JBL Recalls Vader Giving Him An Old School Matchup For WWE Retirement

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JBL Recalls Vader Giving Him An Old School Matchup For WWE Retirement

(Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE)

In a clip from the new Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw discussion series, Bradshaw shared what he and Vader discussed before their match at Breakdown: In Your House, which was to be Vader’s last WWE PPV appearance.

He told me before the match, “Today, you’re going to get the old Vader. I’m going to come out smoking. When you beat somebody today, you’re going to beat somebody. I’m going to leave on the right note.” I always thought that was pretty cool.

Brisco chimed in to confirm the story, saying that Vader wanted to work with Layfield for his final appearance, saying that he saw a future for the developing performer. Considering JBL’s considerable title success later in his career, Vader was right on the money.

You can see the full clip of the segment on JBL’s Twitter embedded below:

Vader's last PPV match in @WWE he requested to wrestle me, he told me "today you get the old Vader-when you win, you will have beaten somebody". One of coolest things anyone has ever done for me. The story from an excerpt with "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw" pic.twitter.com/BOsgjcHs2I

— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) November 2, 2020

Full episodes of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw are scheduled to hit regularly on John Layfield’s YouTube page.

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