Jake Roberts Shares His Thoughts on the Triumph of Mid-South Wrestling

Jake Roberts Shares His Thoughts on the Triumph of Mid-South Wrestling
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Recently on his globally recognized podcast, “The Snake Pit”, Jake Roberts – a notable WWE Hall of Fame member – shared his thoughts on a variety of topics. He particularly focused on the accomplishments of Mid-South Wrestling and highlighted the importance of African American World Champions within the industry.

For those who missed the podcast, here are some key insights from the discussion:

When asked about fans cheering for a wrestling heel, Roberts said, “Well, I believe it’s an asset. Some might disagree and consider it to be a flaw. However, in my opinion, as long as the audience is vocal and involved, it means you’re doing something right. So, hey, it’s a win.”

On the topic of Mid-South Wrestling’s success with African American World Champions, Roberts observed, “There was a need for a powerful Black wrestling hero. The Snowman wasn’t the right fit. Attempts were made with Butch Reed as well.”

Commenting on why African American champions resonated well with the audience, Roberts explained, “Well, the crowd was really diverse. The African American community played a huge part and they were the backbone of the audience. Consider the states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.”

A full video recording of episode 82 of “The Snake Pit – Mid-South Wrestling, May 1985” is available for everyone to enjoy and obtain additional insights from Roberts’ discussion. The video is embedded below for convenience. [embedded content]