Jake Roberts Discusses Hercules’ Struggles with Substance Abuse

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On the latest episode of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts recalled facing Hercules at WWE SummerSlam 1988, the best year of work and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On when he thinks he did the best work of his career: “No, that would have come earlier. Probably 1986, 1987.”

On working with Hercules: “He was spot on, man. Every now and then, he hit you with one that would wake you up or put you to sleep. For the most part though, he was spot on. I loved him so much man, he was such a great guy. a good friend of mine. Oh, my God. I miss him too, man. Wow.”

On what he thought held Hercules back in WWE: “Oh, he found a way of disappearing every now and then. Yeah, he would disappear for a day or two. Yeah, he did [have substance abuse problems]. Alcohol was his demon.”

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In the latest episode of his podcast “The Snake Pit,” WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts reminisced about his career and shared some insights into his experiences. One particular topic he discussed was his match against Hercules at WWE SummerSlam 1988.

Roberts, known for his captivating promos and unique in-ring style, reflected on the best year of his work. He believes that the peak of his career came in 1986 and 1987, during which he delivered some of his most memorable performances. These years marked a significant period for Roberts, where he showcased his exceptional skills and left a lasting impact on the wrestling industry.

Regarding his match with Hercules, Roberts spoke highly of his opponent’s abilities. He praised Hercules for being spot-on in the ring, delivering impactful moves that would either wake you up or put you to sleep. Despite occasional hard-hitting strikes, Roberts admired Hercules and considered him a great guy and a good friend. He expressed his fondness for Hercules and mentioned missing him dearly.

However, Roberts also acknowledged that Hercules faced challenges in his career. He believed that Hercules had a tendency to disappear for a day or two, which hindered his progress in WWE. Roberts hinted at substance abuse problems, specifically alcohol, being Hercules’ demon. These personal struggles may have affected Hercules’ consistency and hindered his potential success in the wrestling industry.

To provide fans with a deeper understanding of Roberts’ thoughts and experiences, the podcast episode includes a video clip from SummerSlam 1988. The embedded video showcases the match between Roberts and Hercules, allowing fans to relive the moment and witness their in-ring chemistry firsthand.

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Jake Roberts’ podcast episode offers a glimpse into the past, shedding light on his career and his interactions with other wrestlers. It serves as a reminder of the impact he made during his prime years and the challenges faced by his colleagues. Wrestling fans can appreciate the opportunity to delve into the history of the sport and gain a deeper appreciation for the legends who paved the way for today’s stars.