Jeff Jarrett Approves Scott D’Amore’s Return to TNA Wrestling

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Scott D’Amore discussed the decision to rebrand Impact Wrestling as TNA Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett’s reaction to it, starting with the Hard to Kill PPV in January, while doing an interview with WhatCulture Wrestling. 

The Impact executive said, 


In my heart of hearts, it’s always been TNA Wrestling. In my heart, it’s TNA Wrestling, and I think in a lot of fans’ hearts. In 2018, I think if we would have said, ‘Hey, we’re TNA now,’ people would have been like, ‘Ugh.’ Because it had gone TNA, IMPACT, TNA, Global Force, back to IMPACT. It wasn’t the right time. I think now we’re at a point where we’re in a great spot for it. I think this group deserves to be called TNA Wrestling. TNA Wrestling, I take a lot of pride in, and I’m very proud to have the group of individuals we have on the roster and behind the scenes carry that name. I had an exchange with Jeff Jarrett about this the other day. I actually was flying over here [to the UK], and I was messaging him back and forth. I said, ‘We haven’t really talked about it, but I just want you to know, this has our 100. This is getting everything we got because this is something you created, and it’s something that means the world to me.’ We had a wonderful exchanges about it. He was very supportive. So to me, the timing’s right because we are ready to get out there and do bigger things. I think this group is ready for that. I think that when you see the effect that it has on people in our locker room and the Trey Miguels and the Josh Alexanders, and you see a guy like Will Ospreay, who’s excited about it, you’re like, ‘Okay, this is kind of neat.’ I think fans have just wanted to cheer it, and out of respect, they haven’t. It’s kind of like, ‘Okay, they’re IMPACT Wrestling. We’re going to go, ‘IMPACT Wrestling.’ [Claps] But I think they truly wanted to chant TNA. They did it when Bobby Roode and AJ Styles were in the Royal Rumble. They did it when Jeff Jarrett and Sting [were at] an AEW pay-per-view. They did it at Wembley, from 80,00 people. They’ve wanted to chant it. I think part of it was, we went to an audience that wanted to do it but out of respect, hasn’t, and said ,’You know what? Run wild with it.

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Impact Wrestling, the popular professional wrestling promotion, recently made the decision to rebrand itself as TNA Wrestling. This move has sparked a lot of discussion among fans and industry insiders alike. In a recent interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, Scott D’Amore, an executive at Impact, shed some light on the decision and revealed Jeff Jarrett’s reaction to it.

D’Amore expressed that in his heart, it has always been TNA Wrestling. He believes that many fans share this sentiment as well. However, in 2018, if they had announced the rebranding as TNA, it might not have been well-received due to the numerous name changes the promotion had gone through in the past. It was important to wait for the right time, and D’Amore believes that now is that time.

According to D’Amore, the current group of individuals on the roster and behind the scenes deserve to carry the name TNA Wrestling. He had a heartfelt exchange with Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA Wrestling, about the rebranding. D’Amore made it clear to Jarrett that this decision was being made with their full commitment and dedication. He acknowledged that TNA Wrestling is something Jarrett created and holds great significance for him personally.

Jarrett was reportedly very supportive of the rebranding and expressed his approval to D’Amore. This positive response from the founder of TNA Wrestling further solidified D’Amore’s belief that now is the right time for the change.

D’Amore also mentioned the impact that the rebranding has had on the wrestlers and fans. He highlighted how wrestlers like Trey Miguel and Josh Alexander, as well as outside talent like Will Ospreay, are excited about the new direction. D’Amore believes that fans have always wanted to chant “TNA” but out of respect for the promotion’s previous names, they refrained from doing so. However, with the rebranding, fans finally have the opportunity to embrace the name they’ve been longing to cheer for.

The decision to rebrand as TNA Wrestling signifies a turning point for Impact. It represents a fresh start and a chance to take the promotion to new heights. D’Amore and the entire team at Impact are ready to give it their all and deliver bigger and better things for the fans.

In conclusion, the rebranding of Impact Wrestling as TNA Wrestling has been met with enthusiasm from both the wrestlers and fans. The decision was made after careful consideration and with the support of Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA Wrestling. This change represents a new chapter for Impact and an opportunity to build on the legacy of TNA Wrestling. Fans can expect exciting things to come from this rebranded promotion.