Jim Ross Responds to CM Punk’s Critical Comments about AEW: “Seeking Positive Outlook and Progress”

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Former AEW World Champion CM Punk shared his thoughts on his time in AEW during an appearance on “The MMA Hour” podcast earlier this week.

Jim Ross addressed Punk’s comments on a recent edition of his “Grilling” podcast. He said,

“I saw a snippet of it. I didn’t see the whole thing. Again, my life, this has been a great weekend health-wise. That’s what I’m focusing on. I’m tired of all the negative news, all the bad news, and all the controversial stuff. It’s enough is enough. I think I mentioned to you, how much barbecue can a redneck eat? I’m tapping. Let’s move on, here. We got everybody’s point of view, we understand. No matter what anybody says in an interview, it’s not gonna solve the problems. It’s just, we’re gonna continue to wear that son of a bitch out.”

Former AEW World Champion CM Punk recently shared his thoughts on his time in AEW during an appearance on “The MMA Hour” podcast. This sparked a response from legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross, who addressed Punk’s comments on his own podcast, “Grilling.”

In the snippet of the podcast that Ross saw, he mentioned that he didn’t watch the entire interview. He explained that he has been focusing on his health and trying to avoid negative and controversial news. Ross expressed his fatigue with all the negativity and controversy surrounding the wrestling industry.

He humorously compared the constant discussions and debates to a redneck eating barbecue. He stated that he is tired and ready to move on from the continuous analysis and opinions. Ross acknowledged that everyone has their own point of view, but he believes that interviews and discussions won’t solve the problems at hand.

Ross’s response reflects his desire to shift the focus away from controversies and towards more positive aspects of the wrestling world. He emphasized the importance of maintaining good health and avoiding unnecessary stress.

CM Punk’s comments on his time in AEW have generated significant interest among wrestling fans. Punk, who is known for his outspoken nature, shared his thoughts on various aspects of his experience in the company. While Ross did not delve into the specifics of Punk’s comments, it is clear that he wants to move past the negativity and focus on more uplifting topics.

Jim Ross is a highly respected figure in the wrestling industry, known for his long career as a commentator and talent scout. His podcast, “Grilling,” provides a platform for him to share his insights and opinions on various wrestling-related topics.

Overall, Ross’s response to CM Punk’s comments highlights his desire to shift the narrative towards more positive aspects of the wrestling industry. He believes that dwelling on controversies and negative news does not solve any problems. Instead, he encourages fans and industry professionals to focus on their health and well-being, as well as the enjoyment that wrestling can bring.