Jey Uso Headbutts Kevin Owens’ Groin To Win SmackDown Main Event

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Jey Uso Headbutts Kevin Owens’ Groin To Win SmackDown Main Event

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Photo by Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images

After jokingly insulting Jey Uso earlier in the night, tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended in a similar fashion as last week, with Jey Uso delivering another big message to a fellow WWE superstar on behalf of his cousin, Roman Reigns.

Early in the night, Owens was talking to Uso about their upcoming Survivor Series match, with Owens jokingly telling Uso that he should try and calm down before they all team up. After doing an interview and being chided by Paul Heyman for not telling Roman Reigns about it first, Uso then met up with his cousin, where Reigns told him that Owens was disrespecting him, which in turn disrespected Reigns and their family as a whole. With that said, a match between Uso and Owens was set up, and Uso ended up coming away with a win thanks to some help from Reigns. Late in the match, Reigns made his way down the ramp, distracting the referee. In that moment, Uso delivered a nasty headbutt to the groin of Owens, knocking him out and allowing Uso to hit the Uso Splash for the win.

It's a FIGHT! @FightOwensFight battles it out with Jey @WWEUsos, while @WWERomanReigns keeps a close eye on the action. 👀 #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) November 7, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Jey tries a corner splash but Owens moves. Jey’s head slams into the ring post. Owens hits a swanton. Jey kicks out. Jey responds with a neck breaker. Owens kicks out. Jey goes up top. Owens cuts him off. After a slam, Jey gets his foot on the rope to break the pin. Reigns music hits. The referee turns around. Jey headbutts Owens in the nuts. Reigns never comes out on the stage. Jey hits the Uso Splash for the win.

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