Jim Cornette Critical Of Becky Lynch Pregnancy & WWE’s Handling Of It; Disparages Dana Brooke’s Appearance

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Jim Cornette Critical Of Becky Lynch Pregnancy & WWE’s Handling Of It; Disparages Dana Brooke’s Appearance

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Jim Cornette wasn’t one for WWE’s handling of the Becky Lynch pregnancy announcement or for “The Man” to become “The Mom” in the first place (at this point and time).

On his most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette stated how having an emotional Lynch come out on RAW and reveal her pregnancy to the world wasn’t good for Becky’s persona that she’s worked to cultivate for herself. Cornette even stated before he went on his rant that this opinion would not be popular.

“She has sold the merchandise and she’s the top female box office attraction they’ve got, right? Cause she’s the Lasskicker, the female Stone Cold and The Man and the blood on the face and stealing the ambulance and she’ll stop at nothing, right? And then she comes out and then she’s the crying sniffing insecure kid that got a chance to live her dream. We’ll talk about this in a minute but there’s a reason why The Undertaker didn’t ride off into the sunset and reveal he was really an insecure human until fuckin’ 30 years after he was the top guy in the fuckin’ business cause people are not only going to look at her the same way again, it’s like when Austin hugged Vince and people realized, ‘Aw shit, he really is one of the employees. This is all a work.'”

Cornette goes on to criticize how the segment was handled by having Asuka come out in character and how Becky addressed her pregnancy to an empty audience as it muddied the waters.

“This is a multi-million dollar talent and she tells me she’s pregnant? What the fuck?” Cornette continues. “This is like one of the boys breaking his leg on purpose while he’s on top. You can control this, this is not like a fuckin’ injury. This could have been controlled. It’s not like I don’t never want them to have children, but when both of you have top spots where you can make seven fuckin’ figures a year and blah, blah, blah. Wait three years and have a fuckin’ baby.

“I find it insane for someone that young who has had that level of success for that short of person of time. What’s it been? Six, seven years? That’s nothing.

“If I was Vince I’d be hot cause I’d sure be hot if it was my millions of dollars. This is not like an injury that can’t be prevented. This could have been controlled and/or timed. Except they obviously didn’t control it or time it, but somebody that young, that age that’s acheived that level of success, have a baby? The fuck? Jesus Christ, I am gobsmacked.

Cornette then presented the idea of pregnancy clauses into female talent’s contracts and cites Awesome Kong short-lived run in WWE as a earlier precedent set.

“If I was Vince I’d start writing pregnancy clauses into every woman’s contract because that’s just fuckin’ ludicrous. That was the same thing, Awesome Kong should’ve been a huge star.

“When she went up there, she was still coming off that TNA run and she was fantastic and has to come out and announce she’s pregnant, this monster, this beast they’ve built. It exposed her, it exposed everything and obviously that was that.”

Cornette says if this were to happen in the olden days, an angle could have been booked to remove Becky from the equation while still upholding her supposed damaged persona.

“You could’ve done an injury thing and you wouldn’t have had to make that sappy, fuckin’ snot-inducing wet-eyed fuckin’ statement and ruin the gimmick and the character of your fuckin’ biggest female star. She could’ve been injured and put out of wrestling and in a year and a half she could come and my God, she could have been even bigger.

“But if they’d been business, they could have figured out someway without her taking any ridiciulous bump or whatever to injure her and fuckin’ she’s gone and then you don’t think about her and then when she comes back to get even, holy shit, that would’ve been some business, but instead, ‘Oh, I’m gonna cry and I’m gonna go home and have a baby’ and all the stuff that these milk-sopped, soft, gutless fuckin’ modern wrestling fans like to hear.”

As far as the olden days, Cornette makes it clear that something like this would’ve never happened in the territories as women wrestling was not a heavy focus for promoters outside of Mildred Burke and The Fabulous Moolah.

“Women wrestlers were never used in ongoing angles. No territory had a women’s division. The thought would’ve been laughed out of every building that you presented it in that they would go to that expense because nobody wanted to see women’s wrestling.”

Cornette then closes out the topic by stating how this whole situation isn’t good for Seth Rollins. The pregnancy along with his “Monday Night Messaih” schtick is not beneficial for his persona either.

“That’s not the image of a fuckin’ rockstar. Seth Rollins, I don’t know what this ‘Monday Night Messiah’ horseshit is, but he’s like John Morrison. He looks like a fuckin’ rockstar. He ought to be being presented as a goddamn pussy magnet with some personality, being allowed to go out there and shit talk some people instead whatever that monotone crap is that they’re giving him. The last thing I would want anybody in the public to know if I was Seth Rollins is that I was with Becky Lynch or with anybody else.”

After an ad plug, Cornette probably got to his most controversial of comments he made on the whole situation

“She’s got many years before the fuckin’ easy bake oven power gets shut off. She can have all those problems like discended stomach and stretch marks and hemmorhoids and hormone problems and mood swings and all the joys of motherhood much later on when she ain’t making a million dollars a year.

“What would you do if your wife came home and said, ‘Instead of making a million dollars next year, I’m gonna basically just be a raging bitch for the next nine months and give you more shit to worry about around the house?'”

Co-host Brian Last adds, “Well that’s not typically how that conversation happens, but I would say, ‘You know that’s a beautiful thing! Don’t worry about it. I’ve got enough money for both of us.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Cornette’s criticism only comes less than a week from his controversial comments regarding Dana Brooke’s appearance while he broke down the ongoings of Money In The Bank on his Drive-Thru podcast.

“Her entire face looks like it was remodeled after somebody set fire to it and put it out with an axe,” Cornette stated. “What the fuck has happened? Did she do that on purpose or was she in a horrible accident? What the fuck?”

Brooke did respond on Twitter to Cornette’s comments, tweeting, “How about you stop hiding behind a keyboard and come say it to my face!! Cause I doubt you would when you see me in person MARKKKKKKK – how about .. STOP SPREADING HATE & spread positivity!”

@TheJimCornette how about you stop hiding behind a keyboard and come say it to my face!! Cause I doubt you would when you see me in person MARKKKKKKK – how about .. STOP SPREADING HATE & spread positivity! https://t.co/fgTRTeteFT

— Dana Brooke WWE (@DanaBrookeWWE) May 16, 2020

If you’d like to hear the Becky Lynch audio for yourself, the entire episode of the Jim Cornette Experience is below. The discussion in question begins at the 43:40 minute mark.

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