Jim Ross Comments On Tony Khan’s Effective Leadership In AEW

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At the recent Starrcast convention during AEW All Out 2023 weekend in Chicago, IL, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on what it’s like working for Tony Khan, the effective leadership of the AEW President, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On what initially drew him to AEW: “Enthusiasm. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it never changes to any degree, which I admire him for that because he’s been in battle and challenged, and unnecessarily so. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s paying everybody a good wage to work at this company. More of us should be thankful for that. It sure as hell beats the unemployment line. I’m not as in dire straights as some of the young guys with families and mortgages. My family is grown, they’ve left the next. I don’t have any mortgages.”

On the demands of leading a wrestling promotion: “Everybody wants to put their own fingerprints on their team. Don’t look at this roster as anything other than a team. That will answer a lot of your questions, ‘what would I do if this happened?’ If you’re putting it in a team perspective, the answer should come very easy. They really do. I had a philosophy, and I’ve said it many times, if I can’t solve your problems after doing all I can to solve it, between the two of us, the only option I have is to eliminate it, and I ain’t leaving. There you go. That’s the reality of it. Your ass is out of a f**king job. Figure out how to pay the mortgage and your girlfriend’s boob job. All those things have happened under my watch. That’s how it works. You deal with people based on how they present to you, you try to deal with the problem quickly, and solve it. Don’t overthink it, solve it. Sometimes that means giving a star bad news. Have the testicles to make that presentation. You don’t treat everybody alike. If you do, you’re a fool. ‘Everybody is equal,’ bullsh*t. They aren’t equal. They’re not close to being equal.”

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