Jim Ross On If AEW Has Political Issues, How Often Tony Khan Chimes In During Commentary

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Jim Ross On If AEW Has Political Issues, How Often Tony Khan Chimes In During Commentary

Jim Ross

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

Recently, All Elite Wrestling commentator and legendary wrestling figure Jim Ross spoke with TV Insider, where he spoke about a handful of topics. The discussion touched on whether or not AEW has political issues, how Tony Khan chimes in during commentary, and how he’s been getting used to not traveling during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check out some highlights below:

On AEW’s politics:

It’s refreshing with AEW. It’s entirely different from what I’ve been accustomed to because it’s very nonpolitical, intimate. The atmosphere that those in charge create is one of positivity. We laugh, have fun. We’re just a bunch of wrestling fans that are finally getting the opportunity to really express our voices.

On how often Tony Khan chimes in during commentary:

I love doing commentary, and since I started in October, I’ve heard Tony Khan on my headset maybe two or three times to remind me of something. Not to correct, don’t say this or that. Just information.

On the recent lack of travel:

It’s been really cool. It makes me feel younger. I enjoy going to work. I’m not flying right now going places because Tony wanted me to stay home because I’m in the high risk group. I appreciate his concern, but it doesn’t mean I’m not contributing and helping out when I can. It has been a blessing in JR’s life.

This is a whole departure for me for someone who has traveled forever. I’m detoxing in that regard. AEW is going to continue just fine. We’re building some nice momentum and have been before this virus hit. I know we will step up again because these young creative minds never rest. They don’t have political issues like with this guy winning or that guy winning. I really love chemistry. That’s going to make this company successful in the long haul in my opinion.

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