‘Jeff Jarrett Profusely Praises Taylor Swift – He Can’t Express Enough Positive Things!’

‘Jeff Jarrett Profusely Praises Taylor Swift – He Can’t Express Enough Positive Things!’
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During an interview with Bill Apter on the “WrestleBinge” podcast by Sportskeeda, renowned wrestler Jeff Jarrett spilled some beans regarding his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. Previously, Jarrett has shared his family’s bond with Swift – his daughters can be seen in the music video for Swift’s 2010 chartbuster, “2010.”

Below are some key points from the podcast chat:

When asked about Taylor Swift’s accomplishments and her connections to his hometown, Jarrett said, “The questions about Swifties are incessant. She has really made a name for herself, hasn’t she? She, along with her parents and brother, relocated to my hometown, Hendersonville, Tennessee, to try their luck in the Music City. She was a little girl with a colossal dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. She arrived in town, knocked on plenty of doors, and her perseverance paid off.”

Jarrett spoke about Swift’s interaction with his family after his first wife lost her battle with breast cancer. He recollected, “During her career’s early phase, just when her first single was released and gaining momentum, Taylor decided to pay us a visit one weekend before Christmas. During those hard times, I had three young daughters. Despite being busy, she managed to spend a few hours with us, playing the guitar, and it was a memorable experience. She continued to be a part of our life post my wife’s demise. Often, she would bake cookies with my girls or have them over at her place. Though many people have referred to her as my children’s babysitter, she was never officially on the payroll.”

For those who wish to delve a bit more into this story, the full podcast can be viewed via this link: (YouTube video clip)

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