Jey Uso Confronts Roman Reigns About ‘That Look,’ Gets Superman Punched For It

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Jey Uso Confronts Roman Reigns About ‘That Look,’ Gets Superman Punched For It

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Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso met in the ring tonight ahead of their WWE Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions, with Uso looking for an explanation as to why Reigns gave him a seemingly angry look during last week’s SmackDown. Instead, Uso was told that it could never be him as champion before getting a brutal punch delivered to him by his cousin.

With both superstars in the ring, Reigns explained to his cousin that if he could, he would give him the WWE Universal Championship. However, he went on to explain that he couldn’t, and that Uso had no idea what it was like to be the face of something like the WWE. Reigns said that while he respects all Uso has done in being one half of what he called the greatest tag team duo of a generation, it could never be Uso champion, because it’ll always be Reigns. After that, Reigns began leaving and walking up the ramp, but was interrupted by Uso, who simply asked why it couldn’t be him. Uso said that he believes he could be the one to feed their family and become a champion, and will show Reigns that at Clash of Champions.

After the statement, Uso left the ring and began to walk up the ramp, where he was blindsided by Reigns with a devastating Superman Punch. Reigns then grabbed his cousin on the ground, holding the Universal title over his head and screaming that Uso will never take his place at the head of the table. The show ended with this season, and will continue on Sunday in a huge clash between the two family members for the title.

"YOU WILL NEVER TAKE THIS TITLE. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY PLACE AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE." #UniversalChampion @WWERomanReigns couldn't keep it in any longer. #SmackDown #WWEClash @HeymanHustle @WWEUsos

— WWE (@WWE) September 26, 2020

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