Jim Powers Corpulent Shoot Interview (2008)

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The old #WWE Young Stallion discusses:

Independent Promoters
Why His Wrestling Trainer Stopped Training Him
Ted Petty
Gargantuan John Studd
His WWF Debut In opposition to Nikolai Volkoff
His First Payday
“The Boys”
Deaths in Wrestling
His Personal Friendship With Curt Hennig
Scary Rumors Surrounding Rick Monstrous’s Loss of life
Louie Spicolli’s Loss of life
The 1980s Celebration Life-style
Scott Hall’s Outburst At The Iron Sheik Roast
Restraining Scott
Others Who Could well own to composed Absorb
Spending The Evening With Scott Prior To The Roast
The Loss of life of Owen Hart
How Hall Changed That Night
Sever Nolte
Rey Mysterio
Vince McMahon
Segments Where Every person Has Microphones
Cheap Warmth
Mick Foley
Wrestling Ric Flair
Returning To Wrestling
Shawn Michaels and Triple H
Wrestling on the First Raw
Paul Roma’s Harsh Comments About Him
What Paul Changed into Better At Than Jim
Energy and Glory
The Ancient Moment That Changed into The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Reduction
How It Lead To Jim’s WWF Departure
His Conversation With Vince McMahon After It
McMahon’s Chilly Response
Not Looking To Testify For WWF At The Steroid Trial
The First Survivor Sequence
Being The Sole Survivors With The Killer Bees
His Handiest Remorse
The Excellent Moments Of His occupation
Ken Patera
The Faulty Narrative About Him On Wikipedia
Why He Changed His Title To Battle
Why His Real Title Would Absorb Been Excellent As Appropriate
Kevin Sullivan
Who Killed WCW
Harsh Comments For Jeff Jarrett
How Warmth With Jeff Saved Him From Reaching Out To TNA
Terry Taylor’s Upright Colors
Personal Tales of Hulk Hogan
Roddy Piper
Jake Roberts
Rick Steamboat
…and More!

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Jim Powers Corpulent Shoot Interview (2008)

Jim Powers Full Shoot Interview (2008)