Jeff Katz Uploading Wrestling Retribution Project Matches For Free

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Jeff Katz Uploading Wrestling Retribution Project Matches For Free

Wrestling Retribution Project Joey Ryan

Photo Credit: Jeff Katz

All the way back in 2011, Hollywood producer Jeff Katz made a splash on social media. Before the pipebomb, before the Yes! Movement, Jeff spoke out on the lack of an alternative in wrestling, and his message gained momentum. Based on that, he launched a Kickstarter, raising $100,000 for a Hollywood-inspired season based wrestling project. Think Lucha Underground, only a little more grounded. Matches were filmed, but the project eventually dropped off the face of the Earth.

Now, in a much different wrestling landscape, Jeff Katz has posted an apology to the project’s official Twitter. Citing mental and financial issues in the aftermath of the production, Jeff says that he’s deeply sorry for not delivering the end project.

We're all in this together.

— WRP (@TheWRProject) March 20, 2020

Because of the ongoing global pandemic, Jeff was preparing to finally release a completed cut of the matches filmed for the project. That’s still in the works, but Californa’s forced quarantine has stopped the editing process. So, instead of waiting another month, Jeff has started to post preproduction cuts of the matches from the project on YouTube for free. They’ll be uploaded in batches daily until everything is up.

Featuring a diverse group of talent ranging from Joey Ryan and Kenny Omega to Colt Cabana and Eli Drake, each indie wrestler you know plays a new character, making for some very interesting and nostalgic watching. You can watch the first match uploaded below and find further matches on the “Pin The Virus” YouTube channel.

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