Jake Roberts’ Previous Role as Vince McMahon’s Agent in WWE

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On a recent edition of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts revealed that WWE once offered him a spot as an agent.

Roberts’ backstage role included writing the TV scripts for Vince McMahon during the Steve Austin era.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On whether he was ever asked to be an agent: “I was offered a spot as an agent, and I did it for a while man, with Vince [McMahon]. I was writing television for him, partly responsible for the Steve Austin era. And [I] certainly helped a lot of other people along their way, including Shawn Michaels. Lay out matches for guys and try to help them with their characters.”

On The Midnight Express: “They were great. Are you kidding? Midnight Express, brother. S**t man, those guys can rock and roll, brother. They could go, man. Ask anybody who’s ever watched them. Bobby Eaton was one of the greatest ever to get in the ring.”

On Bobby Eaton: “Bobby Eaton was so f**king funny, man. He was easy to gross out, you know? I used to cough up the moisture and spit it up there and try to catch it. And it used to like, make him puke.”

On Eddie Graham: “He could lay out a finish that would be 15 minutes long. I mean, but it was absolutely f**king perfect, you know? And Eddie would lay out a finish, but he wouldn’t watch the match. He would listen to the match. And he could tell you what was going on By the sounds they were making. That’s how good he was. He was f**king — he was Yoda.”

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts recently shared some interesting insights about his time in the wrestling industry on his podcast, “The Snake Pit.” One of the revelations he made was that WWE had once offered him a position as an agent.

As an agent, Roberts’ role would have involved writing TV scripts for Vince McMahon during the iconic Steve Austin era. This period is widely regarded as one of the most successful and influential periods in professional wrestling history. Roberts’ involvement in crafting the television storylines and character development during this time suggests his significant contribution to the success of the era.

In addition to his work with Steve Austin, Roberts also mentioned that he helped other wrestlers, including Shawn Michaels, with their characters and match layouts. This highlights his versatility and ability to understand the nuances of wrestling storytelling.

During the podcast, Roberts also spoke highly of The Midnight Express, a legendary tag team in professional wrestling. He praised their abilities in the ring and emphasized the talent of Bobby Eaton, describing him as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Roberts’ admiration for The Midnight Express showcases his deep knowledge and appreciation for the artistry of wrestling.

Roberts also shared a humorous anecdote about Bobby Eaton, revealing his lighter side. He mentioned how he used to gross Eaton out by coughing up moisture and trying to catch it, which would make Eaton feel nauseous. This lighthearted story offers a glimpse into the camaraderie and playful nature that often exists behind the scenes in the wrestling world.

Furthermore, Roberts discussed Eddie Graham, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry known for his ability to lay out intricate match finishes. Roberts praised Graham’s expertise, highlighting his unique approach of listening to matches rather than watching them. This demonstrates Graham’s exceptional understanding of the craft and his ability to analyze matches solely based on the sounds produced by the wrestlers. Roberts even compared Graham to Yoda, emphasizing his wisdom and mastery of wrestling storytelling.

Overall, Jake Roberts’ revelations on his podcast provide fans with fascinating insights into his backstage role as an agent and his contributions to the wrestling industry. His involvement in the Steve Austin era and his work with other wrestlers showcase his creative abilities and his impact on the success of WWE during that time. Additionally, his anecdotes about The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton, and Eddie Graham offer fans a glimpse into the personal and professional dynamics within the wrestling industry.