Joe Hendry On When He Will Return To The USA, Thoughts On ROH Keeping Him

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Joe Hendry On When He Will Return To The USA, Thoughts On ROH Keeping Him

joe hendry

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/James Musselwhite

Joe Hendry recently sat down with Frank Mandolini on the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast to talk about when he will return to the United States and what he thinks ROH is doing for his career.

Despite other UK talents being able to come to the US to work, Joe Hendry has not came back yet. Joe spoke on this by saying “If it was up to me I’d be on a plane or a boat tomorrow. It’s difficult because the borders are somewhat closed but the embassy can make exceptions and I believe we can make a strong case to make that exception. Here’s where you gotta get ROH a lot of credit. They’ve got this bubble in which everything is meticulously tested, everything is top notch, but to be that safe and precise everything has to be thought out and planned logistically, they have to go back and forth with the commission on who’s gonna be there, how long they gonna be isolating and all that. I don’t have any exact date on when I’ll be back yet, but my best guess is early 2021.”

Joe appreciates the fact that ROH has kept him under contract throughout the pandemic. Joe said, “That is a loyalty for me that will not be forgotten and will be reciprocated by the time I get back there. I might have not wrestled for them for a year. A year! How easy would have been for Ring Of Honor to just go ‘Sorry Joe!’ you know? Would have been completely in the rights to do so, but they go: ‘you know what? we got something here for you!’ and I appreciate that. It goes beyond money for me.”

You can listen to the entire episode below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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