Jeff Jarrett Clarifies Why Goldberg Had Few WCW World Championship Reigns

Jeff Jarrett Clarifies Why Goldberg Had Few WCW World Championship Reigns
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In a recent episode of his podcast “My World”, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett opened up about a range of topics, from Goldberg’s solitary reign as WCW World Champion to Eric Bischoff’s role in WCW, among others.

Here are some notable excerpts from the podcast:

Jarrett’s take on whether Eric Bischoff was overly featured on WCW TV: “Personally, I don’t think he was overexposed. We all perceive success and failure differently, but my basic answer would be no. Good storytelling, engaging dialogue, sensible developments – these elements help avoid overexposure. Even unexpected storylines such as those involving Norman Smiley and Ralphus didn’t feel like overexposure. Sure, Vince Russo’s focus wasn’t strictly on filling arenas, but isn’t attracting audience the primary objective of TV ratings? Although not identical, they do complement each other. Regardless, during Russo’s time, both the ratings and live audiences experienced a decline.”

Reflecting on Goldberg’s single WCW World Championship reign and discussing if he should have held the title more: “There’re two facets to this. As for why Goldberg didn’t have another championship reign – well, Goldberg wasn’t hugely involved in the behind-the-scene politics. That was just not his approach. So, having another title reign didn’t seem to be in the cards amidst the backstage maneuvering from the likes of Bischoff, Hogan, Russo, Nash and other decision-makers. At the same time, Goldberg’s style was distinct – high-impact moves packed in short, intense matches. This was how he drew money. While a champion ideally should be able to have a good match with any opponent, Goldberg functioned differently. He didn’t necessarily need a title belt for recognition, and having it on him would have perhaps boxed him into a certain typecast and limited his and the title’s potential.”

Watch the full episode of “My World #157: The 90% Drop!” here: