Jazz & Jordynne Grace Earn IMPACT Knockouts Title Shot

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Jazz & Jordynne Grace Earn IMPACT Knockouts Title Shot

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Jazz and Jordynne Grace took to the ring tonight to face off against Kimber Lee and Susan, and in a huge win, the duo earned themselves a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championships.

In a match that featured two of the biggest tag teams in IMPACT Wrestling, Jazz and Grace’s teamwork was enough to pull things out in the end. The match came to a head when Susan nearly took down Grace with some nasty shots to the head. Instead, Grace was able to overcome both that and interference from Susan’s team (including Deonna Purrazzo who was at ringside) and landed her finisher on Susan for the win.

.@DeonnaPurrazzo making her presence felt at ringside. #IMPACTonAXSTV pic.twitter.com/VWdftTFjhi

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 24, 2021

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Back from break, Jazz and Kimber Lee battle it out. Jazz knocks her down for a two count, but Lee hits her with a sidewalk slam for a two of her own. Susan gets the tag. She kicks at Jazz in the neutral corner. Sleeper hold on the mat by Susan. Kimber gets tagged back in but she and Jazz collide heads. Susan and Jordynne get the tags and it’s Grace who’s on a roll. Spinebuster nearly gets the win, but Lee breaks it up. Grace and Jazz do a double team gordbuster for a near fall on Suan. Grace has Susan up in a rack, but turns it into a low-angle German.

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