Jimmy Audacious Wrestling Shoot Interview

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wrestling stories from Jimmy Audacious

These wrestling match are tidy!! This week on over the guard rail i take a seat down with the boogie woogie man the actual person from big apple city jimmy mettlesome all licensed uh so jimmy you were neatly-known for attending vern ghania's neatly-known wrestling camp .

Uh i've heard a variety of stories over time out of that camp from numerous guys what was as soon as your interior most trip yeah yeah dc you respect uh to start with brother i are attempting to thanks for having me on uh over the guardrail you respect and uh .

Man hey i'm a astronomical fan of yours brother man you respect i listen to you when i every likelihood i win man you respect uh and and uh i'll picture you something you follow it brother follow it you you received colossal company and a colossal show conceal and uh you're doing it all man dc and uh hey i'm honored to be on uh and uh but uh you respect um yeah i i .

I was as soon as there but i was as soon as now right here's your total deal you respect uh for some reason uh the account did win out that uh he educated me and and he undoubtedly didn't i indicate he educated a variety of colossal guys man i indicate talking about slaughter man i'm talking about the flare .

Steamboat man you respect i i'm talking about oh my goodness i indicate he fair uh on and on you respect uh with the astronomical superstars that he did and and and naturally uh uh cosgrove uh versetti you respect which is which is uh the iron sheik .

You know he helped he was as soon as one of many coach billy robinson one of many trainers and and naturally uh vern himself you respect and uh yeah it was as soon as a complicated yelp man uh uh but i was as soon as already educated and and i fair bolt over there and determine a shrimp bit and uh uh you respect to additional myself i indicate uh .

Uh but but via the years and and uh uh lend a hand out a shrimp bit and and be taught uh a shrimp bit core you supreme you respect you proceed dc to be taught i indicate man i started wrestling 1964 and and right here is my farewell tour and uh and undoubtedly i didn't win too much work on this one year thanks to uh .

What's going on but i'm no longer complaining man 56 years lacing them boots up and uh and i've had over 10 000 suits drove 4 million miles on united states of americahighways getting to their suits so so you respect i had moderately a occupation and god's appropriate and and um i'm no longer complaining one bit .

Um but um getting abet to vern um um i did um bolt in there uh i'll picture you exactly how this came about uh the volkovs um educated me um and and i'm no longer talking about cleave i'm talking about nikolai and boris volkov the distinctive now they were hot within the .

40s 50s and in into the 60s you respect they sometimes were undoubtedly uh on high of the realm you respect these are the distinctive volkov brothers nikolai volkov and and the iron sheik you respect abet within the 70s and and when they teamed up the 80s and when they teamed up uh i'm no longer talking .

About that nikolai volkov i'm talking about the distinctive his title was as soon as steve gobb and and um and uh they were they educated me they sometimes educated me out of digicam city illinois licensed out of chicago and i was as soon as raised in hammond indiana a long way north as you might well presumably win licensed there on .

The ocean i indicate the lake michigan ocean is worship ocean man but uh you respect one of many colossal lakes but uh but um um i was as soon as so in relation to chicago i would possibly well be downtown loop of chicago from hammond indiana man you respect because we're licensed on the illinois line uh in one half hour i .

Would perchance be down within the loop you respect i indicate licensed down within the industry fragment you respect in in uh 30 minutes brother from chicago and um but but um anyway um they educated me they sometimes sent me the bruiser and uh and uh and the wwe and and this was as soon as um uh in indianapolis and .

And after which indubitably bruiser uh i fair a young kid doing jobs on tv man you respect you respect fair how you originate out that's how we originate out and it's no longer now man now they build superstars you respect uh but but uh then right here is how you needed to return up and um and uh so so there wasn't that many .

Wrestling college when i started in 64 ghana didn't gain a school you respect at that time you respect that that came about later yes yeah that came about uh in within the early 70s or or yeah early 70s when he started college so so i was as soon as already you respect working and .

And and uh but he sent me to bernganya um fair as a young kid and and and i’d bolt in there i snatch the converse man from chicago you respect at gargantuan stag or gargantuan central web yelp online chicago and on on um uh uh friday evening and dr and and and the converse 400 miles you respect to to uh from chicago to uh minneapolis .

And that i’d i’d uh rush the converse all evening prolonged brother and win off and win there and and uh have interaction a cab over to the um uh you respect the the the um the resort calhoun we did tv licensed there in that resort and uh i build tv and after which that evening .

He both had a saint paul working or minneapolis so so i build tv after which i build in annapolis and and he'd give me 75 now right here is abet within the early 60s man 75 now mid 60s 75 for for tv 75 for the home show conceal that's 150 dollars .

Now i was as soon as working of a job in and and and and i was as soon as making supreme a hundred and uh uh three one year dollars or something worship that or a hundred dollars a week you respect was as soon as making three dollars an hour man whatever that came out to and and a .

Minute over 100 a week and so i would possibly well build that in finally after which i'd have interaction the converse abet saturday evening pressure licensed your total manner abet all evening prolonged but again i indicate it was as soon as a complicated shrimp weekend but i made for my family i made that better than .

In a single day uh indubitably you needed to head you respect work twice and rush the converse 800 miles but i did that and after which then i worked 40 hours at uh at a peculiar job you respect and that's fair how it was as soon as abet then and that's how we did and that was as soon as colossal cash and um .

Yeah i indicate that that's undoubtedly astonishing but uh i would possibly well search why you wished to push ahead and and proceed a occupation in real wrestling uh as as you're seeing contrivance more cash doing that than a peculiar job oh my goodness you respect and right here i are attempting to picture you too what uh dick the bruiser urged me he says uh as soon as .

I originate neatly no longer no longer supreme did he ship me to vern ghana to construct tv sent me to uh uh astronomical time wrestling in detroit with the sheik and and uh the distinctive sheikh and and and uh and i'd build jobs there and and work tv after which he sent me to uh sam mushnik in in in st louis you respect .

And would build with wrestle at the crawl one more resort but that's where they did their wrestling and tv uh taping and and uh so so you respect i was as soon as uh you respect licensed there licensed there i would possibly well fair yelp chicago but from hammond indiana chicago and and licensed from there it's worship uh 300 miles .

To detroit you respect 400 miles to minneapolis uh you respect i would possibly well be in st louis and 350 miles so so i was as soon as centrally situated and and i'd bolt and i'd work every weekend you respect that's how i started after which you respect sheik started giving me a couple of home exhibits and .

After which because they started liking you and also you respect you you're working exhausting and also you're learning on the job that's how on the total uh you respect i was as soon as taught because there wasn't that many faculties in actuality when the vote calls broke me in they didn't gain a school .

Man you respect i worked at uh at the fitness center and and uh you respect they worked available they sometimes they picked me up there and and says man you ought to construct that man you're young you're appropriate having a secret agent received fine hair appropriate physique you respect they're telling me every part they sometimes worship me and also you respect i wasn't a .

Gleaming guy uh um dc you respect and and uh uh you respect didn't focus on i knew in any appreciate i knew i did i couldn't tie my sneakers brother and i came up the licensed manner and i was as soon as i was as soon as very uh you respect indubitably respectful and uh i'm respectful this present day .

I indicate uh you know it fair so came about you respect so the folk came for me it fair so came about now there's no longer too a variety of them left and also you respect i'm up there you respect and each person's having a secret agent at me but however the yelp is i'm respectful for for the young americans you respect i received a wrestling camp right here in charlottesville virginia .

I've been coaching and me and angel we opened up in 1991 and um 92 i'm sorry and and september and and so we nearly been there 30 years 29 years and and the yelp is i'm respectful for my young americans man hey whenever you you respect you someone snatch you up over .

Your head the uh dc brother and and slam you down brother hey you received to grab that bump you respect and uh you snatch someone off the road uh you respect of their center age and and also you build that to them then every part interior would bust you respect you gotta you gotta you originate .

Out you gotta situation that and also you gotta you respect your physique your your interior out of doors your your every part you respect you you might well presumably fair gain to converse worship that uh but right here's what bruiser said after which i'll enable you to chat yeah i'm worship brother i'm prolonged-headed but i fair i'm so .

Infected being right here with you and and um and uh yeah you build it doing you respect over the guardrail and and however the bruiser says to me he says um when we started out when i started out then he started giving me home exhibits and bruiser dick the bruiser i'm talking about you respect .

And uh the realm's most harmful wrestler and i focus on he was as soon as on high of the realm you respect in within the 60s and 50s he was as soon as the freshest healed man within the on this planet within the nation man you respect and uh hey he even received banned from big apple and uh i was as soon as gonna ask you about that .

Yeah oh you bet yeah i'll picture you the account but but right rapid right here's what he urged me he says jimmy because because then sooner or later you respect i started working you respect undoubtedly stout time fair wrestling i quit my job and .

And you respect fair it wasn't prolonged you respect and since he was as soon as taking me and sending me all over but he was as soon as my significant boss dick the bruiser was as soon as and and he says don't awe what you build in terre haute or build uh you respect over right here at this uh .

But any other location show conceal he says um he says uh you respect because hey hey we'd win seven buck payoffs we'd win fifteen dollars and hey one time i received two dollars and fifty cents you respect for a payoff and but but he says at the finish of the week at the finish of the week .

He says then attach and search what you made so in numerous phrases he's telling me within the midst of the week you respect uh it would possibly maybe perchance well uh you respect fair smaller exhibits and and and right here is how you respect he paid and needed to pay and and uh but he says but what he knew is every saturday .

Either in annapolis i'd be at uh a hammond indiana was as soon as a colossal and that's why ray's was as soon as a colossal colossal show conceal uh and and a appropriate club and or i'd be within the amphitheater now the bruiser and vern ghana they both sent tapes into they were companions supreme uh club they were companions and that was as soon as .

The astronomical show conceal in chicago chicago illinois and and so at that show conceal man you respect you you might well presumably build your your hey a hundred dollars you you respect i indicate opening up you respect so so in numerous phrases you're gonna build your hundred dollars uh initiating .

Out i'm talking about preliminary man i'm fair initiating out so you didn't build a hundred that evening and that's gonna build the week because that that's what you made all week at work so so the rest of the week whenever you received seven dollars whenever you received thirty dollars whatever man is gravy .

On yarn of you'd finish up with presumably a 150 155 you respect 175 a week and and uh so it was as soon as colossal it was as soon as colossal you respect but that's what he urged me yeah and and i never forgot it he said don't awe what you're getting paid tonight fair attach at the test uh you respect or count it up what you build at the finish of .

The week because he consistently knew that saturday you respect i was as soon as going to construct a lick that i would possibly well uh you respect that i’d made at a peculiar job you respect the leisure was as soon as gravy yes and also you know it was as soon as it was as soon as colossal that you just had someone worship dick the bruiser .

To bring you up and more or much less meant to you worship that and also you furthermore brought up your college that you just lunge down there and um you respect lately i've been staring in any appreciate these wrestling faculties pop up build you feel that um you respect presumably a couple of of the .

It's being deluded despite the reality that a shrimp bit bit with out a longer having guys worship dick the bruiser and americans worship your self in any appreciate these coaching services and products to undoubtedly pass on the legacy of real wrestling to these americans yeah yeah very appropriate quiz uh d.c you respect um .

What we build right here at uh boogie's wrestling camp and uh and we're in virginia charlesville virginia and and uh bear in mind is the establishment i received a hall of status museum right here and in actuality fair right rapid while i i received you under i are attempting to invite you i are attempting to invite .

Each person listening uh and i do know right here is going around the realm man uh uh to return any sunday we're supreme open on sundays k four hours fair four hours i desire you to return be my guest there's no payment there's never no payment we received hall of status right here i received a .

Museum and search the young americans converse and also you might win stout win admission to to your total compound you might well presumably bolt to your total constructions including my yelp of work my every part's huge open i indicate the doors are open if you win right here and it don't label you a dime in .

And and fair approach and be your guest angel and myself and and and uh uh it's from 12 noon we started at 12 noon engaging and we we shut the doors at four it's four hours a week that's all we're open and for the rest of the time brother you .

Comprehend it's fair as soon as a week it's 52 weeks a one year and and i don't care if if the sunday calls in but again and but again it has within the closing 30 years nearly 30 years um is christmas fell on sunday but we're open because we're we're there 52 sundays a one year it doesn’t topic what mother's day father's day .

Of direction they're consistently sunday so so we're open so we never close we never closed angel and i stay licensed on the compound right here and all we received to construct is solely stroll up man open the door i'm consistently there at 11 no topic where i was as soon as that evening sooner than man i drove .

You received right here at 11 11 o'clock and fair went straight up and and opened up man you respect drove all evening you respect from memphis or or from you respect chicago or or wherever i was as soon as uh the evening sooner than arkansas mississippi it don't topic 12 hours brother .

Power after you wrestle and uh and i've done that you just respect eternally and uh but um uh but anyway uh yeah yeah fair test out jimmyvalley.weebly. and and or fair fair google jimmy mettlesome man hey the wrestling camp is the establishment man he'll approach licensed up you respect fair .

Factual put fair jimmy mettlesome you respect or otherwise you respect my web living is um i requested my web living jointbounion.weebly.com and and naturally my electronic mail is jimmy mettlesome outlook.com so so uh but or fair fair put jimmy mettlesome in and uh and the camp will approach out the .

Handle whatever so it's all free guys approach be my guest and search the young americans and war via the museum and the the uh you respect hall of status and um and uh fair i received hundreds i indicate hundreds of photos and to your total constructions we received six seven constructions right here .

You know uh that we built and and uh it's uh undoubtedly uh we call it the boogie land man i'm telling you you comprise you had an amusement park or something it's undoubtedly fine and um colossal but um yeah yeah you might well presumably surely count on me making that day out as soon as uh as soon as issues open up right here in unique .

York but again you bet you horrifying brother man yes sir and at big apple i fair esteem big apple and uh man you know it's fair a disgrace uh you respect but uh hey we're all guys young americans and uh hey it's gonna approach abet and uh it's going to be huge open and it it's going to happen .

You know for uh the United States because uh hey we're we're the greatest uh nation on this planet and and um and uh it's all going to be after after the elections man so much politicking there but uh hey and it don't topic who's in there hey the United States's received to shine man and it .

Will this can this can yes sir yes sir i believe you yep so at the same time as you were there in uh with dick the bruiser in wwe is is that genuinely uh where the mettlesome brothers were born with the crew of the mettlesome brothers it was as soon as it was as soon as and i'll picture you how that came about uh .

D.c um um at that time uh uh bobby heenan uh they call him stunning bobby i was as soon as pleasing jimmy and as a alternative of the boogie woogie man jimmy mettlesome and uh which uh half my occupation i was as soon as a horrifying guy strutting around blind muscle tissue you respect fair uh it has some jimmy .

Audacious and and so uh lovely boy bobby henan sooner than that was as soon as sooner than he was as soon as the mind and he went he was as soon as attempting to head to vern ghana uh awa and uh and and so bruiser at the wwe he says you're going to gain to interchange your self you respect with .

But any other high hill uh sooner than you bolt so so you respect he's talking to me and and and we bear in mind but when bruiser ran opposition uh in detroit in opposition to the the the sheik i was as soon as with bruiser bruiser was as soon as my mentor worship comparable to you said and i i said and and he consistently .

Saved me under his hover and the yahweh took care of me and and so uh i was as soon as his guy and and so that they went in uh uh uh um the sheik ran to kobo hall and we ran the olympic uh auditorium there and uh in in in detroit and and um and every so usually joe lewis arena we ran but .

That was as soon as the the significant one but we would lunge as soon as a month a astronomical show conceal and and and uh we would consistently preserve over uh me and and bobby and and uh uh arosky and the baron and and uh ernie land stayed a couple of occasions with us and and we’d bolt the next morning .

We'd bolt all the most realistic doubtless contrivance via uh into ontario uh london ontario uh into canada because you're licensed there you respect licensed right here within the windsor licensed there i indicate you respect from detroit you fair war via the tunnel via customs and and um and and and also you you war via their their border patrol and .

And and bolt licensed into canada uh after which we pressure to london ontario and work for the have man so so we would build that within the summertime and um because that's when they did your total have man did his uh supreme summer season because we .

We would he would wrestle to your total hockey arenas and and uh so so london was as soon as his astronomical show conceal and uh undoubtedly drew appropriate and so we would bolt in there and and uh as soon as a month and and uh so he would bring his gain crew in to work within the territory every of .

All summer season and he'd usher in some girls and and midgets and and also you respect gain uh you respect four about ten of the boys and the astronomical boys and and and so we bear in mind uh a astronomical appropriate having a secret agent blonde kid there bobby says bear in mind the reality that child and he went as john john l .

Sullivan then and uh and uh which his right title is uh is thomas sullivan that's his right title sullivan and and um so so uh i said yeah man yeah fine kid man yeah and he says uh neatly i'm thinking uh you respect presumably we can uh .

You know win a have interaction of him and produce him in as your brother that's bobby bobby's notion because he's attempting to to leave uh bruiser to head to ghana and and and so so he's undoubtedly you respect undoubtedly thinking and attempting to interchange himself so he can win out of there and and uh so so indubitably i'm satisfied to preserve i stay .

Objective there in hammond and i'm home and uh many speedy journeys and it was as soon as a blessing and and and uh so so uh so we contacted um uh where we ran it by bruiser and and also you respect about this kid and also you respect and uh and the astronomical blind kid after which he says he .

Says k he says uh i said i do know he's from pittsburgh you respect and i do know uh that um uh bruno uh uh educated him you respect and when i said that uh bruiser boy his ears popped up and and he says oh man because a brutal of a bruiser's .

Wife um d.c uh was as soon as an staunch italian her title was as soon as right and he or she was as soon as italian and he or she consistently begged a bruiser to bring bruno she wished to meet him so horrifying bring bruno into the territory you respect or for images you respect hump him in and and and so so what an .

Opportunity so so bruiser picks up the phone and he calls bruno and and he requested about this kid john l sullivan and he said oh yeah yeah sully yeah i you respect yeah i helped the kid you respect to converse them and a few and that that that they sometimes both lived in north .

Hills in in pittsburgh and and um and uh so so that was as soon as his boy and he says neatly i'm brooding about making a mettlesome brother teaming up with a nice jimmy and and uh bobby and and me we came we said we received to title them and we came up with delectable johnny .

Savory johnny pleasing jimmy and and lovely boy bobby now bobby's staying he's gonna uh you respect uh be our manager for so many months that's the deal after which he would possibly well leave you respect and and um he spoke back what one year was as soon as this roughly .

This was as soon as what the dead 60s uh no no this was as soon as 1970 let me search um three seventy-three um yeah reason i ca i went in in 72 and and uh it will were 72 but i went in and and i was as soon as a single and they sometimes you respect i teamed up with each person you respect we had an staunch appropriate uh right appropriate .

one year there and after which um um uh you respect pepper gomez meant cowboy bob ellis was as soon as there uh uh you respect um uh we we had ivan koloff and i fair mentioned uh a astronomical cat ernie ladd and uh we had uh you respect indubitably baron von roska he was as soon as a homesteader .

There in in bobby hey we we had we had moderately a pretty a a roster and and uh so so we were doing colossal we was as soon as doing colossal industry and and when he known as um and yeah we stayed together 5 years me and johnny and let me search because .

We we uh 77 we left um we left in 77 from frisco and and johnny says to me says um uh was as soon as there nine months and he says man i gotta bolt home i says uh he says i don't know we can hook abet up in in six weeks or six months but i gotta he's having some family complications of .

Route you respect we're gone your total time and we were together better than you you respect we were family and took care of every and every numerous but we were together better than we were with our right family which is a disgrace but that's how that's our industry but um but anyway so so we were together 5 .

Years so he approach abet abet yelp 78 you respect seven six 5 four three yeah yeah it was as soon as 73 because 72 i was as soon as there on my gain he came into 73 and um so so um um so so so your total yelp your total yelp was as soon as he known as uh uh bruno and and and requested about the kid .

And says yeah yeah yeah and and he was as soon as there and bruno was as soon as working pittsburgh been right here a shrimp bit territory and he says neatly i dangle to uh bring them up and uh you respect crew them up with pleasing jimmy and and and uh because the mettlesome brothers and and and uh .

Bruno loved it because he knew he was as soon as going to win a atomize because he heard you respect what more or much less industry we were doing and and and all this and and and uh he knew uh you respect he would be on high and and and uh you respect he hasn't gotten his atomize but you respect and and this was as soon as his astronomical atomize and and .

Then and what dick was as soon as concerned about was as soon as bruno coming in for images search so so the dale yeah he is all businessman and and so the deal says we'll bring him in and uh but uh you respect we desire you to return in for images and .

And we'll win them uh mettlesome brothers hot you respect put the belts on them and after which me and also you can will uh build a program with them and bruno loved that you just respect and loved to give johnny the atomize and and uh and and bruno bruce's partner reno was as soon as satisfied because she's gonna meet uh bruno and .

And he's gonna approach in for you respect images for the next six months and uh you respect and and so it fair worked out colossal man and and um yeah you respect what we talked right rapid um d.c we talked about johnny uh fair he was as soon as never on tv man and we started .

Speaking about him uh uh for 5 weeks me and bobby hey wait till you search the price of you respect the pleasing jimmy's brother delectable johnny hey there's no distinction within the 2 you respect hey excluding hey hey pleasing he's no longer delectable he's fair pleasing and .

Savory he's no longer pleasing he's fair delectable and also you respect he's he's astronomical blind he you respect he's a he's a wrestling machine man and also you respect whatever we fair put him over delectable johnny's coming delectable johnny no one's ever viewed him you respect we didn't even show conceal photos .

And didn't show conceal no tapes of nothing we fair talked about them and and the significant evening in uh we went to the expo in indianapolis and we and the realm champions then the label crew uh wwe was as soon as um uh wilbur schneider and pepper gomez and and so we walked .

Down the aisle the significant time together the mettlesome brothers and we beat them for the title with bobby and and walked out and and brother you respect years ago um uh dc uh we would win paid every evening you respect cash you respect .

Every evening that that's how we did the uh our industry and and uh and and and and that that evening uh he bruiser handed him a thousand dollars i indicate he sold out brother man a thousand dollars and and he had never in his existence viewed cash worship that and and he honestly cried man he he cried and .

And it fair meant it fair you respect god bless the actual person and and um he was as soon as fair so you respect provocative for it and looking it and it came about and and and uh man we we we received purple hot after which brought the uh brought brought the you respect uh bruno in and uh we teamed up with them .

Uh in opposition to the bruiser and and we had images all over oh it was as soon as fair unreal and and uh appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate appropriate after which we went me you respect we had a 5 one year lunge right appropriate and that's where it stopped and um when he went home after which i went on and that's when i went into .

Memphis that was as soon as 77 august of 77 i went into memphis from uh um bruiser's territory it's comparable to you're you're reading my quiz checklist right here you you went licensed into memphis which is allowed where i was as soon as going oh comely yes yeah that's a appropriate account too uh .

Since the um uh jerry jarrett calls in and he says uh to a bruiser he says uh we're fair having a secret agent for a hill to hump in uh uh lawler is uh uh giving up his belt because uh he fair beat each person and also you respect within the on this planet and he's uh attempting to .

Now build music with jimmy hart and uh they sometimes were fair bringing jimmy hart in our industry and and and uh so so the the attitude was as soon as that he was as soon as fair putting his belt up and and uh for a spherical robin and and and whoever wins the uh spherical robin tournament one evening .

Tournament uh you respect is going to win the belt after which lawler is uh is gone you respect he's gonna fair originate singing and since he's done every part he can in real wrestling and and all this so he they're talking this up so that they says he says who build you might well presumably fair gain a appropriate .

You know what the heels and he's neatly we received coal off a astronomical purple you respect and also you respect rosky and had some jimmy and uh and and uh on this so fortunately brother he says neatly hey i went pleasing jimmy you respect and and and uh so he heard of me or .

No topic the deal i've never met him and never been there and so so um i i i build an interview and i was as soon as i i was as soon as elevating him in indiana you respect we moved up uh when i was as soon as two years primitive from tennessee and and i was as soon as born in telehome at tennessee and .

And and so i sent an interview he said neatly him ship me an interview and they sometimes fedex the interview available they sometimes performed it that saturday sooner than the monday show conceal and i'm talking about your total rednecks and and rick rays and the tobacco chewing and .

And you respect you respect uh food stamping and also you respect i'm fair knocking all these hillbillies man from tennessee i says one horse city memphis is a one-horse city hillbilly you respect and and right here all my family my uncles man each person's in .

You know is nonetheless in tennessee but i'm no longer yelp to connect man worship i'm from big apple city you respect and pleasing jimmy's coming in and if this one evening spherical robin tournament i'm gonna snatch the belt and i'm gonna snatch it abet to big apple and no one's gonna ever search me but again because uh .

Hiya i fair obtain belts man i'm fair going on and interviewing and and and also you respect i worship tennessee man you respect that's my home man and my cousins my my uncles aunts each person you search each person lives there you respect and and and on each and every facet my mother and pa you respect and we fair came about to .

Pass up you respect and i was as soon as born in 1942 and and so in 44 we moved up because my father we had 5 or 5 young americans i was as soon as a toddler where i received four older sisters and he went to be part of the military and he said and the recruiter says his title was as soon as jim too .

And he says jim what number of uh young americans you might well presumably fair gain at home he said i received 5 and he said you bolt home that's where you're alleged to be or that's where you belong he wouldn't even let him be part of because you respect each person's attempting to be part of you respect thanks to pearl harbor and every part .

You know happen and and it offers me chills licensed now man and my dad you respect we had a shrimp bit farm and there's no cash and so he needed to head up north worship every all so many southern males went up north and uh you respect d.c to to to uh you respect .

Feed their families and and that's what he did and um man he took a converse and went up there and received a job you respect and my dad went to Third grade he couldn't be taught or write and but he was as soon as a stable uh a abet farmer you respect and and they sometimes esteem the southern boys you respect within the .

In the cars you respect making cars or or the steel mill because they would well win that day's work on they were workers what so so that they merely loved them uh when they came up from the south you respect and and um he received a job and at ford motor and and uh indubitably that within the midst of the war .

They're no longer making cars in 1944 they're making you respect numerous stuff for them you respect the jeeps or whatever their tanks or i don't know what they're making they're making stuff for our war and there was as soon as no cars made for 3 or four years and and and but it surely's all that but but but uh .

My dad and dc says i i gotta bolt home win my family and and and um so so so uh he had a vehicle he sold a vehicle in three weeks and man you you might buy a vehicle a hundred dollars then you respect after which he came and received us and and packed every part up and boost babana's abet and anyway so that's why i .

Modified into as soon as raised there so i'm knocking all these guys so so going abet right rapid to what came about was as soon as i was as soon as fair there for one evening they flew me in um they flew um jack briscoe in uh they flew uh uh bobo brazil in uh they flew uh uh jesus .

Who who who they’d deliberate coming into territory was as soon as uh mr wrestling um dickie steinborn now he he was as soon as a mr wrestling too i do know tim woods was as soon as and i do know johnny walker was as soon as you respect rubber man they were mr wrestling too but this was as soon as dicky .

Steinborn and and he's right appropriate hand so he was as soon as the one who they were going to place the strap on and and so first match uh or second match or is the significant lunge of the yelp i focus on is second match presumably they put me with the the number two big title their uh neatly-known particular person billy dundee and .

Dundee um was as soon as the actual person because lawler was as soon as leaving and and and also you respect so i went out with dundee and naturally they don't are attempting to damage him and and but they wished to win him out of there and so we went 10-minute broadway your total manner via the bell rang and .

And and the referee which was as soon as paul morton and that's uh rock and roll that was as soon as ricky's daddy and referee and he flipped the coin and i received the the the the flip and and so i came abet and done the .

You know uh was as soon as out of the tournament then i came abet and beat someone else after which i received a bye after which i i had uh i came abet in opposition to uh uh uh um briscoe and and and uh slipped over after which came abet within the significant event uh and the very closing for the strap was as soon as .

Towards dickie steinberg mr wrestling he was as soon as under a white hood dressed all in white and and he was as soon as the supreme guy and uh so i screwed him man i received the belt and uh and and uh because how how that came about was as soon as as soon as i wrestled dundee we tore the home down .

Man you respect because he was as soon as so hot and and i was as soon as uh you respect fair an staunch chicken i indicate you respect be i'd beg but i'd strut around and neatly i'd sucker them then after which i'd win warmth man and also you respect and and we tore it down man we fair fair .

Kicked the can as soon as i came abet uh ben there there's a the charities approach right here approach right here he says pleasing pleasing are you able to approach abet next month some monday they ran every monday and i says um neatly neatly uh you received to consult with a bruiser you respect he's my boss yeah but what's the potentialities you might well presumably approach .

Wait on you respect because he needed to construct a willpower on you respect if they're going to place that strap on me and and i says neatly i would possibly fair nonetheless picture you the reality i says um likelihood is acceptable because bruiser dick never ran nothing on monday we started tuesday morning i said i .

Gotta be abet tuesday morning to construct interviews all day you respect and and that's how we build our interviews every tuesday monday we were off sunday sunday a variety of sundays were off uh two and uh however the mondays were all manner .

Off and i said it's appropriate but you gotta test with him he's my boss and he says neatly neatly i i i i'll test with him i says amen we're gonna snatch an opportunity man will you approach abet are you able to approach abet and i search if he says yes i'll approach abet and and and so he went with it and um .

So i received the belt after which i did an interview sooner than i left never was as soon as on tv that sat but they performed it abet and and i says attach hey i don't care who you usher in i said uh i'm gonna provide you all hillbillies one more shot at this i says i'm going then i'm going abet to .

Fresh york and i says and i'm going to grab the belt and also you'll never search me but again so hey i don't care who you usher in mickey mouse or andre the huge man i says bring someone in give me some opponents man you respect i'm fair knocking these hillbillies and .

And going on so so i leave after which lawler comes out and don't yelp nothing about the belt nothing about me but he says i'm going to return abet next monday and placed on a free concert and he was as soon as over worship a million dollars indubitably yeah a free concert you respect and and uh for for your total fans that every and every person the .

Wrestling fans and it's the closing time you're going to connect me and and so within the midst of the intermission so so in numerous phrases we're having all our suits and i received a return match in opposition to uh steinborn mr wrestling and and um and the significant event uh and right here is the .

Southern heavyweight uh uh strap and and and the lawler's gonna build that concert so um so i i um within the midst of within the midst of the good and cozy-up sooner than they create lawler up uh uh jimmy hart you respect he starts uh you respect warming them up you respect crowd and he's saying neatly he's saying a .

Few song reason he he he would possibly well deliver and he's fragment of the gentries and all that they sometimes they deliver that a million buck picture brother lift on dancing and uh it was as soon as colossal man but uh so he's serving to him with the music and uh years later he helped me build two or three records and two .

So however the yelp is that this time so lower they're they're gonna pump lawler up man and and fair fair as he starts to level hey are you all provocative for the king i strut out man i received my glasses i strut available and i said hang on right here man no one needs these .

Hillbillies they they don't are attempting to hear law or sin they are attempting to deliver and right here it has some jimmy deliver man you respect and and i says i'm worship singing a hillbilly song in actuality and and they sometimes're booing me they're throwing stuff .

Up there on the stage you know it and and and uh where we were and uh this was as soon as the memphis coliseum and and and and so so i grew to turn out to be to the band and i says uh in actuality the band that was as soon as the gentry's there and and uh they’d the carver sisters backing up and and i says .

Hiya uh uh build you respect this hillbilly song it was as soon as right hot out uh at that time kenny rogers fair came out with a song known as the um um you picked the magnificent time to leave me lucille certain and uh yeah yeah yeah and and so that it was as soon as hot then and and and i said i'm gonna deliver that .

Hillbilly song to these americans and they sometimes're bowing and bullying and and and man they they iced up because you respect they they didn't know what to construct and the carver sisters they merely made they didn't know what to construct you respect and i'm fair taking up the yelp so sooner than anything came about right here comes uh jared .

And right here comes eddie marlin right here comes the protection and the police and so and jerry jarrett says pleasing this isn't your yelp right here is lawler's yelp he says you're right here supreme to wrestle within the significant event so you're going to gain to leave or we're .

Going to search out you now and and i said i didn't are attempting to deliver for these hillbillies anyway man you respect and after which i shredded off worship i strutted on and and patting my hair after which you respect and they sometimes're booing and oh then when i left they they're they're .

They're cheering you respect yeah you respect so so i'm gone and and right here comes right here comes uh lawler on and um he sang one song after which he was as soon as provocative he says neatly i'm gonna deliver my unique hot one my unique my unique one who i fair fair i made no one's ever heard it but and .

And he was as soon as getting that yelp warmed up there and and so so so he's sitting on a stool there and and he locations his guitar down so i approach up fair as he starts on that second song him and jimmy hart and and brother man i'd shoved jimmy down i grabbed that guitar man and .

I hit lower males within the high and that yelp fair exploded you respect fair broken 100 objects i indicate all over and i put the boots saying you respect man i'm i'm man he's bleeding he's you respect after which boost boost boost after which um right here comes your total police right here comes your total .

Each person and and but again and and uh you respect brother i search them and i nick up man i win out of there and and um so uh man they they snatch lawler and oh man oh man jimmy a variety of our youthful listeners doubtlessly don't realize you respect abet then the crowds largely didn't know that it was as soon as a work and .

Having someone comparable to you approach in saying you're from the north and also you're within the south and doing something worship that i indicate you might well presumably inclined to in a roundabout contrivance finish up in a insurrection oh oh brother oh you bet you respect and uh uh we fair we did so much uh uh together there at uh for the significant uh six months uh .

Man memphis was as soon as selling out every monday and and and also you respect you respect you're licensed or licensed you you respect you are trying to grab the folk um licensed licensed to uh that level but you never are attempting to hurry because whenever you win a insurrection then you're going to uh americans's going to win hurt no longer supreme the .

Wrestlers you uh or or or or the the fans are going to win hurt throwing cheers is is a horrifying scene and whenever you build you're going to kill the city and and kill it uh every so usually it never comes abet so you gotta snatch them licensed to .

The nearly the level of uh madness man after which you gotta cleave it off man you gotta you respect give them that immense blow off you gotta you gotta build them you respect take a seat licensed down and or fair originate cheering the assorted manner uh because .

Um it's never a appropriate yelp you're licensed you're licensed despite the reality that uh oh hey hey it was as soon as worship the the young young americans don't know now you respect americans when we came out because the hills man i indicate we received booed man there was as soon as no yay we had a couple of americans that loved us indubitably but uh you respect they they were shutting up man .

They didn't are attempting to win worked over there within the crowd man you respect however the supreme guys yay man you respect now that you just respect they approach out and i'm no longer knocking this brother because i appreciate males you respect what they're doing now and and uh because you respect you gotta change .

With the occasions and uh and and and the yelp is is that the you respect right here comes a appropriate guy yeah yeah he and the horrifying guy yay every so usually boo boo whatever but there was as soon as serious with us hey hey i had i needed to veil my vehicle you respect um .

Uh i indicate i never had a vehicle that wasn't key you respect unique vehicle or males if they knew where i parked hey they would atomize my windows cleave my tires i couldn't exit you respect i couldn't build anything with my family you respect .

College i couldn't bolt to church with them i couldn't build nothing with my daughters you respect as a hill because i didn't desire them to win teased i didn't desire them to you respect gain a exhausting time you respect americans uh lustrous who their father was as soon as and and and um .

You know i picture them to merely picture the college that if they ask you respect what's your father build or whatever hey he's a salesman he's out of city so much which i'm a salesman there so you respect and and uh but but uh it was as soon as serious man you respect i received cleave brother man .

Hiya hey they're attempting to burn me with cigarettes and throw hot espresso on me beer you respect this fair going to the ring man imagine getting abet out identical yelp you know it was as soon as subtle man to be a heel uh it was as soon as serious stuff you respect you received to trip these um these colossal feuds from each and every facet .

Despite the reality that with lawler and dundee you received to play the heel um but you had one of many assorted greatest rivalries with uh paul jones where you certainly received to be the the hero the toddler face you bet you bet yeah the boogie woogie man i reinvented myself within the .

Early 80s and uh grew to turn out to be the boogie woogie man and uh you respect i regarded around and there was as soon as uh so many uh blondes you respect you respect you respect flare and also you respect one more nature boy bunny landale and uh uh yeah you respect they were all over and a appropriate having a secret agent and .

And that i'm aging and and uh so i started the beard and also you received to be numerous you respect that's your total yelp uh licensed there they are saying you respect you received to be numerous and i'm thinking what else can i build to be numerous you respect approach out to music so i was as soon as one of many significant to return out to music .

And and i did that worship in 1971 i came out madison sq. garden you respect with the gargantuan wizard managing me and uh and um stunning bobby we've teamed up there for some time and we were the significant to return out and i'm no longer talking about our stunning bobby .

Bobby eaton uh this was as soon as bobby harmon and the distinctive mr uh stunning bobby and and so we came out to music after which i remembered that search so now uh ten years later uh you respect right here would possibly well be 81 83 80 yeah 81-ish and after which i says neatly uh .

I bear in mind the reality that music let me approach out to music so i talked to crockett then you respect let me approach out to music and uh and uh they went with that and and uh then i says uh what else can i build i says man i'm gonna approach out dancing i'm gonna approach out hugging kissing and i don't care i'm more young americans .

A girl man child uh grandma grandpa a bling white blue purple dismal inexperienced i don't care what who they are what they are man i'm going to kiss him and and who who who kisses americans you respect neatly who needs to no one you respect i'm doing this to be numerous .

The music you respect the music will win you going man the music will will you respect win you up and and dancing and slapping and and stomping your feet man and and so it's a natural and i came out the you respect boy from big apple city man and i'm .

Hiya the significant time i they put me on tv with that they sent me away for six weeks and says are you able to develop a beard i said yeah man i yes and i so he said throw the razor away so i i started an staunch prolonged beard and and uh and the boogie woogie man and i gave that i gave him my gain title .

Boogie wood because they didn't they did one pleasing jimmy they sometimes didn't desire king james they didn't desire none of my numerous names and however the jimmy mettlesome you respect caught and and i said how about the boogie woogie man he said k and would possibly well i approach out to music they sometimes agreed to that .

And that i didn't picture about kissing and hugging and all that dancing but i did that and the significant time on tv that music hit and brother and i came out and i urged the fellows i said don't flip the music off man till i fade out they sometimes left that yelp smoke reason i i i'm .

Factual gonna bolt a minute man and i went in there brother originally i bolt your total manner via the crowd up at the bleachers fair on tv kissing man hugging man oh fair freaking i'd bolt to the the desk i kissed the david crockett i'd kiss tony savanni and and i kissed you respect each person and .

And after which i jumped within the ring brother and they sometimes're they're talking saying and the bell is ringing because i don't even close i fair started you respect uh doing stuff fair worship a hill man i i'd pull their hair i fair i you respect and they sometimes'd worship for me you respect yeah no no .

I fair i did every part rush him within the comprise goose him kiss him i'd build every part and and shoot him in give him an elbow fall the elbow fall that immense bomb every part in a minute one two three the music's nonetheless playing i'm abet licensed away i screwed out i return .

Up all the most realistic doubtless contrivance via the crowd boost boost boost and without observe i fade and americans at home what on this planet what was as soon as that it was as soon as worship a twister what was as soon as that they never viewed nothing worship it and and the significant uh program uh first uh the astronomical attitude i had was as soon as with uh ivan koloff and um and and uh i received to picture you this .

They are saying right here is comic because i i started the significant show conceal you respect they they were fair attempting out they sometimes let me uh be on tv uh without seeing you respect viewed me any place you respect for roughly three or four weeks and we plugged nothing but uh .

On a friday evening we plugged uh we we our first my first shot was as soon as in lynchburg virginia and and uh it was as soon as at the the sector the significant uh uh the mainstream arena i indicate i indicate uh uh national guard armory on significant road and it was as soon as substantial it was as soon as the greatest armory you ever viewed i indicate bleachers it .

Modified into as soon as substantial and and and when we received there and and um uh i wrote up with uh uh johnny weaver and and and uh and and weaver says uh he already knew he says uh he said right here is gonna be the greatest home that they've ever done kroc has ever done right here we received there and .

That line was as soon as your total manner around and we received there early you respect to you respect win provocative and every part we're over early and that there was as soon as a line your total manner all the most realistic doubtless contrivance via the block man you respect downtown and and um so so it was as soon as it was as soon as appropriate from the originate it was as soon as fair a .

Pure no one's ever viewed nothing worship that and uh because it's numerous you received to be numerous you respect and and that's your total deal licensed there and uh you respect you mentioned something right rapid uh d.c i was as soon as fair going abet and and .

And he's talking about um you respect uh if the distinction is uh if uh whenever you don't uh build that or that um it's no longer worship the primitive days or whatever worship at my camp at the at boogie's wrestling camp hall of status museum licensed right here in charlottesville virginia what i build is i educate primitive college but i educate indubitably the unique college too .

What you're doing now but however the reason that i i educate all my young americans the primitive stuff man telling that account and more wrestling and and and and uh you respect than what we're doing uh what they're doing in wwe now and and and elsewhere you know it is uh that that if .

I don't educate that my to my young americans it's going to be a misplaced art work you know it's worship whenever you're whenever you um family whenever you're in case your mother in case your grandmother didn't pass down this one recipe to your mother and and and he or she made that for your loved ones she was as soon as raised on it then she passes that appropriate down to her .

Daughter after which she does the identical yelp and he or she'll pass it appropriate down to her daughter and if they don't proceed passing that recipe down then it's going to fade and your loved ones you respect received't know that one stunning dish .

I'm fair doing this as a you respect evaluation of analogy of if i don't educate the the primitive college the storytelling of this match and the most realistic doubtless contrivance we've done ours then this can even be a misplaced art work search so my young americans win the actual of both worlds and naturally we're doing what they build and .

We're doing this we combine it up man you respect but they they might be able to build it all and and uh and uh it it works it works and uh because you said uh you respect earlier you respect he says neatly these guys uh the the more moderen guys are no longer doing educating that and this and that what we build right here we build that huh .

Yeah and also you're exactly licensed you respect ought to you yelp occasions change and also you received to change with the occasions and that's proper in any industry in entertainment or any place else but uh you build must preserve that and also you respect that's something i'm certain you're colossal at educating you respect i was as soon as staring at .

Uh the match with between you and paul jones uh after he had shaved your beard and also you brought in astronomical mama and her hair was as soon as on the road and also you respect that match at this level was as soon as 30 some routine years ago 35 years ago but ought to you return and also you search it you you might well presumably even be fair as into it this present day as whenever you were there staring at it stay you .

Comprehend it felt worship there was as soon as that much importance to it you respect by the manner you guys would promote and also you respect your your manner of marketing and marketing is something i consistently particularly worship the manner that you just sold yes sir yes you're licensed yeah exactly and and .

It ought to you respect what what worked uh 30 years ago what worked 60 years ago you respect you respect i've been within the industry 56 years and and i i’m able to i’m able to bear in mind numerous angles numerous uh uh applications that uh would work this present day you respect hey they they work they work .

On yarn of uh you produce it and and also you you respect interviews are so well-known you respect and and uh indubitably uh the suits and and since you received to bring them abet but but you respect to to win the folk out of their their their their pleased uh .

Straightforward cheer you respect they're sitting in that that immense rocker man and and also you respect they would gain a budweiser or they would gain you respect a ham sandwich or whatever they're doing and and right here is on monday evening search we wrestled uh seven days a week you respect uh uh .

Right via the crocus within the 80s uh you respect uh uh d.c i i wrestled seven uh uh i wrestled uh nine occasions a week i'd wrestle uh seven days a week so that's as soon as after which twice on saturday twice on sunday because um on saturday we needed to construct tbs tv .

After which um after which uh after which then what we build is uh wrestle at uh uh uh indubitably that evening would hump elsewhere that evening then sunday we'd gain afternoon show conceal after which an evening so you respect presumably would be in um asheboro north carolina after which would possibly well bolt to .

Savannah georgia you respect hump in there for that evening show conceal and so nine occasions a week would work and uh and uh yeah yeah you're exactly licensed brother yes sir yes sir and i indicate your dedication to the industry over time has .

Has been colossal and uh if i'm no longer flawed i notion you said initially place of this interview that right here is your farewell territory uh tour so uh i dangle you're you're nonetheless be entering into the ring a couple of more occasions neatly if uh if it breaks uh my closing match .

Is booked it's in uh uh bristol uh tennessee and and uh for for uh uh uh um uh all real wrestling and and uh self sustaining and and uh they we we we build a appropriate appropriate yelp there they received an staunch appropriate shrimp arena there and we jam it and and uh that's gonna be my closing uh .

Final shot that is booked but i've had all these but i was as soon as booked and i was as soon as so lucky because you respect the observe received out and uh i supreme had two angel i had two or three weeks honey sooner than you respect yeah that wasn't booked and and this uh took over i did work uh uh january and february after which after which .

All the pieces stopped you respect i indicate you respect the the governors received't enable us to construct nothing and and uh which is uh you respect you bolt in conjunction with the opinion and there and and uh so yeah yeah if it breaks earlier i don't focus on this can but uh by uh after uh you respect the elections and that november .

Is the second whatever it is that if when they're our first tuesday in november we we vote and um hey it's going to loosen up till the next one year but um no no i'm fair satisfied i received't i'm no longer working that much there but uh it's all appropriate .

Hiya hey uh i'm fair um so uh um i all i are attempting to construct now uh you respect is is a dc is be a goodwill ambassador for this uh occupation that uh has been so appropriate to me you respect elevate my families and and and uh you respect i received a sublime partner i've been along with her uh 30 years now and uh angel and and .

She she man we don't our we we've never had an argument i picture americans that they sometimes are saying oh approach on now boogie man i said no this gospel we ain't received time man she's she's fair worship me and fair laid abet kicked abet you respect and .

I i talk about this in my autobiography i received a ebook hey and i supreme received worship 5 conditions left and uh i'll be done with it and uh right here is my second edition that we um printed and um it was as soon as uh colossal and more uh uh revised than uh better better we added i focus on 12 more .

Pages and it's nearly 600 pages males's coronary heart abet brother weighed three kilos and i picture him dc i says um it's known as whoo messy daddy welcome my world the jimmy mettlesome account and i picture americans to raise you two copies man put one in each and every hand and .

Factual determine with them man and yeah hey yeah fair strive it out man at jimmyvalley.weebly.com and uh and also you'll search that and uh and your angels uh she does the the wrestling where you respect she she's had that uh industry uh since 01 and he or she .

She does robes man she's received singles masks at capes you respect trunks you respect prolonged ties you respect anything you respect she does it all and he or she's undoubtedly appropriate at it and and uh so uh we're going to proceed that and naturally to proceed the .

Uh our camp right here in charlottesville and uh all you received to construct fair google jimmy mettlesome man every part will approach up and hey man i received farewell t-shirts and i received every part whatever you are trying to raise man fair bolt to the store man licensed there and speak you something or approach by and win .

In particular person and also you respect any sunday 12-4 and but again now please approach and and there's no payment and we originate at 12 noon build at four 52 sundays a one year and uh fair be our guest angel myself jimmy there's as we wrap up there's there's so many .

Issues that you just're in a place to pass on to your students there at the camp but uh if i needed to issue to you you win to pass one fragment of data on to these students to strive to also you respect show conceal them how how you've had this longevity within the true wrestling industry is there one fragment of advice .

That you just might well be yelp consistently follow this certain you bet you respect uh fair um um snatch care right here is your industry right here is your existence how how on this planet would possibly well a particular person build anything i indicate even working a meal man for for 56 years worship i gain within the sq. circle and and uh your total .

Thing is uh that um um you respect you you might well presumably fair gain to know one yelp is to uh who to give your physique to and after which who to guard from and uh you respect you you you'll be taught that you just respect where ought to you win hurt a couple of occasions and uh and uh you'll know that and and and which i .

Possess and and uh uh you respect you fair i you fair received to um um know that right here is your industry and right here is your you how you're going to construct your living uh uh you respect no longer no longer stout-time would possibly well because uh what you are is a uh weekend uh warrior .

Which i are attempting to picture you man i was as soon as on the astronomical time half you respect 30 years uh and and the assorted nearly 30 you respect i was as soon as uh self sustaining worship the rest of the boys you respect and i fair um um done this and and uh yeah yeah .

Factual uh you respect um uh fair uh snatch care of uh your opponent snatch care of your self and and uh you respect uh if you win a recognition uh of uh you respect uh going available and and uh fair putting on a appropriate show conceal brother man and and uh uh you respect uh .

Now not undoubtedly uh you respect killing these young americans man you respect and and um then each person needs to work with you each person needs to uh ebook you you respect each person and and all you might well presumably fair gain is your observe consistently offers your observe you respect hey hey man i i don't need no contract hey i .

Shake fingers i don't need nothing brother man you respect because uh that you just might well be count to your your uh both fingers in in 56 years the the the images that i've overlooked you respect and when i overlooked it wasn't my fault man it was as soon as both no storms or otherwise you respect .

Something something irascible with the airplane tools you respect and i fair can't win there you respect and i strive i'd proceed attempting till i exhausted every manner attempting to win there to the shot after which you respect hey you .

Did every part you might and and also you respect your observe give give them your observe and uh that's what you received and uh bolt in conjunction with it and proceed it and also you win a appropriate recognition because it precedes you you respect and um uh honestly uh i'll picture you you respect don't have interaction no .

Grudges man i i’m able to provide you so much of you respect fair my advice you respect i don't honestly gain one enemy or abominate someone i i worship each person hey you respect i gain a prayer that i yelp you respect d.c daily you respect thanks jesus reward the lord god trek to all and i indicate i'm talking .

About god trek to all i'm talking about my family my my blood family my wrestling family and your total world you respect god keep up a correspondence to all and and and uh you know it's fair uh something uh where now now there would possibly well be a thousand americans .

Don't worship me on this planet but there's no no one i don't worship i'm telling you i forgive and i don't gain a one one enemy in my coronary heart and uh and i've had americans build me irascible and and uh you respect hey i fair i'm very .

Uh you respect cordial to hey i ain't doing brother man yeah but uh you respect i fair uh search them and um i don't build too much industry with them you respect don't strive i fair uh hey stay and let stay and uh uh now there would possibly well be a variety of oldsters don't but but .

I attach at it hey that's their place you respect i indicate because it's no longer mine it's no longer i'm no longer going to be uh you respect sweating it i'm no longer they're going to win upset i'm no longer going to haven’t any observe stress or no um uh uh fear or or or otherwise you respect uh uh .

Over nothing brother you respect because uh too much too much that that's the killer man you respect and um hey that's the actual yelp i’m able to picture my americans you respect and and i i picture my young americans at college at my wrestling camp you respect hey i've already lived my existence you respect now it's .

Your flip build your dream approach proper you respect and i'm there for that you just respect i'm within the wwe hall of status and and and i'm so pleased with that but i'm pleased with that i helped that via uh you respect i received the ring and i i show conceal and and picture the folk because i'm attempting to lend a hand my young americans you respect .

And even though i didn't gain the camp then i'd appreciate with it but i'm undoubtedly pleased with it because uh it's something that uh you respect they approach and and and we can undoubtedly educate them licensed you respect the licensed manner and and um undoubtedly gain uh the licensed licensed deal and and uh .

These young persons are only comely they received so much appreciate and and uh you respect and and uh the the the licensed licensed type of oldsters that uh you respect is available doing it licensed you respect and and that's that's your total yelp dc neatly i indicate these are colossal phrases of wisdom and uh you respect one of many issues i worship .

About this show conceal is solely as you win to pass on to your students um you respect the the previous of real wrestling i dangle to place out these stories that you just respect guys worship your self approach on right here and picture so that we can pass on to the fans that passed of uh real wrestling because it's well-known to preserve that going as .

Correctly you bet thanks so much thanks for having me too and uh man hey i fair are attempting to close with man your shrimp interview with uh with your americans listening and all i’m able to claim is message daddy boogie worker man undoubtedly feel appropriate i'll picture my americans my brothers and .

Sisters don't you dare omit one shot one show conceal of over the god neatly with dc my brother for existence man god bless you all esteem you man esteem you dc esteem your americans i worship real wrestling man and but again i all i are attempting to construct is solely be the goodwill .

Ambassador for the rest of my existence man because it's a colossal occupation and uh hey attach me up man fair google jimmy mettlesome brother please brother and please uh dc approach out and search the advice of with uh some sunday any sunday and uh and the rest of your company .

Please sir i comparable to you brother thanks for having me man thanks jimmy mettlesome hall of famer jimmy mettlesome this has been over the guard rail jimmy thanks so much
I be wild about item, because they are the handsome!!

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