Jay White Discusses Plans For His NJPW Return

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Jay White Discusses Plans For His NJPW Return

jay white

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

Now that New Japan Pro-Wrestling has announced plans for a return starting on June 15, Jay White is putting his own return plan into action.

Speaking with the official site of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, “Switchblade” revealed that due to current travel conditions, he’s not going to get upset about Japanese wrestlers getting opportunities before he does, but he intends on being right back at the front of the line once he is able to attend a show in Japan once again.

“I’m here in Florida right now, while every champion is in Japan, correct? So it could be that when matches return, or when wrestlers are trying to get involved in championship situations, making their case to the company before matches get made, the Japanese wrestlers are going to have an unfair advantage because they’re in the country, while guys like me have to deal with travel restrictions,” said White. “There’s no sense in getting frustrated if somebody in Japan steps right up to Naito and makes a case to go for his titles. There’s bigger things at play that might stop me from getting involved. All I’ll say is that once the championships are in reach again, then you can be damn sure I know I’m first in line.”

Continuing on, White spoke about the state of mind for certain people returning while noting that he always keeps his emotions in check and sticks to a game plan.

“Mentally? People will be more fired up perhaps, but I’m always one to think about what I’m doing and act accordingly. I wouldn’t say my style would change. Gym shape and ring shape are two very different things. I remember when I was first starting out, after the first day I [reigned] in a ring, I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow the next morning. I think guys will feel it in their neck muscles. Maybe in the ring during the matches adrenaline will carry you through, but people will be a lot more sore the day afterward.”

You can check out the full return plan for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at this link.