Jimmy Uso On Jey’s Match With Roman Reigns: ‘I Would Have It No Other Way’

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Jimmy Uso On Jey’s Match With Roman Reigns: ‘I Would Have It No Other Way’

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Jimmy Uso appeared on a special WWE Clash of Champions Preview edition of WWE’s The Bump. He discussed his brother Jey’s match with Roman Reigns at the pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

On Jey’s match with Roman:

Jimmy: “The truth is, man, and I’m saying this from a real spot. This, they taking me back in time right now. We all going back 25 years later, we are going back to the play yard, we are going back to the basketball court where it all started at. A whole lot of trash talking, a whole lot of where these hands come from, how the Usos know how to fight and all that, all this comes from being within the age of five years old on up.”

“To see these guys go in there, I see, man I’m in childhood right now. But then it’s also crazy because we ain’t kids no more. We are not kids no more. So when Roman went talking about, ‘Yeah, imma whoop your a– like I did when we were kids,’ I was, like brother we ain’t kids no more. So I’m excited, I’m excited. To see these two, I would have it no other way.”

“Listen here, I know both of these dudes, these are the closest brothers I have to me, they’re the realest Uces I know. These dudes about to go in Clash of Champions, they about to go in that ring and the tension, all this animosity is about to show. This is something I’m nervous about. I’m so excited but I’m nervous. I think everybody out they element right now, especially me and my brother, but Roman, I think he got something, man, he always been that way. He gonna take it. Everything gonna be cool, but he gonna be just a little bit better.”

On Jey getting the opportunity to prove himself:

Jimmy: “I’m excited for Roman, I’m way more excited for my brother because we gonna see, man, he got a lot to prove, man. We gonna see where he stand at. We already know where the Big Dog stand at . This ain’t nothing new to him, he’s been under this pressure. But my brother, on one hand, he out of his element. So we gonna see where he dig down at and where he come from.”

On Reigns’ alliance with Paul Heyman:

Jimmy: “It kinda caught me off guard, I ain’t gonna lie because I didn’t hear nothing about it. You know, he was just gone and then he showed up with Paul Heyman, but it ain’t so wild for me because Paul Heyman has been around the family and he know talent when he see it, and he knows when it’s time to go. And I think Roman Reigns came back with an attitude saying it’s time to go. It just so happens my brother happens to be in the way at this moment.”

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