Jimmy Korderas Discusses The Dominik Mysterio vs. Xavier Woods Match Finish

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Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas took to Twitter with another one of his Reffin’ Rants following this week’s Monday Night RAW, taking exception to the roll-up finish to Dominik Mysterio and Xavier Woods’ match. He said,

“I get that this business evolves, but when did the most devastating finishing maneuver in all of pro wrestling become one of the simplest old-school moves of all time? “Going back to Monday Night’s Raw, Dominik Mysterio — who’s getting tremendous heat — vs. Xavier Woods, who’s still getting a great babyface reaction, had a pretty good match going on.”


He continued, “We get the obligatory interference twice by Rhea Ripley behind the referee’s back, leading to the finish. But my only issue was the finish was a small package, aka roll-up, whatever you want to call it. It’s — you know, what happened? They kick out of the 450, twisting, Burning Hammer Phoenix Splashes, but at the same time, why not when they have the interference, go right to your finish? It helps get the finish over.”

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