Jey Uso Explains Why His Brother’s Absence Has Been A ‘Blessing In Disguise’

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Jey Uso Explains Why His Brother’s Absence Has Been A ‘Blessing In Disguise’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Jey Uso says his brother will be returning sooner than later, but that doesn’t mean he’s ignoring the benefits Jimmy’s absence has provided him with.

Uso spoke with Ryan Satin for FOX Sports ahead of his steel cage match against Daniel Bryan on WWE SmackDown this week. If Bryan wins, he will earn a title shot against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Fastlane on March 21, but for Jey, it’s another chance to prove himself on his own and outside of the tag team realm. Jey says he does miss his brother and it’s a weird vibe to come out without Jimmy, but the experience has been beneficial to him in some ways.

“I miss my brother … do not get it twisted,” he said. “But this was a blessing in disguise. Straight up. Went from hosting the girl’s karaoke to winning a contender’s spot against my own cousin, Roman Reigns, and I main evented my own pay-per-view with him and then my own Hell in a Cell with him. I always knew I could hang with singles work, because wrestling is wrestling, Uce. The only thing is, it felt weird not having Jimmy with me coming out. I’m always on the left, he’s always on the right. It was just a weird vibe.”

Jey said that while they brought each other up throughout their WWE careers, Jimmy was always the one getting more of the focus.

“I ain’t looked back since, bro. Now everybody knows which twin I am,” he stated with confidence. “Prior to this, it was always my brother. ‘Total Divas,’ him and his lady. Everybody knew. It would always be, ‘You Jimmy? You Jimmy?’ It was never Jey. ‘You Jimmy? You Jimmy?’ Like, all the time, Uce. Now, I guarantee you, we step out together right now, the world will know that’s Jimmy, that’s ‘Main Event’ Jey.”

Jimmy has been sidelined with a reported knee injury since last year, but Jey said fans might not have to wait too much longer to see him return. While he didn’t offer any more details, Jey said the “Uso Penitentiary will be opening really, really soon.”

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