Jesse Ventura shoots on running for President | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Jesse Ventura shoots on running for President | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Jesse Ventura shoots on running for President
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I be nuts about wrestling match, because of the they are dazzling. the things that i i revamped your complete property tax system in the divulge of minnesota i effect in the dawn rail line uh geez i will't even neutral now it's been seven years i will't endure in thoughts the total lot i did oh i gave support.

Tax rebates after we add surpluses accurate now to the oldsters in uncover for you a stimulus kit fabricate it the model i did it give it to the oldsters no longer the banks so if shall we rating you to lower that hair and if i if by some fluke shall we rating you on all the ballots in 50 states and you potentially did rating in the white dwelling fabricate you feel love fabricate you sight at it and deem i.

Would possibly possibly possibly possibly fix most of these concerns uh i don't deem at the same time as you read my book i deem you'll peep clearly i would by no manner rating to the white dwelling yeah you observe what i'm announcing there yeah well folks love me deem that you sh that you can and you will also neutral restful and i disclose there are a couple of ragged of us who yeah nevertheless at the same time as you're six feet below how.

Can you fabricate it that deem that possibly one thing love that wouldn't be physically that that you can focus on with out fabricate you deem for one 2nd that the location quo vitality construction of this nation would enable me to radically change the president somebody who here's the most you glimpse they by no manner.

Focus on my election in minnesota very significant you know why no fabricate you know what quantity of money i raised to radically change the governor of minnesota no longer as much as a million dollars i do know that no 300 grams neutral well that's no longer as much as a million you potentially did it the feeble-common manner on foot well i additionally bought paid more for doing the job than what i spent to rating.

It my father talked about to me when i became young he talked about all politicians are crooks and i talked about method on dad that you can't issue that that's a blanket observation he says oh yes i will i talked about wow he talked about because of the they pay a million dollars for a job that handiest pays 100 huge a year fabricate the mathematics.

Yeah and so i could sight if my father were alive i could sight him in the test and issue your son's no longer a criminal because of the i made 480 000 as governor and i handiest spent 300 to rating it and one thing tells me the institution completely hates that oh well you perceive how significant the democrats and republicans and their two campaign.

Committees spent in opposition to me 12 million and lost well i i deem that i endure in thoughts it clearly i believed it became one in all the big moments that night after they launched that you had received uh the the uh the talking heads on the news channels were they were in shock that a used excellent wrestler had upset these.

Career politicians it became one thing comely well it it surely became nevertheless fabricate you glimpse how they pooh-pooh it now and and unnecessary to claim uh you is liable to be wide awake about it can possibly it happen all all over again it could nevertheless the potentialities radically change slimmer always for it to happen love that all all over again.

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Jesse Ventura shoots on running for President | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Jesse Ventura shoots on running for President | Wrestling Shoot Interview