Jeff Hardy Shocks Sheamus In IC Title Tournament, Faces Daniel Bryan Next

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Jeff Hardy Shocks Sheamus In IC Title Tournament, Faces Daniel Bryan Next

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sheamus has been saying for weeks now that he wants to be the one to bury various members of SmackDown, and he had a chance to do just that tonight against Jeff Hardy in an Intercontinental Championship tournament match. Unfortunately for Sheamus, he came up just short, as Hardy won and advanced to the semifinals next week, inching closer to a storybook redemption.

After the loss, Sheamus was not happy, screaming to himself in the ring as Hardy backed up the ramp. With the victory, Hardy will move on to face Daniel Bryan next week on SmackDown, and with a win there, he’ll be even closer to his dream of becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion.

.@JEFFHARDYBRAND brings the fight, but @WWESheamus sends him crashing down hard. #SmackDown.

— WWE (@WWE) May 23, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Sheamus slams Hardy with the ten beats of the bodhran. Sheamus smiles as Hardy writhes in pain on the apron. Hardy backflips out of a back suplex. Sheamus charges in but Hardy moves out of the way. Sheamus hits the ring post shoulder first. Hardy fires up and lands a series of moves. Sheamus kicks out of Hardy’s basement dropkick. Sheamus avoids the Twist of Fate by rolling out of the ring. Hardy follows and pushes Sheamus into the ring post. Hardy walks the barricade and clotheslines Sheamus. Hardy sends Sheamus back into the ring. Hardy tries the Swanton. Sheamus gets his knees up. Hardy kicks out. Sheamus knees Hardy in the face. Hardy kicks out again. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick. Hardy avoids it and rolls up Sheamus for the win.

.@JEFFHARDYBRAND has done it!!#SmackDown #ICTitle

— WWE (@WWE) May 23, 2020

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