Jeff Jarrett On Elias’ Upside: “He’s Got Something That You Can’t Teach”

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Jeff Jarrett On Elias’ Upside: “He’s Got Something That You Can’t Teach”

Jeff Jarrett

Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge of and discussed Elias and the WWE Royal Rumble. According to McGeorge, Jarrett says Elias has a lot of potential. “‘He’s got a huge upside,'” said Jarrett via McGeorge. “‘He’s got something that you can’t teach, that you can’t coach, that you can’t manufacture. He’s got a unique set of skills. He’s got an aura about him, a charisma about him that’s very unique.'” Jarrett per McGeorge, praised Elias’ dual skillset as a wrestler and a musical performer. The Hall of Famer said he believes this combination makes him a compelling act. After Jarrett returned at WWE Royal Rumble 2019, he briefly worked with Elias, so he got an up-close opportunity to see this potential.

Jarrett also reflected on his time in the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble match and praised Edge’s surprise return, too. “‘It was a lot of fun, and what a way to return – that surprise spot in Royal Rumble is always a lot of fun, and obviously Edge returning this year in Houston was incredible,'” said Jarrett via McGeorge.

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