Jay Malachi Leaves DPW World Title Behind Due to WWE Contract Speculation

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Jay Malachi has vacated the Deadlock Pro Wrestling World Championship in the latest sign that he has signed a contract with WWE.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Malachi had signed with WWE and was recently spotted at the Performance Center.


On Twitter, DPW announced that Malachi had vacated the company’s top prize and a new World Champion will be crowned next month.

In addition to Malachi, it has been reported that Brogan Finlay, the son of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay, is expected to sign with WWE.

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Jay Malachi, the reigning Deadlock Pro Wrestling (DPW) World Champion, has recently vacated his title, sparking rumors that he has signed a contract with WWE. This news comes after reports surfaced earlier this week that Malachi had indeed signed with WWE and was seen at their Performance Center.

DPW took to Twitter to announce that Malachi had relinquished the World Championship. The company stated that a new champion will be crowned at DPW’s 2nd Anniversary event on December 10th in Durham, NC. This sudden development has left fans curious about Malachi’s future in the wrestling industry and what lies ahead for DPW.

The decision to vacate the championship suggests that Malachi’s departure from DPW is imminent. It is not uncommon for wrestlers to leave smaller promotions and join larger organizations like WWE, as it offers more exposure and opportunities for growth in their careers. While no official statement has been made by WWE or Malachi himself, the signs seem to point towards a new chapter in his wrestling journey.

In addition to Malachi, it has been reported that Brogan Finlay, the son of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay, is also expected to sign with WWE. This further adds fuel to the speculation that WWE is actively recruiting new talent and expanding its roster. The wrestling world is buzzing with anticipation as fans eagerly await confirmation of these signings and the potential impact they could have on the industry.

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