Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham Dethrone The Briscoes To Win ROH Tag Titles

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Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham Dethrone The Briscoes To Win ROH Tag Titles

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Bruno Silveria

Tonight’s ROH Final Battle pay-per-view continues to feature a slate of incredible matches, and yet another big title change has occurred, with Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham taking down The Briscoes to capture the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships.

PJ Black joins the commentators and says he’s thinking of teaming up with a rookie. Gresha comes to the ring in an octopus mask. The Briscoes’ family is sitting in the front row. Nobody shakes hands before this match. Gresham and Mark start things off and don’t exchange a lot of offense. Lethal and Jay tag in but Lethal quickly tags out. The Briscoes gang up on the Octopus. He drags Jay to his corner and Lethal stomps away on Jay. Jay gains the upper hand but Gresham blindsides him with a dropkick. Lethal and Gresham gang up on him but the Briscoes regain control. Mark takes out both of his opponents with a dive to the outside. He hits a diving elbow drop onto Gresham. Lethal calls for the Doomsday Device on Mark but Jay breaks it up. Lethal dives onto Mark outside the ring.

Gresham calls for the Doomsday Device but Mark hits a diving cutter on Lethal. The Briscoes catch Gresham and hit the Doomsday Device but Lethal breaks up the pin. Lethal hits Mark with the Lethal Combination. Mark grounds Lethal and the Briscoes gang up on him. Gresham tags in and takes both Briscoes down with a diving dropkick. A springboard moonsault and a dive to the outside gives him momentum. Gresham hits a Shooting Star Press but Jay breaks up the pin. Lethal dishes out superkicks but almost gets rolled up. Jay hits the Jay Driller but Gresham pulls the referee out of the ring. Mark takes Gresham our with a dive. Lethal hits Jay with the championship belt but Jay kicks out. Lethal locks in the Figure-Four on Jay but Mark breaks it up with a Froggy Bow. Lethal rolls Jay up and pulls his tights for the win.

New ROH World Tag Team Champions @TheLethalJay @TheJonGresham! #FinalBattle pic.twitter.com/Hg5iEF0zWX

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) December 14, 2019

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