Jeff Jarrett Reflects on Impact Wrestling’s Decision to Strip Alberto El Patron of World Title

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On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) being suspended by Impact Wrestling in 2017 due to a personal domestic violence issue with his then-girlfriend Saraya (Paige).

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Alberto Del Rio being suspended while being Impact World Champion: “When you really look at the rearview mirror and look at 2016, early 2017, and getting Ed Nordholm getting into the business on a full-time basis, he’s a mergers and acquisitions attorney. And in nine months, he had to deal with the Hardy situation, he had to deal with the Del Rio situation. It’s a lot he had to deal with. And oh, dumb-ass Jeff Jarrett situation. Look, I’m supposed to be his partner — or I wasn’t supposed to be, I was his partner. I’ve made my amends the best I could, but Lynn and Ed, no doubt in their mind, had to say, ‘Man, we didn’t sign up for this.’ We taped six episodes, six weeks’ worth of episodes. And Alberto was not in a good place in his life at all, like myself. It was not like he was kind of a fringe talent. He was the guy who delivered in the ring to me. He was fantastic for the product in the ring. Outside. It was tough. Very tough.”

On counting on Alberto Del Rio to be a big star for the brand: “So going to Mexico was kind of like a talent thing. It was how we developed these international relationships to give talent an opportunity to work, but also for us to create content. And Alberto’s being bilingual and a superstar in both countries, we were really counting on him heavily to be a big part of the brand.”

On the decision to strip Alberto Del Rio of the title: “You know what? This is something that, I just specifically remember because I respected Ed and Lynn. It’s their money. At the end of the day we’re partners and all this. But I’m not the attorney. ‘Ed, you’ve got to dig in and talk to Alberto’s attorney, and what’s the forecast?’ Sure, he talked to me and yes, he would ask my opinion and kind of do his due diligence. But at the end of the day, it was really a legal set of circumstances that Ed ultimately said, ‘This is the direction we’re going.’ And I fully supported him, I understood. I did, it was less than ideal creatively in so many ways and publicly, and just moving down the court. But I supported Ed. He did what he had to do.”

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In a recent episode of his “My World” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed the suspension of former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron, also known as Alberto Del Rio, by Impact Wrestling in 2017. The suspension was due to a personal domestic violence issue involving his then-girlfriend Saraya, better known as Paige.

During the podcast, Jarrett reflected on the challenges faced by Impact Wrestling at the time. Ed Nordholm, a mergers and acquisitions attorney who had recently joined the company, had to handle several difficult situations within a short period. These included the Hardy situation, the Del Rio situation, and even Jarrett’s own issues. Jarrett acknowledged that Nordholm and Lynn, another executive at Impact Wrestling, had to deal with more than they had signed up for. The company had already taped six episodes, and Del Rio’s personal struggles affected both his in-ring performance and his presence outside of it.

Jarrett also highlighted the importance of Del Rio to the brand. Impact Wrestling had been looking to expand its international reach, and Del Rio’s bilingualism and superstar status in both Mexico and the United States made him a crucial asset. The company had high hopes for him becoming a significant part of their brand.

When it came to the decision to strip Del Rio of the title, Jarrett emphasized that it was ultimately Ed Nordholm’s call. While Jarrett was consulted and offered his opinion, he respected Nordholm’s legal expertise and understood that it was their money on the line. Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances creatively and publicly, Jarrett fully supported Nordholm’s decision.

The podcast episode also featured an embedded video titled “My World #132: The Falling Out with Anthem,” which provided further context and insights into the situation.

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In conclusion, Jeff Jarrett’s podcast shed light on the suspension of Alberto Del Rio by Impact Wrestling in 2017. The episode highlighted the challenges faced by the company, the importance of Del Rio to their brand, and the decision-making process behind stripping him of the title. Wrestling fans can find more news and updates on