James’ Wrestling Shoot Interviews #2: Justin Credible | FULL EPISODE

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For episode two of James’ Wrestling Shoot Interviews, PJ Polaco AKA Justin Credible/Aldo Montoya spent a while with me discussing what he considers to be AEW’s failings, the obedient age of WWE’s essential eventers, WWE’s concussion lawsuits, his early days practicing at the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp and phase time WWF gig sooner than signing a contract, as neatly as (admittedly a puny quantity this time) unfamiliar declare material not but posted on this channel, akin to PJ’s relationship over time with substitute newsletter journalists. Accumulate pleasure from!

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James’ Wrestling Shoot Interviews #2: Justin Credible | FULL EPISODE

James' Wrestling Shoot Interviews #2: Justin Credible | FULL EPISODE