Jazzy Gabert On WWE Departure: ‘I Realised I Want More For My Life’

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Jazzy Gabert On WWE Departure: ‘I Realised I Want More For My Life’

Photo Credit: Lena Bass

NXT UK Jazzy Gabert made headlines earlier this week by departing NXT UK seemingly out of nowhere. Talking exclusively with WrestleTalk, Jazzy says that her sudden departure comes because of the opportunities she’s had thanks to the show. “As we had only TV tapings about every 4 to 6 weeks I was able to do a lot of projects outside of wrestling and I found the world of entertainment in Germany. I was on dating shows, game shows, talk shows and got to do lots of fun things on TV.”

She also mentioned touring with German rockstar Udo Lindenberg this past summer, all while fitting in appearing on WWE TV. When the time came to look at her schedule again, she found that it just couldn’t work out. “On tour, I realized that I want more for my life and I got the confidence that I’m able to do more, and for 202o Udo Lindenberg asked me if I can come on tour again and a reality tv show offer came also in. Unfortunately, these projects would cross the schedule from NXT UK and I had to make a decision because working all of these projects at once wouldn’t work.”

Cheers to an amazing future!

Ps I was in York! Was a great taping weekend! Everyone did great! pic.twitter.com/rftr7f6Pv5

— Alpha Female (@Jazzy_Gabert) January 19, 2020

Jazzy says that she didn’t see herself winning a title or moving up in terms of storyline anytime soon in WWE’s UK brand, so she decided to pursue other endeavors. Despite the split, she’s still thankful for her time there. “I always wanted to work for WWE and I’m happy that I can tick that box. Of course, would I have loved to be a champion, for sure, but my heart tells me it’s time to move on.”

For those who miss Jazzy in the ring, they won’t have long to wait. She’s already booked several independent dates in the UK and she’s set to star in a German sports entertainment program inspired by “the musical, Rocky.”

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