Jim Cornette Raises Concerns About AEW’s Decision to Sign Ric Flair to a Multi-Year Contract

Jim Cornette Raises Concerns About AEW’s Decision to Sign Ric Flair to a Multi-Year Contract
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Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on the latest edition of his “Drive-Thru” podcast, including AEW signing Ric Flair to a multi-year deal.

The former manager questioned the signing because he feels it’s harder to get younger stars over. He said,


“Well and here’s the thing is that, again, we’re in a situation where the most well-known biggest stars, biggest celebrities, and mainstream names in the wrestling industry that work for AEW have always continued to be behind the scenes or backstage or in a non-wrestling role. And I mean, you know it’s hard for the young guys to get over when everybody sees these older guys as the big stars. And especially when the guys are too old to be able to work with these young guys and put them over. So then you start creating the dissension in the locker room where the young guys are going, Oh, geez, these guys, all they got to do is show up and plug their energy drink or do commentary or don’t even show have to show up, they all get paid. And, you know, we actually got to take bumps and get hurt.”

He continued, “But you know that again, I’m not knocking Ric, I’m glad he’s got his deal because I can’t imagine why Tony gave it a long-term deal just to get Ric to make appearances for Sting’s retirement. What is he going to do afterwards? They don’t listen to any legends that have any opinions anyway, and I don’t honestly know that Ric has been paying enough attention in the wrestling business over the past few years to have a goddamn opinion or gives a sh*t. I know that he was the only one when he was the booker in 89 and early 90 in WCW that got the ratings back up and got the pay-per-views back up and got the quality of the show back up. But that’s when he was in the middle of it. And he, as we mentioned, he was the big picture guy that put things together and then me and Kevin [Sullivan] do the details, the paperwork. I don’t think in 35 years, he suddenly decided I want to do all this sh*t by myself. I’ll take over the book, Tony. So he can’t and shouldn’t wrestle. He overshadows anybody he manages or appears with unless it’s like Sting where they got the history.”

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Jim Cornette, a well-known figure in the wrestling industry, recently shared his thoughts on AEW signing Ric Flair to a multi-year deal. Cornette expressed his concerns about the signing, particularly in relation to the difficulty of getting younger stars over.

According to Cornette, AEW has a tendency to rely on older, more established names as their biggest stars. This can make it challenging for younger talent to gain recognition and popularity among fans. Cornette believes that when the audience sees these older stars as the main attraction, it diminishes the opportunities for younger wrestlers to shine.

Furthermore, Cornette points out that some of these older stars may no longer be physically capable of working with younger talent and putting them over. This creates a divide within the locker room, with younger wrestlers feeling frustrated that they have to work harder and take more risks while the older stars receive preferential treatment.

While Cornette acknowledges that Ric Flair is a legendary figure in wrestling, he questions the long-term value of his signing with AEW. Cornette speculates that Flair’s deal may have been primarily motivated by his involvement in Sting’s retirement storyline. However, Cornette doubts that Flair’s opinions or commitment to the wrestling business are as relevant or significant as they once were.

Cornette also highlights Flair’s past success as a booker in WCW, where he played a crucial role in improving ratings, pay-per-view buyrates, and overall show quality. However, Cornette doubts that Flair would suddenly want to take on such responsibilities again after 35 years. Additionally, Cornette suggests that Flair’s presence could overshadow anyone he manages or appears with, unless there is a significant history between them, as seen with Sting.

In conclusion, Jim Cornette raises valid concerns about AEW’s signing of Ric Flair and its potential impact on younger talent. While Flair’s legendary status cannot be denied, Cornette questions the long-term value of his involvement and the potential consequences for the development of younger stars in the promotion.

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