Jeff Jarrett & Anthem Reach Settlement Over Lawsuit

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Jeff Jarrett & Anthem Reach Settlement Over Lawsuit

Jeff Jarrett

Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment have reached a settlement with Anthem Anthem Sports & Entertainment, so their lawsuit is over. The motion was filed on Friday, and it officially became a matter of court record today. Both sides have been locked in a lawsuit over trademark claims and counterclaims.

The last major development in the lawsuit came in July 2020, when both parties reached a mistrial. Law360 offers more insight into the history of the lawsuit, which began shortly after Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling merged in 2017.

“By the end of that year, however, the deal had fallen apart and Jarrett was fired,” wrote Law360. “But Anthem continued using the “GFW Amped” series and Jarrett’s name, image, trademarks and a key Global Force logo color, Global Force said.”

“The mistrial, granted during a July 30 hearing, happened for a few reasons: “(1) The court’s failure to instruct on comparative negligence; (2) the identity of the wrong entity in the verdict form on the counterfeiting claim; (3) improper comments by defendant’s counsel in opening statements; and (4) improper statements by plaintiffs’ counsel in closing arguments,” Judge Crenshaw said.”

WrestleZone will provide more details as they become available.

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