JBL Recalls Backstage Fight Between Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle

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In the current Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, JBL remembered a battle backstage in between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero after a match the 2 had. Angle formerly spoke about the battle, declaring Eddie thought that Angle had actually stiffed him.

JBL stated: “You understand a battle’s going on in the locker space … you can inform by the sound, and this was a battle. Lastly, [ John] Laurinaitis had actually gotten in between Eddie and Kurt. Kurt was outside the dressing space, Eddie was inside it, I was dressing right by Eddie. Laurinaitis shut the door, so that apart Kurt and Eddie. Eddie returns and takes a seat, and I might inform by the sound that’s going on that … Eddie had actually attempted to leg dive [him] I’m sitting there looking at Eddie, and he’s not looking at me at all. He’s taking a look at the door, simply mad as he can be, breathing so loud you can hear him breathe. I stated ‘‘ Why would you leg dive a gold medalist?’ And without taking a look at me, he goes ‘‘ Cause I’m dumb!’ That was terrific. He lastly began chuckling.”

(through WrestlingInc)

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