Jimmy Courageous Shoots on the Funniest, Smelliest, Hardest Drinker, Absolute top Jobber

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Jimmy Courageous Shoots on the Funniest, Smelliest, Hardest Drinker, Absolute top Jobber

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Right here’s one esteem marvelous wrestling grappler! Name affiliation uh it's a descriptor a sentence you correct voice me who finest suits that sentence that i provide you so wide hasty fire correct give me a title and the major one is funniest person within the locker room uh i wager bobby jaggers um they they acknowledged uh .

Uh he he they went as a as the um um uh uh how did out in nebraska what was it or uh he teamed up with uh finest man tale for the uh kansas city hawks jayhawks brother man i discuss to dutch mantel every month i end .

I end a uncover with him so i've uh i've got my dutch mantel files up a piece now oh you end you end he knows well bobby bobby jagger you know um the total promoters acknowledged well you know bobby he was methodology accessible man nonetheless he acknowledged he's accurate for the dressing rooms so so he would support the boys you know .

Entertained or laughing or or one thing going on generally so um i would issue bobby yeah man i point out you know goodbye accurate for the dressing room last man standing at the bar uh at the bar yeah is that what you acknowledged yeah hardest uh heaviest longest drinker .

Into the evening okay uh i would issue um standarm if truth be told i've by no manner heard the day earlier than this day oh man god you know you know uh most of the um feeble timers along with the the volkov the conventional .

No longer no longer the you know the uh on memoir of cleave alive from the 70s we correct lost um god bless him um uh you know he was nothing nonetheless helps you know accurate hasty james i acknowledged to myself if anyone is going to examine the century designate .

In our enterprise 100 years feeble um it's going to be three guys and we lost them all and i will be capable to't take into consideration it and number 1 was uh keller kowalski you know vegetarian correct spend it by no manner did medicine by no manner did drink by no manner did nothing uh nikolai volkov the .

The 2nd one no longer the one which trained me that broke me in within the within the within the 60s um uh he's announcing identical thing bellow and work out and by no manner drink no by no manner abuse his physique none nonetheless well being meals and the varied was bruno san martino identical thing ran worked out nothing nonetheless well being no no steroid he was .

One of many major james uh in in within the early 60s or slack 50s there's presumably a handful it is likely you’ll perchance presumably also depend them on two arms anyway on the earth that can also bench press 500 kilos he was one without steroids there was a colossal man named pat casey uh colossal man four or 500 pound uh uh wrestler and um i point out no longer wrestler nonetheless um bodybuilder or .

Weightlifter that that can also end it nonetheless nonetheless he was calm merely up and all that you know no longer like uh no longer now man that henry he was doing seven eight hundred or regardless of nine i don't desire their [__] impressed now you know nonetheless um nonetheless uh bruno and we lost them all singing and and all within the 80s 70s 80s and so it correct breaks my .

Coronary heart nonetheless um um uh the last man standing at the bar okay stasiak he would most of the of us the feeble timers repeatedly alcoholics i'm telling you i point out here is how we would end it every evening salvage a .

Six-pack save it by down or regardless of down by there and we'd drive or or or man you know guys would salvage salvage the uh you know um uh crowd royal man and and spend the tip off and form out the throw out the window and drive man and boy correct drinking like a there's a quart of beer or one thing and regardless of your thing is they don't drink .

After which finally within the um you know 70s 80s then here comes the medication and here comes there there's steroids there comes extra steroids even within the 50s 60s nonetheless it was correct dianabol that's all that they had nonetheless now then that they had all the pieces nonetheless um last man stands unheard of on memoir of he would drink .

I viewed him all evening and and i'll voice you he'd drink and kick again boost yeah last man standing at the bar unless he fell down and when he fell down well well he was dwelling he was dwelling he carried him upstairs and spend him to mattress after on memoir of we'd repeatedly drink you know they’d uh you know at the um resort or at the lounge the put apart we stayed .

I'll provide you just a few extra then the smelliest wrestler who by no manner washed their tools oh my goodness um i wager the pig man um he was the sheik's uh uh bodyguard and um .

Worthy cat man uh and and he he was uh his um you know he would protect the shake he drove him nonetheless um yeah and so that they call him pig man and and uh for one lunge motive he extinct to come out with a pig nonetheless he smelled like that pig and uh yeah i checked the gospel man and .

Uh you know uh he was correct um provocative on the babies he didn't are attempting to examine no young kid salvage in his enterprise and he was provocative on him man he was uh yeah that's a shame the uh the most attention-grabbing enhancement ability slash jobber uh .

Doubtlessly um yeah like i acknowledged and and i'm no longer knocking brothers on memoir of here’s what we did years ago i was a chopper and and and i was very fortunate to to no longer to be labeled to arise and salvage out of there early and and uh correct merely dwelling merely time and and and .

True hasty uh sooner than i voice you this um who uh accurate hasty um after they they they took curiosity in me and it was vern ghana and dicta bruiser on memoir of they were partners in chicago as i acknowledged each tvs would fade in chicago illinois and would lunge uh uh half the boys were from bruisers territory in annapolis half the boys .

From ghana's in minneapolis and uh once a month would promote it out correct like madison sq. backyard you know nonetheless it wasn't that giant nonetheless it was the amphitheater colossal colossal uh and that was a colossal colossal event and and um once a month nonetheless nonetheless um uh um uh oh oh each of them bruiser and ganya as they're gonna they acknowledged we .

Gotta end one thing with this kid he looks accurate he listens we like him he's going to be accurate for us and for the enterprise and and nonetheless he says here i’m i'm accurate lean you know i i'm correct naturally you know i got my wrist man you know my my legs like a racehorse .

In my ideas my ankles you know and and um so i i wait now i'm accurate lean i weigh what i did in excessive college write this i'm 80 years feeble brother i weigh what i did in excessive college i save on the identical jeans identical size pants levi's you know and and 34 waist and 34 size brother you know i'm lean man on memoir of i'm pure now why lift all .

That around with you and i got so basic arthritis and joints and all the pieces and so white white carrying that around with you so i correct correct end what i end and and um eat what i desire and and and and i i correct here is how i i i was intended to be you know i had the four avenue he's they .

Said jimmy you purchased the tip i was six two three you know and now i'm you know i shrink down and change into older nonetheless he says um you you you purchased the tip you purchased the peep you're accurate having a peep got tremendous hair you purchased tremendous physique nonetheless nonetheless they are attempting to examine colossal of us they don't are attempting to examine you know .

Of us study on memoir of they're attempting for tickets you know have to you're colossal as them they are attempting to examine colossal of us in that ring and television makes you looks higher for and clearly after which even at the dwelling uncover you peep bare on memoir of you're up higher and so that they're sitting decrease and you're in that ring and the lights are on you and your man grazed up and you know the shrimp one .

Oiled up and man the sunshine's displaying so so that they says you purchased to accept weight so i started four-lunge i didn't know the draw to full it james uh you know at that time i comprehend it's all a science now all the pieces's food regimen and i was eating so i started power-feeding i'd eat six sandwiches for lunch every day i would oh i would make certain i'd salvage a gallon of .

Milk in my physique every day a dozen eggs in my physique every day and i didn't know you know and it was um correct most of the nasty stuff doing nonetheless i obtained weight after which i got colossal and and and i made it you know fortunately nonetheless uh going serve who was the most attention-grabbing jobber um that um uh what was the the .

Yeah yeah who was the jobber that you enjoyed working with the most who salvage save you over the most attention-grabbing yes yes and and here is no longer ample i love this man and i'm gonna voice you and and it's a dawdle man and he's my brother he's a christian and and correct like i’m and and uh uh uh and he he's got his non-public shrimp uh .

Wrestling firm for years and he's made his living and and it's uh number 1 george mr george south george powell's brother good day he went he went uh i had a match with flair on tbs went all the draw in which thru the sphere the superstation uh with ted turner's once we got that within the 80s and and toured a house down and um brother he's my boss i work for him i .

Aloof work for him man he i love him he i i test with him every per week on the e mail stuff i don't know the draw to flip the contemporary thing nonetheless angel my beautiful companion does she does it and he or she hits it for me and and uh you know if we discuss james ever it's coming from me nonetheless she's typing you know all that nonetheless um yeah yeah and i'm .

No longer knocking no brother good day he made a tremendous living and raised his family and and he persevered working you know and i was here this day he started and i'm calm with him and he's my boss i work for him man you know you know i i was uh on the colossal time uh jade for like 25 years after which i i i correct .

Started one other total contemporary occupation of the self sustaining i've been on self sustaining longer and i was colossal time you know and i was within the total greatest territories on the earth brother and and uh nonetheless now i've been here 35 40 years you know regardless of almost 60 years of wrestling .

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Jimmy Courageous Shoots on the Funniest, Smelliest, Hardest Drinker, Absolute top Jobber

Jimmy Valiant Shoots on the Funniest, Smelliest, Hardest Drinker, Greatest Jobber