Jim Cornette Criticizes CM Punk’s Firing and Expresses Disapproval Towards Tony Khan, Young Bucks, and Others

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The Cult of Cornette did not have to wait long for their leader’s thoughts on CM Punk’s firing from AEW.

Jim Cornette, alongside co-host Brian Last, shared his thoughts on the controversial decision made by Tony Khan in a ‘Special Edition‘ of the “Drive-Thru” podcast.


As expected, Corny, in an hour-long verbal evisceration, went to town on Tony Khan, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Jack Perry, Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and others. Here are some of the hits:

On Jack Perry’s ‘real glass, cry me a river’ comment aimed at Punk at All In: “So again, if Perry hadn’t f**king mouthed off and just gone and done his garbage pre-show match, then nothing would have happened. And if nothing would have happened, then Punk would be on the pay-per-view in the United Center in Chicago, and people wouldn’t be f**king all over Twitter and all over Chicago and all over the wrestling world going Tony Khan is a f**king d**kless p*ssy.”

On how this ordeal affects AEW’s image and scope: “Now the Buckaroos and the camp Cucamonga and all of the friends and relatives know that they can do anything they want, they can wipe their feet, they can wipe their a** with Tony Khan. And it doesn’t matter what’s best for business. It’s just what they want. As a result, the talent that AEW will be signing here will be one of two categories. Either the Chris Jericho category, I’m going on the downhill side of my career, I’m gonna milk this billionaire for a ton of f**king money, or the guys who have no experience, want to be on TV, and they want to play with their friends, and they have no choice. But the guys who are in the prime of their career, the Cody’s have already left. Any young talent from the WWE that’s been used in any fashion that has any kind of name that has any kind of future in wrestling that could be potentially a draw for AEW, they don’t want to go there.

On the Young Bucks & Adam Page’s lack of professionalism: “Because the Buckaroos and I don’t know if Kenny is even in on this, I think he’s too much of a wishy-washy d**chebag even to be mean to people. But the Buckaroos and that Hangnail and all of their ilk, if you’re a bigger star than they are, if you’re a better talent than they are, well, there’s a lot of those. If you’re a more serious wrestler than they are, they don’t want you around because they don’t want anybody bringing any level of professionalism into that g*dd**n daycare center.”

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CM Punk’s recent firing from AEW has caused quite a stir in the wrestling community, and it didn’t take long for Jim Cornette, the leader of the Cult of Cornette, to share his thoughts on the matter. In a special edition of the “Drive-Thru” podcast, Cornette, alongside co-host Brian Last, went on an hour-long verbal rampage, criticizing Tony Khan, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Jack Perry, Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and others involved in the decision. Let’s take a closer look at some of Cornette’s key points.

One of the main issues Cornette addressed was Jack Perry’s comment aimed at Punk during All In. Cornette argued that if Perry hadn’t mouthed off and had simply focused on his pre-show match, none of this would have happened. He believes that if Punk had been able to perform at the pay-per-view in the United Center in Chicago, the negative backlash towards Tony Khan would not have occurred.

Cornette also expressed concern about how this ordeal affects AEW’s image and scope. He believes that now the wrestlers know they can do whatever they want and disregard what’s best for business. Cornette predicts that AEW will only be able to sign two types of talents: those like Chris Jericho who are on the downhill side of their careers and want to make money, or inexperienced wrestlers who just want to be on TV and play with their friends. He argues that any young talent from WWE with potential and a future in wrestling will not want to go to AEW.

Furthermore, Cornette criticized the lack of professionalism displayed by The Young Bucks and Adam Page. He believes that if someone is a bigger star, better talent, or more serious wrestler than them, they don’t want them around because it would bring a level of professionalism into what he calls a “daycare center.”

It’s clear that Cornette has strong opinions about Punk’s firing and the decisions made by AEW. However, it’s important to note that these are his personal views and may not reflect the opinions of everyone in the wrestling community.

In conclusion, the firing of CM Punk from AEW has sparked controversy and garnered a response from Jim Cornette. Cornette’s criticisms mainly revolve around Tony Khan, The Young Bucks, Adam Page, and their alleged lack of professionalism. He also expresses concerns about how this decision may impact AEW’s image and their ability to attract top talent. As with any controversial topic, it’s essential to consider multiple perspectives and opinions before forming a conclusion.