discuss Battle of Los Angeles in a couple of years.”

Dealing With Starboy Charlie: “Starboy Charlie, he’s a hard kid, he was coming off an injury when I battled him last time. We got to do some tag group things in LA. This match is going to be a little various, it’s going to be a little harder for me this time due to the fact that he’s got his footing back in the ring, however you’re in New Jersey, you’re wrestling Joey Janela at the J-Cup. Anticipate a pounding.”

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