Jesse Ventura Extended Shoot Interview

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Jesse Ventura Extended Shoot Interview

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These legitimate wrestling grappler are glamorous!! That's the worn governor of minnesota into the legitimate wrestling neighborhood the man who tells it esteem it is he is the body the tips and he's genuinely one in all the finest of all time he is governor jesse ventura and governor we are so infected to acquire you ever with us and also you realize thanks that's surely all i may disclose.

Smartly you're welcome you realize i i don't attain many wrestling shows anymore uh seemingly ensuing from i'm a diminutive bit ignorant you guys seemingly know 10 instances bigger than i attain about what's going down in the arena of wrestling at this time time ensuing from i'm on to other issues and the least bit times acquire been and saved myself rather busy so i don't the least bit times concentrate.

Surely nonetheless you're yeah i'll uncover you your designate is sure left on the the legitimate wrestling enterprise forever and we can rep to that rather quickly nonetheless we have to chat about your uh net blow their very acquire horns the grid which that you can take fresh episodes every monday wednesday and friday on aura dot tv nick off the grid and

Jesseventura and are you able to uncover us a diminutive bit bit about what the off the grid is and are you genuinely off the grid correctly first of all sure i genuinely am uh i stay down in the winter for at least a half a year or extra i stay down 900 miles from the americaborder i stay one hour from pavement and one hour from electricity.

So i literally attain stay off the grid i like now no longer acquire any phone i like now no longer acquire any tv set up that i gaze and that i attain that for six months and that i attain the uncover out of here uh it's shapely it's recordsdata superhighway uncover so there's no fcc regulations i can disclose one thing i desire and that i guess the selling point out the.

Wrestling fan would be this while you liked my interviews and also you liked my commentary when i did wrestling imagine i attain 10 to 12 minutes uninterrupted on those shows the general time it's jesse ventura doing a tirade on no matter field he may moreover decide nonetheless i are seemingly to attain it in my a diminutive bit bit my wrestling.

Persona ensuing from it's surely esteem a 12 minute interview without point out gene they’re unimaginable i attain i'm subscribed and that i attain gaze them when they approach out and also you're exactly factual it is esteem a 12 minute promo and individually i'm smitten by your entire topics whether or now no longer i'm surely you realize in the know of what you're you're discussing i factual.

To find you to be this sort of massive speaker nonetheless while you're so while you're off the grid where are you getting your recordsdata from correctly i acquire a enlighten center in la and factual ensuing from i'm off the grid doesn't point out the safe doesn't work we're on the safe so i rep nearly all of my recordsdata from the safe i acquire a massive workers that works up in la.

And uh and pumps the knowledge all of the blueprint in which down to me so as that i i'm shapely correctly educated on every occasion that i discuss about and for sure the uncover is moreover my deepest opinions on no matter the tell field is so i don't acquire to transfer searching one thing overly that long to acquire an belief on it.

Yeah and that's uh and yet again you realize esteem i mentioned in the opening the man who tells it esteem it is and that's undoubtedly one in all i feel every wrestling fan's well-liked phase about all of your entire whether it's persona or any of your shows nonetheless you realize how about the true fact that media is surely surely initiating to exchange in its mainstream.

Styles and folks are surely discovering substitute routes of getting their recordsdata now no longer factual recordsdata nonetheless any form of recordsdata where attain you look us heading i guess as a custom in the case of the knowledge enterprise correctly it's ensuing from mainstream media has been consolidated i point out about a years ago you had seemingly.

32 completely different stores of mainstream media to rep recordsdata from at this time time thru company takeover and all that you're all of the blueprint in which down to about three or four in tell that they literally mainstream media in the united states is controlled and that's bad present you with a snappily instance a pair a pair of month or so ago diminutive.

Extra vladimir putin did a two-hour uh uh speech and the the USA didn't even quilt it nor anyone in mainstream media did no longer uncover it to the american folks now excuse me if vladimir putin is alleged to be our substantial enemy and he's the man now we acquire got to dread out in the arena don't we as electorate acquire a factual to.

Hear what the man has to reveal i'd like to hear issues from his acquire mouth in preference to having it approach thru our direct division or thru our govt filtration gadget where they uncover me what i may moreover aloof hear about vladimir putin undoubtedly undoubtedly.

That's undoubtedly and that's undoubtedly a lovely level and while we're talking about the knowledge and one thing that's in the knowledge presumably it's time to preface some phase of your wrestling occupation nonetheless a broad integral phase of your occupation changed into the awa and and the most up-to-date passing of vern ghana what are your tips on vern and.

Working in the awa first of all i like now no longer acquire any concept vern died vern died oh yeah he passed away final night sure passed away final night are you kidding me yeah unfortunately here is the first recordsdata i heard of it and the motive it's elegant to me.

Is ensuing from final night i genuinely went thru a idea direction of excessive about him oh my gosh manner down here in mexico that's why you've caught me completely off guard with this burden passed away final night huh yep.

Smartly you realize vern ghania changed into a massive wrestler there's absolute self belief about it he amateur and legit you realize he he came up thru the amateur ranks he wrestled ncaa champion the olympics and all that and as a legitimate he changed into one in all the expedient there changed into i give him this dude nonetheless i’ll moreover direct this.

He changed into a extremely very refined man to work for i chanced on him extremely refined to work for presumably ensuing from he changed into this sort of perfectionist i don't know nonetheless uh his folks expertise weren't the least bit times the expedient let's assign it that manner nonetheless as far as his expertise in the wrestling ring he changed into phenomenal and he had a long.

Unbelievable occupation and that i'm surely sad at this time time judge it or now no longer to be taught that vern died final night how vulnerable changed into he 89 89 years vulnerable and passed away final night correctly i'm heading befriend uh the next day to come to to where my partner is at off the grid and that i'm particular she'll be all likewise saddened to hear the knowledge and that i feel execrable that uh i.

Won't be in a dwelling to back this funeral ensuing from i'm down here off the grid ensuing from i definitely would acquire long gone had i been up in the twin cities i'll disclose that publicly undoubtedly undoubtedly and the awa changed into such an integral phase in your occupation and while you think everyone you realize form of work-mates vern with the vulnerable college nonetheless.

Whilst you think about it he changed into responsible largely for hulk hogan and obviously you jessie the body mentor are two of the largest names in the historic previous of the enterprise what attain you think about your time spending there at this time time he changed into nonetheless he wasn't ensuing from or now no longer you can have to acquire in tips one thing both hulk and that i wrestled in completely different locations earlier than we came to the awa i.

Had essentially been wrestling 5 years i'd wrestled in portland oregon for 3 years kansas city hawaii and so uh nonetheless nonetheless let's assign it this blueprint it changed into all the blueprint thru vern's tenure with vern that i grew to change into jesse the body ventura essentially vern named me that ensuing from he had currently a pair years earlier misplaced considerable particular person billy graham and.

I consider he requested me he mentioned are you able to attain considerable particular person graham i mentioned i can attain considerable particular person graham greater than graham ensuing from billy changed into my hero billy graham there wouldn't acquire been a hulk hogan and there wouldn't acquire been a jesse ventura had there now no longer been a considerable particular person billy graham leisure assured of that you realize he changed into the.

Impact that brought us in and vern mentioned to me he mentioned ensuing from he misplaced graham the fresh york and he mentioned are you able to attain considerable particular person graham and that i mentioned particular i can and so he mentioned that's what we desire he mentioned let's approach up with a name for you and vern essentially idea of it he mentioned we're going to call you jesse the body.

And that i i desire you to pose and attain all that stuff that graham does and that i mentioned you purchased it and so as that that's where the start of jesse the body came from particularly changed into thru vernon vern you realize had a massive territory and the factor that made burns territory so lovely changed into that you easiest wrestled about 12 or 14 instances a month at the most.

Which gave you enormous time in conjunction with your family which gave you enormous time to determine and get better from accidents it wasn't this i point out i consider at one level in oregon i wrestled 63 consecutive nights in a row with out a time without work and there's guys that wrestled manner bigger than that guys had beat that document esteem nothing nonetheless 63.

Days with out a time without work where while you wrestled for burn uh vern you had time without work you you'd struggle a day or two and then you'd rep three or four days off so it surely made the minneapolis territory at the 2nd an vivid put to be while you while you wished to rep lovely money.

And you didn't have to be on the aspect road daily of your lifestyles attain you think that the awa is you changed into your well-liked put to acquire wrestled no ensuing from uh i now here's a plot back of vern vern at possibility of rep me so infected at instances ensuing from we'd be in doing interviews and.

Greg would be working the interviews his son and we banged thru every market we'd acquire them all of the blueprint in which down to about two or three markets vernon would approach in and also you'd be there for six hours doing the final two markets i at possibility of rep so infected i lived along the mississippi river.

I'd be so ticked off i would drive dwelling i'd park my automobile and that i'd tear sit down down by the riverbank in the water earlier than i would tear in to take discover of my partner and children oh wow you realize and that i disclose that at this time time and that i chortle about it and that i can gaze befriend on.

It at this time time at age 63 and giggle about it a diminutive bit nonetheless at the time it changed into going down vern may literally drive you crazy he would frustrate you so noteworthy at that i consider one time we had had four sellout me and adrian adonis dad i feel four sellouts in a row in denver and we wrestled vern and infected dogged or somebody that night and one diminutive factor.

Didn't tear the manner vern wished it to transfer in the match and when the fits were over he came in our dressing room into the showers and screamed and hollered at me and adrian for approximately two three minutes about it then he left i consider i grew to change into to adrian and that i mentioned adrian wasn't this our fourth sellout in a row and he goes yeah i mentioned wouldn't you.

Judge the man would approach in presumably and pat us on the befriend and disclose god you're doing a massive job yeah you think nonetheless nonetheless that changed into that changed into and that i'm giving it to you simply here that changed into the professionals and cons with working for vern ghania he demanded a massive deal from you and he he changed into a tyrant that point she changed into that nonetheless nonetheless presumably.

He needed to be in the enterprise he changed into in yeah undoubtedly now you mentioned adrian adana talking of him that you can moreover acquire the fond memories of uh working with him now no longer easiest in the awa nonetheless moreover in the wwf correctly adrian changed into phenomenal in the ring you couldn't acquire requested for an even bigger extra athletic partner massive wrestler who may attain one thing that you may presumably imagine in.

There my easiest concern with adrian after being with him for 3 or four years changed into out of doorways the ring adrian in most cases required a babysitter and that i purchased drained of that position i didn't feel as a legitimate it changed into my job to rep particular he made the pinnacle planes on time or the occasion on time and all that stuff and so he grew to change into a diminutive bit reckoning on.

You and that i genuinely didn't esteem that aspect of going thru them and that changed into one in all the reasons i no longer at once broke the trace personnel up ensuing from i mentioned gaze i i you realize dealing caring for myself is a load sufficient i don't have to be caring for a 2nd particular person the least bit times either and don't rep me sinful that changed into all.

Stuff out of doorways the ring now no longer within the ring adrian changed into by no approach a priority in the ring the least bit ever did that you can moreover acquire a popular match with him that you guys you realize as phase of your trace in the east west connection attain you guys acquire a popular match or even the fits you had collectively.

Yeah i feel the well-liked match i had with adrian changed into once we beat the excessive flyers at the saint paul civic center and it's at this time time on vern ghana's tape of the awa and that i the least bit times savor it that i purchased the pin on greg gagne so it'll tear down in historic previous that jesse ventura gave greg gagne the spike pile driver with a.

Exiguous befriend from adrian and lined him one two three so as that's seemingly one in all the fits i consider the most with adrian being my partner once we once we teamed up you realize what a spike pile driver is don't you oh yeah yep that's where i pulled the man up right into a pile driver adrian climbs.

The quit rope and he jumps off and grabs the man's toes and we both drive him head first into the scheme it'll knock you chilly if we have to and uh and that's how we beat greg that night and it's on the illustrious aw a tape of vern ghana has or i point out that vince has on the market now i know ensuing from i genuinely watched it.

This winter i acquire a duplicate of it down here judge it or now no longer that's attention-grabbing now talking of of you realize massive moments and seemingly nearly forgotten moments you spent some time down in memphis and also you had rather a high-tail down there we essentially currently spoke to a buddy of yours who spoke very very fond of you and that's on the general idol.

And um particular what were your memories of working down in memphis correctly i jerry lawler the least bit times handled me shapely and essentially i can uncover you one thing i made historic previous in memphis ensuing from i'm the most easy particular person that beat jerry lawler and jerry lawler by no approach defeated me befriend.

Huh i ensuing from unfortunately my daughter changed into born and my daughter had some reasonably considerably excessive concerns at start and that i needed to stay in minneapolis so i achieved up and jerry changed into beautiful with it i achieved up i needed to ship the belt befriend to him ensuing from i couldn't approach down anymore as a result of family concern.

Smartly stare upon that a diminutive bit scoop a diminutive bit historic previous lesson factual there from jerry lawler beat andre the broad he beat everyone in memphis nonetheless he by no approach beat jesse ventura that's a that's a feather in my cap jerry the king lawler by no approach beat jesse ventura and memphis nonetheless no i i had a massive high-tail with jerry uh jerry hired me out of minneapolis when i.

Had a fallout with vern and that i wasn't working for anyone he brought me all of the blueprint in which down to memphis i'd tear down there uh i judge it changed into monday tuesday wednesdays and then i'd tear befriend to minnesota thursday friday saturday and sunday so i attain i attain memphis louisville and that i feel evansville and then on occasion i attain one other.

They'd acquire me there for four days when they attain lexington now while you moved on to previous awa and every little thing and also you progress into the wwf what are your memories of working for vince senior at the 2nd and the blueprint in which is he completely different than working for vince jr correctly.

Vince senior to me changed into the smoothest promoter of his period ensuing from that you may presumably rep infected a pair of payoff and also that you can be in total turmoil and also you'd slither in and look the man and in a matter of 5 minutes you'd slither out you'd feel lovely and also you didn't rep nothing.

Whilst you note me yeah and that's how delicate that's how delicate senior changed into and then 5 minutes later you're infected yet again ensuing from you idea he did it he did it yet again to me you realize he had a manner vince senior had a manner with going thru skill uh that changed into outlandish ensuing from he he bought the expedient out of you without giving up.

Anything to you the least bit times in most situations and uh that's a hell of a negotiator that can attain that and uh uh the incompatibility between senior and junior may be junior's noteworthy extra volatile than senior seniors very low key would by no approach you'd by no approach hear him elevate.

His utter he the least bit times spoke very softly and quietly where that you can look far far noteworthy extra emotion out of junior than that you can ever look out of senior both massive of their very acquire factual ensuing from judge me vince jr is the pt barnum of our period absolute self belief about it he learned from his father and then he went previous one thing.

That his father would acquire ever expected to attain now a undoubtedly a key 2nd in your high-tail in the vulnerable wwf days changed into a feud with bob bachman lovely memories of working with bob and uh did you revel in that high-tail oh yeah absolutely ensuing from bob gave me the memory of selling out madison square.

Backyard three instances in a row and that's the mecca of ring sports activities that's one thing that can by no technique to be taken from me ensuing from we all know that the heel the villain draws the dwelling and uh to sell out with backlund three instances in a row 23 000 no matter it is the backyard holds in fresh york city i'll the least bit times acquire fond memory about backlit.

Plus he's a minnesota diminutive one esteem i am and bob the least bit times saved himself in phenomenal situation there wasn't an even bigger situation to athlete in legitimate wrestling than bob backlund undoubtedly he changed into in phenomenal shape nonetheless challenging along from your true wrestling occupation and into the commentary and saying position.

I acquire to reveal you're seemingly the finest announcer of all time presumably discontinuance 2nd would be bobby heenan nonetheless you're undoubtedly the finest of all time now how changed into it going from wrestling to commentary did you revel in that soar and attain you nearly revel in commentary extra correctly no longer at once i enjoyed commentary.

Extra ensuing from i didn't acquire to rep body slammed and that i changed into making equal money you realize you don't bought to be a rocket scientist to transfer wait a minute i can rep the identical amount of money talking and that i don't acquire to rep in the ring no extra i esteem this job yeah you realize nonetheless uh the transition took put when i purchased injured uh i changed into due to struggle hogan.

For the first time for the title in la and we were in san diego and that i changed into struck with pulmonary emboli blood clots in the lungs and that i went excessive at the appealing cabrio correctly being center for seven days i didn't know if i'd stay to enlighten the tale my partner needed to hover out to san diego that's how excessive it changed into and so i had the restoration took about.

Four to 5 months on blood thinners and all that and that i give vince credit ranking ensuing from vince paid me a wage the general time i changed into out and injured and he didn't acquire to there changed into nothing contractual that mentioned he did nonetheless vince mcmahon paid me while i changed into recouping nonetheless he knew.

The aptitude that i had and so it changed into i would disclose it changed into a correctly-organized investment on his phase now all the blueprint thru the recoup concern since vince changed into paying me correctly when i purchased to a particular level of recouping vince is going to position you to work so he known as me up one day mentioned jesse he mentioned i've bought a concept.

He mentioned by no approach earlier than has there been a heal or a villain on the mic he goes attain you think that you may presumably broadcast and attain coloration commentary from a heel level of view i mentioned easy vince i mentioned no concern the least bit so we set up it up he assign me with monsoon initially on the quote b personnel i guess and it took off esteem wildfire and that i'll.

Never put out of your mind the first night i changed into going on the air vince came around to me and he gave me my marching instructions imagine you told this he mentioned jesse here's the perspective i desire you to acquire and that i mentioned what’s it he mentioned while you think it it's correct now.

What can enhance than that then for sure i transitioned as much as the a personnel which changed into vincent bruno correctly vince then made the resolution to rep rid of bruno i begged him now no longer to i mentioned vince don't lose bruno i mentioned he's my foil bruno he don't even understand it and that i employ him bruno is phenomenal don't attain this.

Nonetheless vince changed into mentioned he bought rid of bruno to where it grew to change into factual me and him nonetheless guys you purchased to have at that level i acquire the finest job presumably in the arena ensuing from i labored one day every three weeks i purchased paid substantial money for every pay-per-demand i did and that i feel he changed into doing about four.

Years then and the expedient phase changed into i may tear on nationwide tv and completely insult my boss with his blessing now what greater job may there be in the arena than so that you may rip your boss with his blessing and receives a commission for it.

And receives a commission lovely money for it changed into that i would now no longer stop i acquire the copyrighted name to my name and likeness i had it federally copyrighted with the governmentand that i refused to provide it as much as mcmahon and he couldn't acquire anyone out of doorways the circle so as that changed into the motive i changed into brushed except for the wwf it's fascinating to judge how long ago it changed into.

Because esteem i mentioned you're aloof an establishment amongst the legitimate wrestling neighborhood in the case of everyone who's ever stepped as much as be that coloration 2nd mic has the least bit times tried to be the next jesse the body ventura and as i mentioned in the intro there's easiest one and even supposing we're winding down on time and that i wish shall we back going we're now no longer.

Going to even contact on wcw ensuing from we all know that that changed into now no longer one in all your well-liked experiences nonetheless we're going to factual we're going to transfer befriend off the grid essentially let me wait let me utter on wcw a 2nd wcw wasn't a execrable trip ensuing from they signed me to this sort of considerable contract of money.

That there changed into nothing they may moreover attain to me to rep it a execrable trip the concern changed into the concern changed into it changed into massive when i put out of your mind the man that signed me changed into responsible nonetheless then they fired him and they brought in bill watts and bill watts didn't know the enterprise anymore bill watts changed into vulnerable college who didn't realize that the fresh wrestling.

Used to be about tv it wasn't about dwelling shows it changed into about money income at tp and watts may by no approach resolve out why they were paying me what they were paying me so therefore they didn't employ me ethical and jim ross has even admitted at this time time that jim ross's biggest mistake changed into he didn't work with me jim ross changed into very refined with me down.

There and it changed into jealousy ensuing from i changed into getting paid this tall money bigger than anyone else yeah and it's uh one other factor you realize you enhance their product substantial time and it's a disgrace at the 2nd uh jim ross did no longer uh work that big alongside you and it undoubtedly you realize that you may presumably uncover with some diminutive jabs he would sort.

Of try to tear back and forth you up or one thing nevertheless it's factual a disgrace searching befriend nonetheless hiya we all he he wouldn't allow chemistry i would feed him one thing that he may moreover aloof react to and he wouldn't react the least bit he wouldn't there changed into no chemistry now i had chemistry with tony shavani.

Positively did when i labored with tony chavanni it changed into the jesse the body chemistry ensuing from tony would professionally work with me and let me be jesse the body ross wouldn't let me attain that attain you think that needed to attain with uh working with tony uh while tony changed into with vince for that diminutive bit and he may.

Roughly be in that vince mindset and feed off you correctly particular absolutely it helped tony came up yeah i'm particular that it helped ensuing from tony knew easy programs to take care of jesse ventura he seen the blueprint that labored with him where jim ross changed into now no longer going to bend that manner and there's nothing that you can attain about it that you can't rep a man cooperate.

With you factual undoubtedly and the blueprint in which may we moreover put out of your mind the classic uh seaside blast 92 where you ripped on tony siobhani's orange nose for uh shapely noteworthy the general entire uncover and aloof gaze befriend on that very fondly i don't even commit it to memory i purchased to take discover of.

And tear what the hell is he talking about oh yeah no i don't know nonetheless uh uh no i i didn't acquire a execrable time down in wcw nonetheless then for sure hogan came in and there's the execrable blood between he and that i and then they didn't even call the final six months of the contract i didn't even acquire to uncover up they factual paid me oh man it's it's.

It's this sort of disgrace that they’ll enable you tear particularly or that you did you realize that they didn't employ you correctly at the 2nd ensuing from it is miles going to acquire factual been so massive and as appreciators of your craft we would acquire loved to acquire had you those final couple of months correctly the concern changed into hogan ensuing from hogan.

Uh i chanced on out later in my lawsuit events hogan changed into the actual person that ratted me to vince when i attempted to unionize factual k and and and that changed into elegant to me ensuing from i believed he changed into my friend nonetheless then i seen why all the blueprint thru the court case we bought we bought the payoff of wrestlemania three and hogan made extra.

Cash than the general leisure of us combined including andre wow that's why he didn't desire a union correctly that's why he didn't desire union he changed into getting taken care taken care of considerable time the general leisure of us were getting the droppings you realize we were getting the stuff that changed into falling on the floor now no longer.

The main meal factual and we essentially we factual had brian blair on a pair weeks befriend he form of mentioned the actual identical factor um that you factual mentioned and that's uh that's uh that's very that's very attention-grabbing nonetheless i uncover you what if by ch if by accident you ever rep brian blair on yet again please give him my finest regards i.

Beget massive admire and that i acquire in tips brian an main friend a long time ago we can he's essentially yeah we are planning to acquire him on yet again in the summertime he's getting enshrined into the dan gable legitimate wrestling hall of fame museum and he uh he’ll be coming befriend on in june i judge so we would undoubtedly attain that.

Is is this the one in iowa sure i i'm in that i purchased they they awarded me their frank gotch award many here factual where i changed into executed being governor and that i wasn't going to hold it ensuing from it changed into amateur wrestling i mentioned i changed into a excessive college swimmer i didn't.

Even struggle amateur and then nonetheless then they told me i changed into a unanimous substitute and they mentioned dan gable voted for you and that i mentioned dan gable feels i may moreover aloof hold this award they mentioned absolutely i mentioned correctly if dan gable is lovely with this i’ll approach down and settle for the frank gotch award and that i did and that's at the shooter hall of fame.

Yeah that's massive that's unimaginable correctly governor i genuinely consider you that's massive correctly governor we surely savor you approaching and uh it's's off the grid it's an on-line political discuss uncover with over 3 million views on youtube and also that you can moreover rep it monday wednesday and friday on auradon.

Tv nick off the grid and jesse jesse ventura governor factual earlier than we tear factual wished to demand what are about a of the topics that you attain quilt on off the grid correctly we quilt every little thing that's timely you understand it's my level of view on what's going on esteem we've talked at this time time for sure about the riots in baltimore.

You admire and my idea and esteem i mentioned i'm 63 now and it's correct while you don't read historic previous you're doomed to repeat it ensuing from here is reminding me of the civil rights slither of the 60s guys it appears to be like to be like much like it it scares me ensuing from we haven't stepped forward one thing in 50 years.

Yeah provoking yeah definitely and that i'm in uh washington dc so uh here is all hitting very discontinuance to dwelling and and the the coverage is without problems pushing the you realize the dread tactic aspect of it and it's a disgrace to take discover of correctly that's what you'll rep on off the grid i'll present you with a level of view that.

You may moreover now no longer the least bit times rep from mainstream media ensuing from look off the grid's a double vogue i'm off the grid nevertheless it moreover approach you're going to rep off the grid recordsdata you're going to rep recordsdata that mainstream media won't discuss about esteem as an illustration the united states leads the arena with the most folks in penal complex and yet we're alleged to be dwelling of the.

Heroic land of the free yeah now you're completely completely factual and uh and that's why we savor off the grid and esteem i mentioned i'm subscribed and they're they attain now no longer disappoint so we implore you to subscribe to uh jesse ventura on youtube as correctly as auradon tv nick off the grid and moreover please note.

Governor ventura on twitter at gov j ventura and governor this changed into an absolute pleasure and our honor thanks guys savor it we'll attain it yet again in the future optimistically thanks for watching the hannibal tv please befriend me out and esteem this video then click the subscribe and rep notifications buttons so that you don't omit.

Any of my most up-to-date shoot interviews match movies or recordsdata updates note us on fb at the hannibal tv for additional stay streams and movies and while you're at it note us on instagram and twitter at the hannibal tv
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Jesse Ventura Extended Shoot Interview

Jesse Ventura Extended Shoot Interview