Jimmy Intrepid Goes In-Depth on His First Angle with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Wrestling

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Jimmy Intrepid Goes In-Depth on His First Angle with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Wrestling

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This is one more incandescent pro wrestling grappler!! I had a monumental huge feud with with uh lawler man in 77 and and um brother is tranquil going i could per chance per chance per chance dash to memphis now with the um and and pop it out however the wit with the the king and it but um yeah we we had one and and uh uh it worked uh it worked it worked .

First of all i went in he i was working for dick the bruiser in indianapolis and and uh uh jerry jarrett calls bruiser and says that um lawler is is uh um is um going to open up playing music now with jimmy hart he's performed all the pieces in pro wrestling that he .

Can he says he says up so he beat everyone um the week uh two weeks sooner than uh this uh what what he did is he's placing his belt up southern heavyweight championship belt for a round robin and then it’s going to be significant to heal from this set of living i came in they flew me in uh from .

Indianapolis exact for one day one night in memphis for the brown robin uh and and as well they flew uh uh uh bobo brazil in from detroit with the sheik they flew in uh jack briscoe from florida uh so four or five guys flew in plus they’d their frequent exact crew in tennessee and and for the coliseum and and as for the lawler's belt lawler wasn't there .

And it could per chance per chance per chance and whoever uh received the belt then they dash from there effectively they introduced in mr wrestling and and um mr wrestling god bless him he he was the one who was gonna uh i'm certain be the champion and and the mr wrestling i'm speaking about was dickie steinborn and and which was a monumental grappler man and .

and in set of living of uh uh um rubber johnny walker or or tim woods so this was one more mr russ and a exact exact hand and and um so um so so i am going in and oh effectively initially i despatched a a uh uh interview from indianapolis and and i i started speaking .

About hiya you all you healed billy tobacco spitting chewing wick elevating youth with the yeah yeah your young where's welfare your your trash this one horse town of memphis tennessee i'm from ny metropolis toddler the massive light the ny hiya i'm gonna reach in there and kick everyone's can man i'm gonna take .

That belt take it assist to ny you'll never stumble on pretty jimmy again oh and i exact attach all the tennessee of us down james oh i exact i exact drove him down exact exact exact oh hillbilly toothless and all the feeble hags and there's now not a graceful lady [__] huge of us exact no topic it had inexperienced enamel if you .

Had any enamel and oh i exact went on and on referring to the of us effectively here's the silly part i was born in tennessee of us didn't know i was born my my cousin and we reach from huge household my mother's side we have 12 uh brothers and sisters she did so peek the least bit the cousins i obtained there and uncles and ass and on my dad's side there have been 10 .

Because they have been all raised on the farm and i was born there and i'm a tennessean and and and i'm speaking about all these of us and placing it down and i relish tennessee man my of us there i was born there but so so but this is industry so i i despatched that in we um we overnighted and and despatched the tape in and as well they carried out that on that .

Saturday and sunday so monday's memphis now so memphis is monday and and here we reach in and and um two weeks sooner than this took set of living um lawler's beating everyone for the belt and and that's why he retires i will't dash no i beat everyone so i'm gonna open up playing music with uh with uh junior coronary heart and he saw he did a file and .

They're going to open up occurring the toll road so so two weeks sooner than that um huge name billy dundee he was the number two um most up to date huge name in memphis fair next to regulation effectively he attach up his hair uh he attach up all the pieces and now it came down to his hair against the belt and .

Reduced beat him all the pieces for all the pieces autos no topic he attach up and and and then um so so it was his fade against the belt effectively of us mentioned effectively he'll take now and and and every every week he's beating the lawler pillar to put up and and but lawyer comes out and and will get them a technique in so he beat him and he shaved his .

Head so billy dundee the the the their their number two most up to date most up to date the skills there could be we had a head shake effectively the next week the week sooner than i came and this is when lawler stopped we stop and attach the acquire up for the round robin um dundee puts his wife's hair up against the belt now of us mentioned oh now he almost beat him closing week and undoubtedly .

They're now not going to shave his wife beverly and her hair and and um so then they’ve the mad enhance enhance he's beating them beating them all all of a unexpected he slips in enhance does something one two three and as well they sit down down and shake her head in converse that's the regulation says i've performed all the pieces on this .

I'm going all fair so here i reach in now and exact for one it's exact for one one sec one one shot man all of us bobo and and and briscoe and whoever else but uh uh uh why why i declare that i comprise it was nicki steinborg was staying he was coming within the territory i was going assist to dick the bruiser my his .

Territory and and i exact came in for one night so i am going in and as well they attach me and and dundee on first um and and there have been so many suits and and uh um that uh all the pieces was a 10 minute closing date till the 2 last came in for the championship and then it was uh .

60 minute or no topic 30 minutes i don't know what it was sooner than the title so so because they’d so many suits so across the worry and if you misplaced you're gone but you return ok effectively they attach me and dundee and as well they recount me now this is that this is the tip top top .

Wrestler here he exact had his head shaved up and so i looked at him across the ring and i didn't know him and and um i've been up ny been up in every single set brother man for ghana awa and then wwwf and all that and and so i mentioned ok and that's frigid and i mentioned so i peek at him .

And effectively this is your top guy so what i'm is to me is victor bruiser stumble on i'm seeing my mentor or my guy from where i'm working and since i fly man i flew for so man i flew for dundee boy man oh man i did the gimmick with the coat wouldn't acquire it off and then pop up and then we started boiling he's been .

He's whopping me and i'm flying over the tip rope i'm man i'm selling i'm boy doing all the pieces then i obtained the warmth on enhance enhance enhance enhance at 10 minutes enhance bell rings so we went via called broadway we went via broadway 10 minutes so um um paul morton which is ricky morton rock and roll affirm his daddy .

He was the referee so he lower brings us to the center and it's a 10-minute closing date it's a it's a plan so he takes a coin he flips it and and he calls dundee calls and heads her tail no topic they looked at that that oh man he misplaced so he's exact he stays exact and i take so i take enhance enhance enhance i am going assist i you .

Ship me assist and i beat somebody else and bing bing per chance one more time i do know i gotta salvage one time i didn't desire to struggle one one of many circuits and finally finally i came assist um against uh uh uh bobo uh yeah vogbo and and and uh uh mr wrestling came assist against briscoe .

And these have been the semis initially when i came assist there i wouldn't have went that a ways stumble on when i came assist uh uh uh jerry jarrett pulled me pretty pretty reach in here acquire in here and he brings me in he says what's the possibilities that you would reach assist next monday because they bustle memphis tend to have a memphis coliseum every monday .

What's the possibilities you would reach assist brother next next monday and i says man you gotta focus on over with bruce or man i mentioned hiya i exact came in for one night he mentioned yeah i do know but what's the possibility i mentioned effectively the possibility is exact .

But you gotta happy with bruiser uh because i says he has nothing nothing ever uh uh uh occurring monday we don’t desire any no no card no no uh dwelling display on monday relish equivalent to you all have but i says tuesday at 9 o'clock i gotta be in in in annapolis and i gotta construct interviews all .

Day for our interviews that we we attach in interviews on every every town every metropolis for the bicycle dash round and um all them interviews and all day and and and i says uh but it's it's exact but you continue to you gotta happy with him he says ok in converse that's when they took a possibility that the bruiser's going to preserve exact .

And and and so i made it to the semi and i i beat bobo and and then uh um mr wrestling beat um uh briscoe slipped over a technique bob bob and i slipped over someplace in brazil and so we reach assist within the first match for the 60 or 30 or 45 times no topic it .

Used to be and and um so we're going we're going bang enhance bang bang ba no topic and and and finally someplace in a technique i don't know what i did i curved his ties and attach the photo on i don't know i beat him i cheated i beat him enhance enhance obtained the head and a boo and then i took the belt and i mentioned did you hear billy's .

There brother you'll never stumble on pretty jimmy again you'll never stumble on this belt i informed you i was gonna beat all you hate exact one two three relish nothing relish child's play man and then enhance and i leave effectively when i when i acquire assist and and i obtained the belt i'm their heavyweight champion .

And and um so i construct an interview for their next tv saturday they did live every second and and so i'd declare i recount them i says um hiya i modified my mind i mentioned this was fun man to reach to peek this all you hillary of us man and i says uh i'm gonna reach assist but as soon as more man and and um it .

Don't topic brother man um hiya hiya it exact exact it don't topic who uh and he mentioned effectively you're gonna struggle mr wrestling and i mentioned that's vivid hiya enhance i signed it i'll be assist but but this is it i'm now not coming assist no more brother in converse that was it so then lawler comes out and he says um .

Uh y'all he didn't even mention me he says yo um i'm gonna reach next monday and we're gonna sit down up uh within the assist the stage and i'm gonna dispute my sizzling original singles uh file with jimmy hart and the gentries and as well they’d the carver sisters macarthur sisters there and as well they have been exact young teenage girls from memphis .

Native local of us but they have been the truth is exact and and um they're gonna uh have him dispute his sizzling original song and jimmy hart and he's gonna dispute and and all this so so um uh at halftime it's gonna be a free live efficiency and and uh then then you definately you received't stumble on me again because i'm occurring the toll road and and with my file so so in converse that's exact so here effectively of .

Course the round robin sold out the route then this sold out and with lawler we're going to construct a free live efficiency and and and everyone uh uh man they have been exact at some stage in man yes because he was a heel shaving dundee's heading on but they switched them fair there and and now he's such a monumental well-liked and oh don't dash .

Jerry because he's been here goodbye he's the king man and and um so he did he's going to have the live efficiency and all that effectively exact as jimmy hart is initiating to warmth up uh hiya uh uh how are you you all ready for uh he's king are you all ready and this was in august fair after the truth is the the the king of .

Rock and roll passed away in in relish uh august this was 1977 in august and he was he passed the at night in august 17th so so it was about that time and and so but this is the king of wrestling are you ready to hear his sizzling original single and therefore he's almost obtained him the truth is popping but here i reach out so i reach out in set of living of the lawler i .

Purchased my shades on and as well they obtained the unlit lights all lined up man and then my hair is blonde and it's exact man it's exact resplendent it and and boy exact by season and for the time being uh james that they’d a genuine sizzling song out and it was by the gentry i point out if i acquire you it was by the uh um um it was called the you took a vivid time .

To leave me lucille by uh kenny rogers yeah for the time being ok and it was a sizzling song man he was the truth is sizzling and it's relish a hillbilly song stumble on i mentioned so i i mentioned no one wants to hear lawler announcing man and everyone wants to hear pretty jimmy from ny the massive bible announcing and i mentioned essentially i'm gonna .

State a hillbilly song for you y'all because you would't realize no diverse song and and and i became to the the the band and oh they're iced up and the miniature carver girls they exact oh man they're crying almost they're fried they don't know what to construct and the band don't know what to construct and i mentioned construct you all know uh .

Uh it takes a vivid time to leave me lucille and and and all by by that time here comes jared and here comes the protection and the memphis police and and and and everyone eddie marlin and everyone pretty this ain't your time this is laura's time you're easiest here to struggle so you're gonna desire to leave and and uh .

And i i spreaded my hair and my jacket and by my glasses and and i mentioned effectively i didn't desire to dispute for these hillbillies anyway yeah so so i was exact but silly tale that song you took a vivid time to leave me lucille the truck drivers veteran to dispute that .

They assuredly are saying you you took a vivid time to leave me loose wheel but anyway anyway so i am occurring off and here comes now now coronary heart the truth is pumps him up he's pumping hiya are you ready for the king are you ready to rock and roll in there are you ready for jerry the king and man they're exact going exploding and .

Right here comes the king out and bing bing and and him and coronary heart sung a song collectively and and then um and he was playing the guitar with hart and he's sitting on a stool and he attach the guitar down within the assist of the stool and and and i'm at the side wings looking out and and and uh then he mentioned effectively i must declare my original uh .

The most up to this level particular person that i exact did uh by my single and as well they obtained that revved up and as well they're the truth is rocking and and getting it going and and he starts to dispute and i reach running out boy and i kick over a couple of them uh huge uh uh issues with the the band and the uh .

Speakers the massive audio system i kicked him brother man and knocked over a couple youth man the the band boys oh the miniature girls that they have been exact thrown and i i yeah god bless them hiya one of them one of them finally married um jerry lee lewis the killer yeah yeah yeah yeah and managed them for .

Moderately a while when she was grew to became a lady but they have been exact miniature girls and and uh so i reach out and i grabbed the guitar and enhance i hit lower within the head and it exact exploded brother oh i took the neck and banging he's bleeding and part and and here comes the automobile here comes your .

Haircut and man and enhance and as well they acquire me out of here they obtained me out and oh my goodness lawler's laying there and all the mess and filming and and uh he says oh what what are we gonna construct if we gotta discover him we gotta but but they're now not gonna give a refund so the the message goes to head on so so .

Anyway i knew that so so i am going assist and acquire assist anyway i reach out the first match and all of a unexpected i beat them again and i declare i screw him a technique or the opposite and enhance enhance enhance i'm the champ and i says i'm going assist to ny toddler forget it all these guys man hiya this is rubbish down here there's no nothing nothing taking place here on this town for .

Soft jimmy so so then then i i did the interview and and i mentioned some he mentioned jimmy uh closing russell says you gotta reach assist but as soon as more you obtained to to to defend this title you obtained to and i mentioned effectively i barely beat this uh mass guy he says effectively he'll be somebody else we don't know who but um he'll be somebody .

And i mentioned ok i mentioned i'm coming assist but as soon as more and i mentioned and listen at me man this is it but as soon as more and i mentioned i don't care you would acquire mickey mouse or an andre the massive i don't care who you acquire i'm gonna beat him fair within the square and i'm going assist to ny and i and and what they’d construct with uh um as rapidly as the memphis was .

Over i'd construct that interview they'd shoot me simply to the airport i'd take the crimson scrutinize assist to indy so i shall be there to construct with interviews all day the next day declare so that they’d all the pieces covered for me and as well they fly me in there and there ok so so then all of your total display your total hour was who .

Can who can we acquire to beat him and acquire him out of out of here we're unwell of him we don't relish him he don't relish us we don't relish him and and so man they obtained all their huge stars there and as well they're throwing out all kinds of names from at some stage within the nation effectively and i obtained an open contract and .

It don't topic your total hour was spent who's going to struggle had some gymnasium and then i point out the closing 10 minutes out comes jerry the king regulation enhance he says forget the music i'm suspending i'm placing off this guy from all our .

Correct monumental wrestling fans here in memphis and this could dash to uh obviously indiana i point out i point out uh yeah indiana it'd dash into kentucky and dash to into missouri they dash into arkansas mississippi and this your total loop everyone's seeing this the mid-south and um so uh here comes regulation brother and and it .

Used to be signed tranquil delivered i reach in enhance promote out enhance and me and him we went on a six month every every every monday man i struggle them in all kinds of match you would recall to mind i point out uh from hair hide to to lumberjack to to uh a tar and feather you name it i don't care what model of match that comes in brother they’re going to .

Approach up with suits in tennessee i we wrestled and then we started doing tags and doing this and doing that and and i i was with them for relish uh six months man exact straight via and and it was exact the freshest part man ever ever construct so so i don't know the plan we obtained occurring this but uh it was a exact deal um uh and uh .

I exact went in for one day brother and and i'm tranquil going and uh lawler exact called he's obtained a some model of casino occurring in that and this but but uh i i don't i don't dash a ways no more and then and i mentioned kingfish i equivalent to you brother but but i'm exact staying shut shut to dwelling now i wrestled almost 60 years .

James and and i seemingly stayed uh half of my lifestyles truthfully um 30 years i slept in a resort so now uh me and my graceful wife angel we're in our dream dwelling and and i acquire to sleep every night it’s now not significant what so so i'm very very very elated you .

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Jimmy Intrepid Goes In-Depth on His First Angle with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Wrestling

Jimmy Valiant Goes In-Depth on His First Angle with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Wrestling