Jim Ross Believes Revolution Was The Best AEW PPV Yet: ‘Much More Than Just The Pyro’

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Jim Ross Believes Revolution Was The Best AEW PPV Yet: ‘Much More Than Just The Pyro’

Jim Ross

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Jim Ross admits he may be biased, but he does believe AEW Revolution happens to be the best PPV they’ve had yet, non-explosive ending notwithstanding.

On the latest episode of Grilling JR, the voice of AEW gave co-host Conrad Thompson a brief review of the show and believes that if you’re going to assess Revolution just based on that ending, than you may be digging a bit too deep in the mud.

“I thought the show was strong except for that miss on the pyro at the end,” he told Conrad. “If 30 seconds at the end is going to be your sole and only criteria folks, of whether you like this show or not, whether it was a good show or not you might be over-analyzing just a little bit because all the stuff leading up to that I thought was strong. I thought it was strong.”

Ross notes how frustrated Moxley and Omega were at the end of the night because they were well aware of the rain cloud that uneventful explosion poured down on the memorable main event they put on.

“All we’re talking about is not their work, not their effort, not what they put their bodies through: the malfunctioning pyro becomes the story and to me, that PPV is much more than just the pyro, the gimmick at the end, but that’s just me. And I’m biased too, I just have to admit. I work for AEW. Tony Khan takes care of me I’m happy to be there, but somewhere along the way we gotta be objective. It was a failure, a pyro failure. I don’t believe it was a wrestling failure whatsoever, not even close. So other than the pyro situation, Conrad, I thought it was the best PPV we’ve had.”

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