Jimmy Havoc Fined $10,000 By AEW For Using A Staple Gun On ‘Dynamite’

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Jimmy Havoc Fined $10,000 By AEW For Using A Staple Gun On ‘Dynamite’

All Elite Wrestling has announced they’ve fined Jimmy Havoc $10,000 for using a staple gun on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite in Indianapolis.

For those that missed it, Havoc procured a stable gun during the Dynamite Dozen match and went on to attack several of the participants after he was eliminated from the bout. In addition to the initial fine, AEW also says Havoc will face future fines for the same amount any time he uses a staple gun.

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This is not the first time since Dynamite debuted that AEW has taken action against a wrestler for their on-air actions. Jon Moxley was also reprimanded by the company after Dynamite in Pittsburgh when he took out his frustrations on Senior Official Paul Turner, which was not the first incident between the two. Moxley ended up hitting Turner with the Paradigm Shift after his match with PAC went to a draw. At the time of the incident, AEW warned that another violation of AEW’s sportsmanship policy could result in a fine and/or suspension.

AEW Management has reprimanded Jimmy Havoc for utilizing a staple gun on Wednesday night in Indianapolis.

Havoc has been fined $10,000 for his actions, and he will face future $10,000 fines any time he uses the staple gun. pic.twitter.com/bqX7M1ys1p

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) November 22, 2019