Jim Cornette Thinks Top Star Has Held Bryan Danielson Back In AEW

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Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on the way AEW has used Bryan Danielson on his Official Jim Cornette.

Cornette praised Danielson for always stepping up when needed by AEW. He believes that Jon Moxley has held him back. 


“A strap match may be easier with a bad arm than a regular style Danielson match but he can do all of these. He’s been hidden for so long in that goofy group with that stupid bald f*cking garbage wrestler Moxley and that f*cking ridiculous whole gimmick where you saw less of Danielson than you did of everybody else and he’s the one that you wanted to see.“

“He’s had a couple of runs. At one point he was the best heel in the company and at one point he was the best babyface. If he’s got something to do, he can do it. Danielson has no, “I’m gonna put my foot down and not associate or be associated with the stupid booking or this crummy group” and he excels at periods of time and then gets shoved in something that he won’t say no to.”

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