Jake Roberts Reflects on His Memorable Feud with Rick Rude and the Remarkable In-Ring Chemistry They Shared

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Speaking on the latest episode of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, Jake Roberts recalled his feud with Rick Rude in the summer of 1988, their chemistry in the ring, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On leading Rick Rude in the ring, their chemistry: “Yeah, I knew that he was following me [in the ring], you know, that he was letting me guide him. Surprised [Dave] Meltzer had that much for me but thank you. He [Rude] was a good worker but, you know, he just had his thing that he did his character, and he did it well. I’m not going to bash Rude and say that he couldn’t hold his own because he could. Jesus Christ, are you kidding? In and out of the ring.”

On working a stiff style with Rick Rude: “They were solid. I like it solid; you know? That way there’s no doubt about what I should sell and what I shouldn’t sell. You know, I like it snug. And Rick didn’t have a problem with that. Sometimes it went a little beyond. But if you gave one, you got one back. It made you keep your act clean, man, because you didn’t want to give him one. [laughs] Because if you gave him one, you knew that you were going to get it back, and damn.”

On Rude allegedly knocking out The Ultimate Warrior in the ring: “I heard that. I also heard that he knocked out [Brutus] Beefcake in the ring. I don’t know anything about that. But that’s just — you know, these rumors get started. You don’t know what is and what isn’t. If it’s an accident or whatever. But he never knocked me out in the ring. Not to say that he couldn’t have because he damn sure could have.”

On Rick Rude having his wife’s face on his tights: “I didn’t like it. Give me a break, I got feelings, too. No, I thought it sucked, you know? And I didn’t think it was anything to play with. That’s why I ripped them [pants] off.”

On why he and Rick Rude did not wrestle at SummerSlam 1988: “Ask Vince. I have no idea, brother. Feels like we got the short end of the stick, don’t it? Yeah. What the f**k? Disappointed to have the match. I didn’t get the money either.”

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In the latest episode of his podcast, “The Snake Pit,” Jake Roberts reminisced about his feud with Rick Rude in the summer of 1988. He discussed their chemistry in the ring, their working style, and some interesting anecdotes from their time together.

Roberts acknowledged that Rude was following his lead in the ring, allowing him to guide their matches. He also expressed gratitude for the praise he received from Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist. While Rude had a distinct character and style, Roberts made it clear that he respected him as a talented worker both inside and outside the ring.

When it came to their working style, Roberts revealed that he preferred a stiff and solid approach. He appreciated the clarity it provided in terms of selling moves and maintaining the integrity of the match. Rude had no issues with this style and was willing to reciprocate any physicality. This mutual understanding helped them keep their performances clean and intense.

During the conversation, Roberts addressed rumors that Rude had knocked out The Ultimate Warrior and Brutus Beefcake in the ring. While he couldn’t confirm these incidents, he acknowledged that accidents can happen during matches. However, Roberts emphasized that Rude never knocked him out in the ring, although he acknowledged that Rude was more than capable of doing so.

One notable aspect of Rude’s character was his habit of wearing tights with his wife’s face on them. Roberts admitted that he didn’t like this and found it disrespectful. In fact, he tore off Rude’s pants during one of their matches to express his disapproval.

Interestingly, Roberts mentioned that he and Rude did not wrestle at SummerSlam 1988, but he was unsure why. He expressed disappointment at missing out on the opportunity and not receiving the associated financial benefits.

To delve deeper into their feud and hear more from Roberts himself, fans can watch the full episode of “The Snake Pit” podcast, which is available on YouTube.

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Overall, Jake Roberts’ recollections of his feud with Rick Rude provide a fascinating insight into their working relationship, their in-ring chemistry, and some behind-the-scenes stories. It’s a trip down memory lane for wrestling fans and a chance to learn more about the dynamics between two talented performers.