Jim Ross Applauds the High-Quality Wrestling and Praises Numerous Stars on AEW Collision

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Jim Ross evidently seems to be enjoying his time calling AEW Collision.

On a recent episode of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Ross praised the quality of wrestling on Saturday nights, mentioning a couple of matches from last week’s episode of the show.


Praising the Samoa Joe/Penta EL Zero Miedo match from last week, JR described it as Penta’s best singles bout in his AEW career, and also hailed Joe as being the best he has ever been in his 25-year career. He said,

“The match quality on Collision has been pretty good. I called the Samoa Joe/Penta match, the main event of that show, and I thought those guys just turned it up. Samoa Joe is in a different place. He’s as good, if not better, than he’s ever been. Penta had the best singles match he’s had in AEW, so those guys were motivated.”

JR also showered praise on Darby Allin and Roderick Strong for their match earlier in the night, and also had a word of advice for commentators who call Allin’s matches. He said,

“Earlier in the night, the Roddy Strong/Darby Allin match was nothing short of epic. He’s a fearless kid, I love him. He’s just one of the best homegrown prospects I’ve ever seen. He’s young, he’s in his mid-20s. So, if he can hold up…that whole story was about his spine, his back. That’s what the announcers should be talking about because that was the whole story. Roddy Strong did a lot of creative things to focus on that body part.”

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Jim Ross, the legendary wrestling commentator, has recently expressed his enjoyment of calling matches for AEW Collision. On his podcast, “Grilling JR,” Ross praised the high-quality wrestling on Saturday nights and highlighted a few matches from the previous episode.

One match that stood out to Ross was the Samoa Joe vs. Penta EL Zero Miedo bout. Ross described it as Penta’s best singles match in his AEW career and hailed Joe as being in the best form of his 25-year career. He commended both wrestlers for their motivation and performance, stating, “Samoa Joe is in a different place. He’s as good, if not better, than he’s ever been. Penta had the best singles match he’s had in AEW.”

Ross also had high praise for Darby Allin and Roderick Strong’s match earlier in the night. He referred to it as nothing short of epic and expressed his admiration for Allin as one of the best homegrown prospects he has ever seen. Ross emphasized the importance of storytelling in wrestling commentary, suggesting that the announcers should focus on Allin’s spine and back, which played a significant role in the match.

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Jim Ross’s positive feedback on AEW Collision highlights the exciting and high-quality wrestling matches that fans can expect from the show. With talented performers like Samoa Joe, Penta EL Zero Miedo, Darby Allin, and Roderick Strong, AEW continues to deliver thrilling and captivating content for wrestling enthusiasts to enjoy.