Jeff Jarrett Talks about The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Tony Schiavone and Raven In TNA 2003

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On a current episode of the My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett talked about a range of topics focused around TNA in early 2003: the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express working as heels, Tony Schiavone’s one night stint in the business, AJ Styles referencing Raven’s previous heroin usage reside on PPV, and more.

Take a look at a few of the highlights listed below:

Jeff Jarrett on The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express’s heel run in TNA: ” God, and once again all these like Wednesday after Wednesday after Wednesday, however I’m quite sure Ricky (Morton) offered us on this. They desired work. They are a beast name. We had America’s Most Wanted it’s an extremely simple natural competition veterans versus the up and comers and Ricky in his heart of hearts Ricky enjoys to be a heel. Certainly he’s a wonderful babyface, and now viewing his kid you can kind of see the threads of yeah Ricky desired to be a heel and we desired to provide it a shot. Once again, throughout this 2002-2003 throughout all the Asylum years we didn’t have the financial resources. We didn’t desire the dedication of skill due to the fact that we’re actually stating come work for us, we’ve got one day a week. There was no home displays in the strategies at this time. We didn’t have men, you understand, I’ve stated it a thousand times specifically in these early days was we have in a chance for you and we’re going to provide it to you and if you concur and we concur go do this Wednesday night and if it comes off fantastic we will not have to ask you if you desire to come back you’re going to inform us.”

Jarrett on why Tony Schiavone operated in TNA for one night just: “The very first thing that concerned my mind and it appeared in the photo. I’ve never ever seen Tony Schiavone with facial hair ever. He looked so various like truly, truly various. I believe he was constantly developed for a one and done. He still is the voice of WCW from late 80s till it closed the doors. When you currently have Mike (Tenay) and Don (West) currently in that seat where are you going to put a man with the stature of Tony Schiavone, and you definitely aren’t going to make him a supervisor or a mouth piece or any of that …”

Jeff Jarrett AJ Styles implying Raven used utilized on TVTelevision “I wish Want could might remember that, but however’s one of those things that my gut tells informs Russo and Raven talked about it and said stated let’s do it. AJ, being the terrific solider, stated fine. You understand, it’s one of those things that Raven’s character to me was specified strolling in the door therefore perhaps they believed it benefited character advancement. I want I had much better recall on this particular night, however I do not.”

Jarrett on Raven’s early run in TNA: “Well, you return and look either Memphis or Attitude Era with Stone Cold or whatever. I do not wish to put it on one skill. Raven can be found in and the ambiance felt right, and you’ve got a hot skill; hammer down if they can bring the sectors. However let’s go for one due to the fact that it’s the example are you going to attempt to offer 5 matches midway or 4 matches a little bit much better for 3. Let’s get one match as hot as we can or a minimum of head down that path. Raven might do it which’s the choice we’ve made a minimum of for this episode, however yeah when Raven was available in the momentum on him was hard to get, I suggest it was simple to begin and we simply kept opting for it.”

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