Jay White Talks Naito Match, Being Mistreated As Champ, And Double Gold Dash

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Jay White Talks Naito Match, Being Mistreated As Champ, And Double Gold Dash

jay white

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

New Japan Pro-Wrestling superstar Jay White recently sat down with the company to discuss a handful of topics, including his upcoming match at Wrestle Kingdom 14, how he might have been mistreated as champion, and his aim to become a double champion.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On his upcoming match against Tetsuya Naito:

I was a little surprised when he showed a little bit of life. Myself, and the fans have come to expect somebody that’s a little bit too tranquilo. At the end of the day though, he can put all the life into this that he wants, but it’s about Wrestle Kingdom January 4. Against anybody else, maybe he can toy with their minds, but I’m on another level, especially mentally, and especially compared to Naito. Maybe he’s made things a bit more exciting, but it’ s not going to make a difference.

On being mistreated as a champion:

You can see, by this piece of gold right here that I’m the champion. Wouldn’t you think that as the champion, if there’s a championship match that my face would be on the graphic instead of the challenger alone? In fact, not alone! My belt was in the picture! On the mat! With Naito holding his eye open, looking at it! All that was there was my name. That’s NJPW, taking a mental edge on me, and taking the mental edge away from me. They can’t stand the thought of me being the first ever double IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Champion, so they’re giving him the edge.

On why he wants to become a double champion:

So they can’t deny me anymore. The fans are more responsible for this than they realise. Even the ones that act like they’re behind me, they’re all to blame. They’ve been begging for Naito to have his opportunity. NJPW have listened to the fans and given Naito every opportunity that they could because they know that Naito can’t do it on his own; that he’s not good enough.

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